Tim Hermie

Information & Communications Technology

M365 Microsoft Intune Azure Azure Active Directory EMS ConfigMgr

Gent, Flanders, Belgium

Tim Hermie

Microsoft MVP Enterprise Mobility, MCT and Senior Modern Workplace Architect

Tim is a Senior Modern Workplace Architect at Synergics, a Cloud Change agent in Belgium.

Tim has 8 years of experience in the workplace management segment and is deeply focusing on the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security stack. Tasks as lifting customers from their on-premises infrastructure towards Microsoft 365, providing architecture and security advice and delivering hands-on deployments are his main task.

Next to that Tim is a passionate Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) since 2019, and is recently recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft MVP in the Enterprise Mobility category. Founding Board Member of the Microsoft Cloud and Client Management Community in Belgium and a frequent blogger at cloud-boy.be

Tim is also recognized by Microsoft in March 2020 by receiving two digital badgers from their Azure Heroes program: Community Hero and Mentor.

To conclude, Tim is a techie, passionate about connecting with people and creating community in the core. If you have a question for Tim he is willing to respond to each request.

Current sessions

How to implement LAPS without AD, or just SLAPS!

When moving customers from on-premise managed devices to cloud managed devices with Intune, we needed a solution for their LAPS implementation. So here is Serverless LAPS with Intune, Function App and Key Vault. In this session we'll explain the needs for a LAPS solution even in the cloud and how to implement it. But also how to deploy a web app for your Helpdesk to get the local admin passwords without having to access Key Vault directly.

MDATP & Chocolatey! We Belgians love our Chocolate(y)'s

Avoid exploits in Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection by setting up an auto-updating framework for your standard apps with Chocolatey & Intune. This will keep your software vulnerabilities low. Session full of tips & tricks

Migrating to Edge Chromium - Tips and Tricks

The newest browser, Edge Chromium, has been positioned as the next browser for the Enterprise. But what does that mean?

In this session we will walk you through the features of Edge Chromium and how you should deploy it for the best user and admin experience.

WVD - Set up your environment in the blink of an eye

Windows Virtual Desktop is hot! In this session I'll show you how easy it is to set it up, but I'll also give you some advice and guidelines on what can go wrong. Session full of tips and tricks.

Azure Identity Management: No PIM without WIM and TIM

In this modern Hybrid Cloud world, identity is the new perimeter. Most companies will rely on identity to meet all their challenges in this new Cloud eco-system and will use it as the catalyst of their digital transformation. In this session Wim and Tim, will discuss a collection of Azure identity management and access control security best practices which you can use to build a secure identity perimeter. You will not only learn about PIM and emergency accounts, but also how JIT and RBAC can help you to keep your environment strongly guarded.

Guardians of your Microsoft Galaxy: 10 tips to make your Cloud eco-system more secure

I am Groot. In today’s modern hybrid cloud world, many companies are moving a lot of their on-premises resources and workloads to the Microsoft Cloud. And just like on-premises this new Cloud eco-system needs protection to prevent it from breaches, ransomware and other malicious invaders. In this session we will learn you 10 tips which will help you to get the job done and to be the guardian of your Microsoft Galaxy. I am Groot.

Past and future events

WorkPlace Ninja Virtual Edition 2020

24 Aug 2020 - 26 Aug 2020
Kloten, Zurich, Switzerland


15 Jun 2020
's-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

27 May 2020 - 28 May 2020

Michigan Azure and M365 User group

20 May 2020 - 29 Jan 2025

Scottish Summit

29 Feb 2020
Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

Constant Call for Speakers - MC2MC events

20 Jan 2019 - 20 Jan 2029