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Ankshita Maunthrooa

Ankshita Maunthrooa

Security Engineer, ex-Cybersecurity Consultant, ex-SOC Analyst, GDSC Lead and Huawei Campus Ambassador

Ebene, Mauritius

Ankshita is currently working as a security engineer and has previously worked as a cybersecurity consultant in the paradise island of Mauritius, helping the biggest firms around the world implement strategic cybersecurity best practices and comply with the required standards. Before joining consultancy, she has worked in cybersecurity for approximately two years as a SOC analyst, thus gathering a rich hands-on experience on blue teaming tools and practices.

Ankshita has presented her cyber blue teaming skills at the DevCon2023, the biggest developers' conference of Mauritius organized by the MSCC and GDG Mauritius. She recently also spoke at the DevFest 2023 about introducing Golang to students.

Coming from a diverse background in Information Technology, Ankshita is familiar with development and programming in Java, Python, Javascript and Solidity. Her latest passion for learning narrows down to Golang which can be very effectively implemented in the field of cybersecurity as well.

During university years, Ankshita has also represented the Google Developers Student Clubs on her campus at the University of Mauritius and she had also been elected as the Huawei Campus Ambassador.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information
  • Business & Management
  • Environment and Cleantech


  • cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Threats and Trends
  • Cybersecurity Governance and Risk Management
  • cybersecurity awareness
  • AI and Cybersecurity
  • golang
  • Emerging Cybersecurity Topics
  • Cybersecurity Compliance and Auditing
  • cybercrime
  • Women in Cyber
  • Active Cyber Defence
  • cyber forensics
  • blockhain
  • Blockchain Development
  • Women in Blockchain
  • Introduction to blockchain
  • #Technology
  • Forensics
  • Time Series Forecasting
  • Strategic Foresight

Securing Tomorrow: Harnessing the Power of AI in a DevSecOps World

My session is focused on exploring the intersection of DevSecOps, Large Language Modeling (LLM), and AI to create a holistic and intelligent approach to system security. The session aims to empower attendees with the skills to command AI tools effectively, integrate them into a DevSecOps pipeline, and ensure that both AI and systems are in synchronized control.

This training session aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively command AI tools within a DevSecOps framework, ensuring a secure and synchronized control chain for systems. The hands-on exercises and practical examples will empower participants to apply these principles in their own security practices.

Golang for Beginners

Go is a light-weight programming language that is multi-functional and is being used across several domains in the world. Because of its attractive features like ease of writing, learning, and concurrency, it has gained popularity in the development of blockchains, cybersecurity, and gaming.

In this session, we will be talking about the prospects of Go and how to learn it as a beginner, while showcasing some code bases and fun projects that I have built with Go.

We will end this session by building a small and fun project written in Go that you can use for your future learning too.

Blue Teaming in CyberSecurity

A session of blue teaming in Cyber Security will explore the defense side of cybersecurity.

The world of attackers is evolving each second with new threats and risks and with me, you will explore how smartly these attacks are being tackled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by cybersecurity companies in the world.
During the session we will discuss some red teaming v/s blue teaming , the defense tactics used by security experts and cybersecurity tools that companies and hackers use.
Additionally, we will also dive into some DevSecOps and the advantage of coding in the field of security.

We will equally discuss some career paths in the cybersecurity field, specially for beginners and intermediates who wish to switch to security with their existing experience.

At the end of the session, some important resources will also be shared with attendees as to how they can start learning real world blue teaming and get to defend against real world hacks.

DevConf 2024 Upcoming

May 2024

Apres Cyber Trainings Upcoming

March 2024 Park City, Utah, United States

Developers Conference 2023

July 2023 Port Louis, Mauritius

Ankshita Maunthrooa

Security Engineer, ex-Cybersecurity Consultant, ex-SOC Analyst, GDSC Lead and Huawei Campus Ambassador

Ebene, Mauritius