Argenis Fernandez

Argenis Fernandez

Product @ Azure

Principal PM, Open Source Databases, Microsoft Azure . Former @PureStorage and @MSSQLTiger

Ransomware Sucks. Beef Up Your Databases Against It.

How can you protect your databases against ransomware? What about mitigations after you've been hit? Join this session to get tons of tips and ideas on how to deal with one of the worst cyber threats out there.

AI/ML: What You Need To Know

In this session we will explore the fascinating world of AI/ML and how it is quickly changing the landscape of data and analytics. We will do a deep dive on how Large Language Models like GPT-4 work, along with a discussion on how they are changing the way we interact with data today.

Why is Kubernetes Important for the Azure Data Professional?

You have heard the word a million times yet you always wonder if it is something you need to understand more about. Join this session to get a systemic view of how Azure SQL and SQL Server fit into a Kubernetes-centric infrastructure.

SQLPAL: The Magic That Powers SQL Server on Linux

This is a deep dive on how Microsoft leverages SQLPAL to enable SQL Server to run on Linux and containers. We will explore the design principles, architecture and implementation of SQLPAL. Come prepared for an intensive session!

Your Database Sucks and It's Too Late To Fix It

A compilation of fundamental mistakes over a career that spans 23 years. Best enjoyed with ice, or neat.

SQL Server Virtualization and I/O Patterns

In this session we will explore the SQL Server engine’s I/O patterns and how they play into virtualization infrastructure. With the knowledge you’ll gain in this session you will be able to have more educated conversations with your cloud/infrastructure/VM/storage administrators in order to get the most performance and use the best features for your SQL Server (or SQL in Azure/AWS/GCP) environments.

SQL Server Sleuthing: Finding Out How Specific Trace Flags Work

Let's don our Sherlock Holmes hat and dig into the guts of the SQL Server engine to figure out how a given trace flag works. At first we will have very little knowledge about it, but as we continue the investigation, its secrets will be revealed.

And, um, yeah, we'll need the debugger for this one.

SQL Server and Storage: Understanding The Layers

In this session you will learn about all the different parts of the operating system, hypervisor and network stack and how SQL Server IO works on top of them. This is that part of your database server that you always wanted to learn about. Here's your chance!

SQL Server and Snapshots: Everything You Were Afraid To Ask

No, we're not talking about database snapshots. In this session we're going to discuss SQL Server VM and storage-level snapshots! This is also important if you're in the cloud...so don't miss this talk. Everything you wanted to know about snapshots: Consistency, tools and protocols used, performance implications, and more.

Queues All the Way Down: Tracing SQL Server I/O

In this session we're going to explore all the different places where your SQL Server queues I/O. We will look at the operating system stack, hypervisor, storage network, and finally the storage devices themselves.

This will give you a much better idea of where to look when things are slow. You will learn concepts that apply everywhere: VMs on-prem, in the cloud, containers, baremetal, etc.

Be prepared for tons of bits and bytes!

Opening Remarks & Keynote: The Future of Relational Databases

Can relational databases keep up with the pace of growth of data? We know unstructured data sets are outgrowing structured by an order of magnitude, but does that mean the end of relational databases is in sight?

Let's explore the past, present and future of relational databases. It will be a thought-provoking exercise.

Hacking SQL Server for Fun and Profit: 2018 Edition

You're not scared? You should be. Let's talk about how easily they can hack you, and how you're protecting the wrong things.

Argenis Fernandez

Product @ Azure