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Berlin, Germany

Hasan Hosgel

Lead Android Engineer @ MHP - A Porsche Company

Hasan Hoşgel is a dedicated Android developer with professional programming experience since 2003. Since 2010 doing all day long Android application development and was from 2016 to 2019 a Google Developer Expert for Android.
Continuous improvement of the architecture, performance and also quality are his dedication.
He works for MHP - A Porsche Company, beforehand he worked for companies like LAB1886 - The Incubator of Daimler AG, ImmobilienScout24 & Kitchen Stories.
As a co-organizer of the “GDG Berlin Android” and as a speaker, he attended many conferences and several Google Developer Groups across Europe. As well being in program committees and organization of conferences.

Current sessions

Living on the green rocket field

At Google IO 2018 the Android team announced Jetpack for Android, which is a opinionated set of libraries and architecture, which is a recommendation for Android developers. We at LAB1886, the incubator for the Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz), thought to give it a try with our latest project called RaceScout from AMG. We have the luxury to work always on green fields for projects. So we wanted to share our experience with Jetpack and also give some recommendations for all the library & SDK developers.

Finding our way to navigation

A lot of Android application developers struggle with the proper and extensible navigation in the application. There are so many options out there and every developer has a different opinion. Let’s explore our way to the architecture component for navigation from Android Jetpack. In March it just became stable and the Speaker already used it since the first alpha versions in an application created on the green field. It is not the perfect solution, but at least is a common one, which can be made the state of art/ standard of doing navigation. So let’s investigate it and the speaker shows code examples to understand its usage. Best practices are also covered and some possible ideas on how to use it in a multi gradle module project.