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Information & Communications Technology

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Verwood, England, United Kingdom

John Martin

Principal Consultant, Data Platform MVP & Chartered IT Professional.

John is an experienced data platform professional having spent over a decade working with the Microsoft data and cloud platform technologies. In this time John has learned how to get the most out of these platforms as well as the key pitfalls that should be avoided.

Current sessions

Getting Started with SQL Server 2019 and Polybase

Microsoft have brought their Polybase engine from the APS and Azure SQL Data Warehouse platforms and put it into the core SQL Server product. But what is it and how can we make use of it?

In this session we will take a look at what the technology is to help us understand some use cases as well as when not to use it. Finally we will look at how to make use of Polybase to help us with data virtualisation and ETL from technologies such as Azure Blob Storage, Oracle, and CosmosDB.

Infrastructure as Code: An Introduction to Terraform.

Building reliable and repeatable infrastructure deployments thatcan be transitioned through Development, Test, and into production is becoming increasingly essential. There are many options including PowerShell, ARM, Cloud Formation and many more that you can use depending on your cloud of choice. But what if you want vendor lock in? Enter Terraform. An open source Infrastructure as code platform that works with Azure, AWS, and others as well as on-premises environments.

Together we will work through the what, why, and how of infrastructure automation with Terraform for building solutions. We will build a data platform solution and look at how we can transition through environments with Azure DevOps and integrate this into development and operations processes that will let you concentrate on delivering more value to your users.

SQL Server DevOps with PowerShell DSC

Whether you are managing 1 or 1000 servers automation is a vital skill to have today. With PowerShell DSC we can automate the deployment and configuration management of our SQL Server estates. From pushing configurations manually as needed through to having SQL Server systems check in, validate, and remediate their configuration as needed.

PowerShell DSC lets us solve the management headache of performing many admin tasks without needing to login to the server.

SQL Server and Network Security

The network is often forgotten when securing SQL Server is completed. However, this is a primary attack vector which needs to be designed and configured properly to help add the layers of protection needed.

In this session we will explore the network architechture you should look to implement as well as how to leverage Operating System Firewalls as well as Azure Network security configurations. When combined this will add more depth to the defence of your SQL Server security and help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements.