Jonas Rapp 🇸🇪

Stockholm, Sweden

Jonas Rapp 🇸🇪

Microsoft MVP, Business Applications

Software developer since 1994.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) since 2009.
XrmToolBox contributor since 2014.
Author of XrmToolBox tools: FetchXML Builder, Plugin Trace Viewer, Auto Number Manager, Latebound Constants Generator, Related Records Analyzer and Bulk Data Updater.
Creator of Shuffle based tools for MSDyn365 DevOps.
Speaker at eXtreme365, D365 Saturday, Dynamics Bootcamp, xRMVirtual, D365UG.
Co-host of the XrmToolCast podcast.

Current sessions

Let's Build an XrmToolBox Tool!

Building tools for XrmToolBox is fun, easy and rewarding, if you know the basics.

We will be ultra-hands-on to go through how to set up a new project, wire up the basic framework for our tool, and start building the logic by using features of the XrmToolBox development framework, third party custom controls for the CDS platform, and our collective ingenuity.

Bring your ideas for a tool to this session, and we will start building it, from scratch!

I bet you'd like to know the topic....

Rocket launches, stuff and gadgets.

Let’s Build a Plugin Base Class!

Are you still writing your plugins from scratch, simply implementing the IPlugin interface?

Are you using someone else’s framework, which isn’t really designed for your way of coding?

Have you tried all the open source alternatives and still not found any favorite?

Why not Build your own Plugin Base class?!

It’s not hard, it doesn’t take weeks, and it helps you just the way you want it to help 😊

In this session I will show you 100% hands on how we can go from zero to plugin base hero for you and your team.

We will start with a project with a few plugins, identify common/duplicated code, unnecessarily verbose code, and code where we simply feel that “this could be done so much easier with a little help”.

From this we will create a Plugin Base class and some useful extension methods to SDK classes to finally clean up our plugins and enjoy the beauty of our refactored code.