Karl Shifflett

Information & Communications Technology

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Indiana, Pennsylvania, United States

Karl Shifflett

Passionate Software Architect and Developer

Since 1989 Karl Shifflett has architected and developed desktop, web, and mobile software for retail, warehousing, manufacturing, small-medium city governments and water authorities, tax assessment, and DIY projects. He worked at Microsoft as a Program Manager on the WPF and Silverlight Designer Team for Visual Studio 2010, as a Program Manager for the patterns & practices team on Prism and Web Guidance projects.

Karl is a two-time Microsoft MVP and two-time CodeProject MVP.

Karl has been a full-stack software engineer on VAX-VMS, Alpha-VMS, UNIX, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

Karl is a passionate and pragmatic architect and software engineer who values writing simple, and maintainable code. The authoring of simple code makes it much easier to solve complex problems in line-of-business applications.

His passions are cross-platform development, developer tools, WPF, Prism, Angular, Blazor, Xamarin.Forms, Node.js, ES6, Electron, WordPress development, creating Visual Studio extensions and tools, software architecture, designing frameworks and mentoring.