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KotlinConf 2019

event starts

04 Dec 2019

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06 Dec 2019


Copenhagen, Denmark


KotlinConf 2019 will take place in Copenhagen on December 4th through to 6th (Wed-Fri). KotlinConf is a community event focused on the programming language Kotlin. This is the third year for the event, with the first two having sold out.

Submit a talk and share you experience, whether it's about finding innovative ways to use Kotlin, challenges you've faced, a framework you've created, or anything you feel you'd like to share that could help others with their journey.

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Call for Speakers
CfS opens at 12:00 AM

20 Feb 2019

CfS closes at 11:59 PM

20 May 2019

This event is in W. Europe Standard Time time zone.
Closing time in your time zone is .

While you’re welcome to submit any talk that you may find interesting, as long as of course it’s related to Kotlin, some areas we’d love to hear about are:

Server Side, Web, Desktop, Mobile, IoT, Scripting, Data Science, Frameworks and Libraries, Functional Programming, Concurrent Programming, Case Studies, Coroutines, Meta-programming, Deeper Language Features.

When it comes to platforms, we would really like a good mix of everything, be it JVM, Android, JavaScript and Native. Also, multi-platform apps you’ve put in production or useful libraries make for good topics as well. 

We receive many submissions and only have a limited series of slots. As such, please consider the following tips when submitting your talks, which can work in your favour. 

Talk Title - We go through all talks independently of the title, but there’s no denying that a catchy and interesting title plays favourably. At the same time, make sure that the title aligns with your abstract. 

Abstract - Make it concise and to the point, but don’t make it too concise. An abstract that is a couple of sentences, will most likely stand little chance of getting accepted. We don’t expect you to write an essay but please try and provide information on what you’ll be covering in your talk and what the key learning points / takeaways will be for the audience. If you’re submitting a topic that may be popular, try and find an angle that would distinguish yours from others. For instance “Using Kotlin with Spring” might be a popular topic and it’s important to understand what your approach provides that will make yours interesting. 

While this applies to all talks, it is even more relevant when presenting case studies. We’ve already had numerous case studies of companies adopting Kotlin and the steps they’ve taken. That’s why it’s important that you highlight key aspects your case study would focus on. If your case studies can highlight metrics, that would be favourable. 

Level - Please try and accurately define the level of your talk. Also please try and avoid intro-level talks focused on the language itself. If you’re submitting Introductory and Overview level, the topic should be about something else. 

Session Length - Sessions are 45 minutes long, including QA (which is optional) 

Recordings - If you have any recordings of past talks, feel free to provide these in the submission comments.

Please make sure you read and adhere to the Code of Conduct prior to submitting.


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

Conference fee does not include workshops. In case of co-speakers, travel and accommodation will only be covered for one speaker.