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Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Luke Bonaccorsi

Product Developer, AND DIgital

Luke Bonaccorsi (he/him/his) is a developer who started building web things in the early 2000s as a hobbyist before making a career of it in 2012. He’s currently a Product Developer at AND Digital, and is the organiser of LeedsJS. In his free time, he’s an amateur chef, expert eater, casual pixel artist and a chaotic maker. (blog) (company)

Current sessions

Painting Pixels With Web Bluetooth

Bluetooth is everywhere nowadays, you can find it in door locks, heart rate monitors and even in forks. However, this usually means that we also have an app for each device taking up space on our phones, no matter how infrequently we use it. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just use the web?

With Web Bluetooth, we can control these devices through the browser! In this talk we’ll take a look at the basics of Web Bluetooth, the Bluetooth Low Energy GATT layer and how to use these through JavaScript using the practical example of how I built an interactive LED pixel display. By the end, I hope you’ll be inspired to try controlling your Bluetooth devices through the browser!

How I ended up automating my curtains and shouting at my laptop

A few years ago I set about building a simple JavaScript chatbot that then quickly grew into a chat based automation system that I use every day. The experience was, and still is, a fantastic learning opportunity and in this talk I’ll share my progress, my reasons for doing it and what I’d like to do in the future whilst also hoping to inspire you to build something weird.

Coding is serious business

Coding is serious business. Except it isn't. Code gives us the power to unleash our creative potential in new and interesting ways, whether that’s making interactive art, creating live music and visualisations, building games or even adding joyful flourishes on a web app.

In this talk, I’ll show that our code doesn’t just have to be for building boring applications. Using real examples, I’ll talk about some ways that we can bring creativity into our coding projects, as well as ways for us to share our knowledge and why it’s important that we do. By the end, I hope to have inspired you to bring creativity into your projects and given you the enthusiasm to share your knowledge.

Error: Unexpected Depression Found

Depression f**king sucks. Those of us that struggle with it know that while we can try and hide it, it's always there waiting to drain our motivation, mess with our appetite and impact our mood for significant amounts of time.

In this talk I will discuss the different ways that depression manifests itself, the ways that some people cope and the impact it has on people's lives.

By the end, I hope to have given you an understanding what some of the people in your life may be dealing with, ways that you can support them and, if you struggle with it yourself, the knowledge that you're not alone and some new ideas to help you deal with it.

Past and future events

JSConf Colombia

16 Nov 2018 - 17 Nov 2018
Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia