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Hennef, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Nicole Enders

Office Apps & Services MVP | Managing Consultant - Modern Workplace, CONET Solutions GmbH

Nicole Enders is a Modern Workplace and Collaboration Expert and she works at CONET Solutions GmbH as a Managing Consultant. As a MVP for Office Apps & Services she shares her knowledge at many events, on her own blog as well as in her books.

As a consultant and developer, she has been dealing with the requirements for efficient collaboration in companies since more than 14 years. She is convinced of the advantages that Microsoft 365 (especially Microsoft Teams and the Power Platform) offers to improve collaboration.

Together with her customers, she combines proven standard products from this product range and adapts them with the help of various development tools. This creates working environments for social intranet, modern workplace and collaboration that are individually tailored to the customer's needs.

Current sessions

Your new life with Microsoft Viva

Do you want to know what Microsoft Viva is all about? Would you like to see how the different modules can improve your daily life? We will walk through the different options and talk about the added value based on typical daily challenges. Learn how to improve your modern workplace with Microsoft Viva.

Erfahrungsaustausch - der moderne Arbeitsplatz mit Microsoft 365

In dieser Session möchte ich mich mit den Teilnehmern über ihre Erfahrungen und Best Practices unterhalten? Wie soll der moderne Arbeitsplatz aussehen? Wie können Tools von Microsoft 365 dabei helfen? Und wie können wir die Menschen am besten auf dieser Reise mitnehmen?

Teamwork and Homeoffice

Microsoft Teams offers a variety of ways to help your project teams work together more efficiently. By participating in the session, you will get best practices and tips how to connect with your colleagues while working from home.

We will focus on:
- Modern Workplace, Collaboration and Teamwork
- Introduction into Microsoft Teams (chat, phone calls, teamrooms)
- Live Demo of different use cases with Microsoft Teams in combination with other services (e.g. Forms)

Your Intelligent Workplace with Microsoft Teams and AI Builder

The digital transformation is still ongoing. There are many isolated processes which can be optimized and integrated into your daily business. We will build a forms processing solution with AI Builder to support the employees of an exemplary company. I will also show you how to integrate such a business application into your teamwork hub.

Teams and Yammer - The dream team in your organisation

Are you overwhelmed by the possibilites of Yammer and Teams and by their seemingly large overlap of features? Both tools are dedicated to support the information flow and the collaboration in your company. But what if your end-users aren't sure where to share their information or where to start a conversation? 

We will consider the following aspects:

- Modern Workplace, Collaboration and Teamwork in an enterprise scenario
- Feature comparison between Yammer and Teams
- Developing an employee focused communication strategy
- Live Demo of exemplary use cases

We will discuss the conditions for a coexistence of Yammer and Teams and develop a checklist to develop your individual communication strategy

Next Generation of Homeschooling with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Education offers a range of options to support home schooling which is more important than ever given the global situation with Covid-19. You will discover how to create classrooms, do online sessions with students and use the class notebook and assignments. Teachers and students can stay in touch and engage as they would do whilst sitting in the same room. Supporting many schools in Germany, I will share best practices and important steps when introducing Microsoft Teams to your school.

Build a business application with the Power Platform in less than 30 minutes

The Power Platform offers a wide range of possibilities to create your individual workspace and support your business processes. And just in case that these possibilities don't fit your needs, there are many third party tools and services to be combined with the services. This session shows how to use standard functionalities of Teams, Power Automate and Planner in combination to build custom applications. We will focus on:
- Introduction: Standard vs. Low Code vs. individual development
- Building a custom application with the Power Platform

Become a Business Application Superstar in 5 steps

In the past many business applications have been built on top of SharePoint but with Microsoft 365 and Dataverse such as Dynamics 365 the world has changed. Model-driven apps are the new business solutions and it can be so easy to build an application.

While hardcore developers were needed in the past, now the time has come for Power Users and Makers. I will show you in this session how to build a business solution with a model-driven app by using Dataverse, PowerApps and Power Automate. You will also get my personal checklist to become a Business Application Superstar in 5 steps.

Collaboration 2.0: Evolution of Teamwork with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 suite and offers a variety of ways to help your project teams work together more efficiently. By participating in the session, you will get best practices and tips how to increase the user adoption.
Because efficient teamwork reduces repetitive and duplicate work, speeds up work processes, raises "dormant" knowledge and inspires the people.

We will focus on:
- Modern Workplace, Collaboration and Teamwork
- Introduction into Microsoft Teams
- Live Demo of different use cases with Microsoft Teams in combination with other services
- Yammer vs. Teams: Which tool should I use?

Past and future events

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

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7 Apr - 8 Apr 2021

Virtual Scottish Summit 2021

22 Feb - 27 Feb 2021

Global Power Platform Bootcamp - 2021

19 Feb - 20 Feb 2021

Microsoft 365 Friday California 2021

22 Jan 2021

Modern Workplace Conference Paris 2021

17 Jan - 19 Jan 2021
Paris, Île-de-France, France

M365 Saturday Bangalore 2020

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Azure Developer Community Day 2020 (virtual Edition)

7 Dec 2020

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30 Nov 2020
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Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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6 Oct 2020

SharePoint Saturday Saskatchewan 2020

3 Oct 2020
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Teams Day Online 2

30 Sep - 1 Oct 2020