Noël Macé

Information & Communications Technology

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Toulouse, France

Noël Macé

Developer Advocate, Bonitasoft

Passionate about sharing technical knowledge and about meeting and helping people, Noël loves to teach and has offered talks on diverse topics from the very beginning of his career in technology. He is a web developer, a former mobile and java developer, with experience in learning design, teaching, software architecture, and technical management. Based on this wide experience, he now focuses on the developer community as a Developer Advocate at Bonitasoft, as he helps developers around the world master the modern capabilities of the Web (among other things) though talks, blog posts and OSS contributions.

Noël Macé

Developer Advocate, Bonitasoft

Developer Advocate chez BonitaSoft, Noël est un passionné de DevRel, d'enseignement, et de transmission de compétences en général. Tour à tour ingénieur pédagogique, formateur, architecte et développeur web depuis plus de 10 ans, il consacre aujourd'hui l’essentiel de son temps à accompagner la communauté vers une meilleure maîtrise et adoption des capacités modernes du Web.

Current sessions

🦸‍♂️PRPL: it’s time to learn up with the Fantastic Four! EN

The Web Performance pattern you should already know!

Do you know about the PRPL Pattern?

It’s THE pattern to follow when you want good performances with your Web App, using cutting edge, modern web capabilities like HTTP/2, preload, service workers and ES modules.

Maybe you have heard about it, through a conference or talks post. Maybe it sounded really cool, but when it comes to reality, well... it looked pretty complicated…

I have good news for you: it’s not! Using the right tools; like PRPL-Server for example, it couldn't be easier.

How about a demonstration, a step by step tutorial, along with an in-depth presentation? Let’s go then!

Brace yourself, 🍦Vanilla is coming … back 🕶! EN

Embrace the power of the Web Platform! A real-life practical guide.

In a world of complex and sophisticated flavors, the battle for toppings among the ice cream families is raging in Web-steros! Who knows who will win between the crunchies of the Angular castle, the hot fudge of the React lands, or the sprinkles of the Vue islands?!

During this time, in another place, the independent Vanilla walks towards his destiny. Could he be the hero from the legend, whom could turn things around?

Hear my story, traveler! My old eyes have seen him in these lands! Let me tell you how he helped us taking down our old king, and you shall learn how he could help you too...

The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 !!! EN

The F.I.R.E. safety kit for everyone! Learn the best new capabilities of the modern web in one shot without burning out!

Four years ago the idea of Progressive Web Apps arrived in the world. This brought a whole new approach to mobile & web apps development, often summarized as F.I.R.E. (Fast Integrated Reliable & Engaging). But the web platform is constantly evolving and mutating, so how has F.I.R.E. technology evolved with it?

Join me to explore four cutting-edge technologies (one for each F.I.R.E. concept) that will help bring your web apps to the next level!

The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 !!! (conference edition) EN FR

The F.I.R.E. safety kit for everyone! Learn the best new capabilities of the modern web in one shot without burning out!

The Web platform is constantly evolving...and it's been 4 years now that we are still talking about the same 4 technologies for the 4 key elements that make a great web app: Fast, Integrated, Reliable & Engaging.

It's time to get up to speed! Let's take a few minutes to:

take stock of the latest W3C, WICG and WHATWG drafts
demonstrate each of them in the browser
present concrete applications and what each brings to our users
explore a global methodology to always transition smoothly
So, are you ready for the future of the web?

The Web is on 🔥 F.I.R.E. 🔥 !!! (conference edition) EN FR

Toutes les dernières nouveautés de la Web Platform, leurs apports niveau UX, et des cas concret ! En un talk ! 🤯

La Web Plateforme évolue en permanence ! Et ça fait 4 ans qu'on évoque les 4 même technos pour appliquer les 4 grands éléments qui font une bonne web app : Fast, Integrated, Reliable & Engaging !

Il est temps de se mettre à jour ! Prenons quelques minutes pour :

faire le point sur les tous derniers drafts du W3C, WICG et WHATWG
les démontrer dans le browser
présenter leurs application concrètes et ce que ça apporte à nos utilisateurs
découvrir une méthodologie globale pour toujours opérer la transition sereinement
Alors, prêt pour le turfu du web ?!