WordPress plugin for easier embedding

If you're using a WordPress website for your event, make your life easier with our WordPress plugin

What do I need to use your WordPress plugin?

You need a WordPress website and access to its dashboard. Our WordPress plugin just makes embedding easier. You also have to create an embed endpoint. Don't worry, it's easy.

  1. Visit your event's API / Embed page
  2. Click Create new endpoint
  3. Choose Styled Html format
  4. Make sure you have at least a few sessions accepted and scheduled, and their speakers informed; otherwise, your embed won't have any content. This is done on the Sessions page
  5. Confirm everything by clicking Save changes

Where do I get the WordPress plugin?

You can download the plugin here. The same plugin works in both old and new (Gutenberg) WordPress editors. Save it on your computer.

How do I install the WordPress plugin?

After downloading the plugin (see the previous question), go to your WordPress site's dashboard, find Plugins in the menu, and click Add new. Then click Upload plugin and choose the downloaded file from your computer.

Click Install now.

Click Activate Plugin.

How do I use the WordPress plugin?

After installing the plugin, edit any page or post, and click the + button. Find the block called Sessionize Embed and click on it.

Next, go to your event's API / Embed page and find the ID of the embed endpoint created in the first step. ID is the third column on the list. Copy it to the clipboard.

Go back to your WordPress website and click on Sessionize block. On the right, the properties windows will appear. Paste the code into the box, and choose the preferred view.

The result will look like this. Feel free to save it and preview changes. The selected view will appear on the page! You can repeat the process with multiple pages/posts on your website.

Can I just test your WordPress plugin?

Yes! Simply follow the instructions above and use the following ID of a demo event we set up for your testing purposes: l9c4tvg5


Troubleshooting I don't see sessions or speakers Please check the Includes sessio


I don't see sessions or speakers.

Please check the Includes sessions option. By default, this option shows only accepted sessions whose speakers have been informed of being accepted. 

If you don't want to inform your speakers about their sessions being accepted, you can switch to Accepted mode.

I don't see rooms and times.

Please check the Schedule announced option on Announce schedule page. When this option is turned off, session times and rooms are hidden. 

Don't want to announce the schedule just yet?

This option can be overridden. In other words, you can allow the schedule to be shown on a certain endpoint without announcing it on an event level. Please note that this should only be used for testing and development purposes.


I made a change, but it doesn't show.

All embed and API requests are cached for up to five minutes. You can clear the cache manually on the Get Code page, accessed through the API / Embed page. If you still don't see the update you're expecting, it may be because of your browser's local cache. In that case, clear the browser cache.

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