Ivett Ördög

Ivett Ördög

Passionate for short feedback loops and applying scientific method to any problem

Rafael is a Lead Developer at Budapest-based Emarsys and a frequent speaker at conferences around Europe. As a founding member of Emarsys CraftLab - the dedicated coaching team of Emarsys - he has taught university courses, talked at numerous conferences and visited multiple companies as an external consultant. His passion for short feedback loops drove him to create Lean Poker, a workshop where developers have the opportunity to experiment with continuous delivery in an safe environment. He is also the creator and host of the Morning Commute YouTube channel inspiring the next generation of developers to broaden their knowledge.

Current sessions

Your hiring process is broken, and here is how you fix it

One of the secrets to a successful company is getting the right people on the bus. Yet most companies make the same mistakes when hiring developers. I will take you on a journey from an ineffective hiring process to one that made sure we never regretted any of your hiring decisions while we grew from about 20 developers to a hundred.

Bootcamp: protecting the engineering culture during hyper growth

The engineering culture of a company might be a key to it’s success, yet as hyper growth kicks in it becomes hard to keep it while doubling the number of engineers every year. So the question becomes: is there a way to protect the culture, and if so, how? In this talk I will summarize my experiences of leading the Bootcamp at Emarsys. Every engineer who joins Emarsys spends the first few weeks in this team until they learn the tricks and practices that we think were essential to the success of the company.

Delivering value early and often in practice with Lean Poker

Our goal as software developers is to sustainably deliver value for our organisations. Conferences are a great opportunity to learn about the challenges other teams faced (challenges you might also be facing right now) and how those challenges can be solved. However putting even the best of advice’s into practice is hard.

This exciting day long coding challenge will provide you with an opportunity to practice continuous delivery and related agile and lean principles. You and your team will compete with other teams in delivering the most value to your product. Along the way our mentor will spend time with you and your team and give you advice personalized to your needs.

For more information check out leanpoker.org