Eva Pardi

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark

Predicting earthquake damages with Azure ML Workspace

In April, 2015 there was an earthquake with 7.8 magnitude, and an epicenter in the Ghorka District of Nepal. The disaster injured more than 30000 people, which was in most cases caused by the collapsed buildings in the earthquake.

During the demo-oriented session you receive hands-on knowledge about Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Workspace. You will be able to use the same platform to examine your dataset, to build your own predictive model, to improve it for better results and to deploy the model.

The data we use for the demo can be used to mitigate which buildings might need strengthening, so not only many buildings, but also thousands of lives could be saved in case of another earthquake.

Eva Pardi

Microsoft AI MVP

Software Developer and Data Scientist.

Eva is absolutely obsessed with data and passionate about AI. Her main interest is to save lives and support humanity with the help of AI and data. Working in full time at Laerdal.

In her free time she writes articles, speaks at conferences about data and AI. Her aim is to make people understand how intelligent applications affect our lives, how to use and control them.

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