Jan Egil Ring

Information & Communications Technology

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Oslo, Norway

Group Policy - Cloud edition

In this session we will look at Azure Policy Guest Configuration - a new implementation of DSC which can be leveraged to manage machines running anywhere.
Unlike Group Policy, the service does not have any domain requirements, it can be used across Windows and Linux and we can use Azure Resource Manager templates to define configurations as part of cloud applications.
In this session we will look at how we can leverage both built-in content in Azure Policy, and how we can build our own custom content based on existing DSC configurations and Group Policies.
We will also see how we can manage the service using PowerShell, as well as how we can report and alert on compliance drift and remediaton actions.

Jan Egil Ring

Lead Architect, Crayon

Jan Egil works as a Lead Architect at Crayon, Norway.
He mainly works with automation, and has a strong passion for PowerShell. He has been working with Microsoft infrastructure products such as Windows Server & System Center since the early 2000s. In the recent years the focus has been more and more related to cloud technologies in Microsoft Azure and hybrid environments.
He is a multiple-year recipient of Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for his contributions in the Windows PowerShell, Cloud & Datacenter Management and Microsoft Azure technical communities.
He speaks regularly at user groups and conferences, such as Nordic Infrastructure Conference (NIC), PowerShell Conference Europe and PowerShell Summit.
He is a co-organizer of Azure User Group Norway, where he along with other community members host meetings and deliver content on a regular basis.

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