Marco Parenzan

Information & Communications Technology

C#.Net .NET (Core) development IoT Game Development azure #Azure Azure (Public/Hybrid)

Fiume Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Time series anomaly detection with Azure and .NET

If you have any device or source that generates values over time (also a log from a service), you want to determine if in a time frame, the time serie is correct or you can detect some anomalies. What can you do as a developer (not a Data Scientist) with .NET o Azure? Let's see how in this session.

Marco Parenzan

Senior Solutions Architect in beanTech, Microsoft Azure MVP, 1nn0va Community Lead

Marco Parenzan is Senior Solutions Architect in beanTech.
He has been awarded as a MVP on Microsoft Azure since 2014.
He is a speaker in major community events in Italy about Azure and .NET development.
He is a community lead for 1nn0va, an official Microsoft community in Pordenone, Italy.
He has written a book on Azure in 2016.
He loves developing retrogames, reading comix and watching Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video

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