Salih Guler

Information & Communications Technology

Flutter flutter android Android & iOS Application Engineering

Berlin, Germany

Effective App Architecture and State Management in Flutter

From the day that Flutter is announced, a lot of companies decided to use it in their production environments. Most of these companies have used it for projects from scratch and as we all know, deciding on an architecture for a brand new application is quite hard. Luckily, Flutter has a lot of great alternative approaches that can be used according to the suitable use-case.

In this talk, we are going to go over the Flutter's State Management options, how we can use them and last but not least we will learn how we can put all of this information to create the best architecture for our application.

Salih Guler

Senior Mobile Engineer at Superlist

Salih is a Berlin based Senior Mobile Engineer who is a Google Developer Expert for Flutter and Dart. He likes sharing his knowledge with the people by mentoring aspiring developers, blogging and talking at conferences.

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