Shrey Batra

Information & Communications Technology

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Shrey Batra

SDE - 2 @ Innovaccer, MongoDB Certified Developer Associate

I work as a Software Developer @ Innovaccer. Mostly I focus on Software Application Architecture, Databases, Data Flow Automation and Scaling. You can talk to me about MongoDB, its various different products such as Atlas, Realm, Charts and generally anything about product development as a whole.

Current sessions

Migrating Heavy CronJobs to MongoDB Stitch Triggers and Worker Functions

The session will be based on how we can break down a heavy job (piece of code) on MongoDB Stitch using Worker Functions and triggers to achieve dynamic real-time workflow, making use of Serverless Architecture at it's maximum.

1. Who should attend?

Anyone who has a bit of coding experience, development architectural background and has built not just backend api's but also processing intensive jobs.

2. Why should they attend?

They would learn, how to make use of Serverless MongoDB Stitch as Worker nodes/functions for their processing intensive jobs and how they can incorporate Stitch Triggers to achieve Dynamic Real Time Experience.

3. What will I tell them?

The talk would have the following points -
- Intro To Stitch as Serverless Architecture.
- Difference between monolith and Serverless.
- What is a Cron Job
- How you can migrate your cron as Worker Functions in a Stitch App.
- Scheduled triggers to make it a Serverless Cron Job.
- Database triggers which enable Real Time processing instead of Scheduled trigger, making the execution flow a PUSH service rather than a PULL service.