Thorsten Hans

Information & Communications Technology

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Saarbrücken, Saarland, Germany

Thorsten Hans

Consultant at Thinktecture

Thorsten works as a consultant at Thinktecture AG in Germany. He’s engaged in the design and implementation of Cloud-Native Applications based on Kubernetes, teaching and coaching enterprise developers to craft modern business applications for all different platforms. He shares many of his experiments and experiences on his blog at Because of his strong community contributions, Thorsten has been repeatedly awarded as Azure MVP by Microsoft.

Current sessions

Building real cross platform applications with Electron - Tales from the Field

Transforming existing web-apps into a cross platform application with GitHub Electron may look really easy. But if you want to deliver high quality and provide the best user experience, a lot of things have to be considered. Join Thorsten's talk and see a ton of tips from real world projects. From the architectural blueprint over debugging tips and tricks to production proven implementations, you'll see everything you need to build robust applications. Ever wanted to use native C++ Node.js modules inside of your Electron app? Then it's time to join and learn.

Code your Azure Deployments with Terraform

Using HashiCorp’s Terraform, you can code every Azure deployment. Having your entire infrastructure as source code makes it easy to spin up new environments in a couple of minutes. Terraform takes this approach a step further, having a single language and a single CLI empowers you to define deployments for almost every cloud vendor. With Terraform Execution Plans, you can inspect what will be deployed, changed, or deleted in Azure without harming the existing infrastructure. Join this talk by Azure MVP Thorsten Hans and learn how to write your deployments and quickly create different, independent environments such as Testing, Staging, and Production in Azure.

Past and future events

Techorama BE

22 May - 24 May 2018
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium

.NET Day Franken

27 Apr - 28 Apr 2018
Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany

BASTA! Spring

19 Feb - 23 Feb 2018
Frankfurt am Main, Hesse, Germany