Vaibhav Gujral

Information & Communications Technology

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Omaha, Nebraska, United States

Vaibhav Gujral

Cloud Architect at Kiewit | Microsoft Azure MVP | MCT | Organizer at Omaha Azure User Group

Vaibhav is a seasoned cloud architect currently working at Kiewit Corporation. He is playing a pivotal role in Kiewit Technology Group’s ongoing digital transformation and is currently responsible for envisioning, creating, and continually improving the cloud platform foundations that development teams build upon.

He has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for the Microsoft Azure category. He is a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert and he holds numerous other Azure Certifications including Microsoft certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert, Azure Security Engineer Associate, Azure Administrator Associate, Azure Developer Associate, and Azure Database Administrator Associate.

He has been putting in his time and effort in building and growing the tech community. Apart from being a regular speaker at several user groups, events, and conferences, he also runs the Omaha Azure user group ( He regularly blogs at

Current sessions

Azure Logic Apps - Deep Dive

Want to learn about logic apps? Join in this deep dive session where Vaibhav will cover:
- What logic apps are?
- How to create and deploy logic apps?
- Different connectors types
- Different trigger and action types
- How to connect logic apps to on-premises systems
He will cover some demos as well as some best practices for using logic apps.

Demystifying Azure Networking

In this session, Vaibhav will cover the basics of Azure Networking services including Virtual Networks, VPN gateways, and different load balancing options in Azure. He will talk about what each service does and when should it be used?

Azure Governance 101

In this session, Vaibhav will talk about how to Govern your Azure environments effectively. He will talk about management groups, subscriptions, Blueprints, Policies, RBAC, Resource Graphs, and ARM.

An introduction to Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework

Are your workloads well-architected to run effectively in the public cloud? Come join us in this session, where Vaibhav will introduce the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected framework and will go through the five pillars of architectural excellence.

Multi-stage YAML Pipelines with Azure DevOps

Azure Pipelines supports continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) to constantly and consistently test and build code and ship it to any target. It can be accomplished by defining a pipeline using YAML syntax or through the user interface (Classic).In this talk, Vaibhav will talk about what YAML is and the benefits YAML brings in over the classic UI based pipelines. He will then talk about how to build multi-stage pipelines using YAML in Azure DevOps using stages, jobs, tasks, dependencies, and conditions.

Building and Deploying Containers using Docker and Azure

Want to learn about how to run docker containers in Azure? Join in this hour-long session in which Vaibhav will talk about docker and different Azure services where you can run your docker containers. He will cover docker basics, Azure Container Instances, Azure Container Registry, Azure Web Apps for Containers, and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Accelerate your IT Career with Azure Role-based Certifications

If you are an Azure professional and/or if you use Azure in your daily work, join us to find out how to accelerate your IT career with Azure role-based certifications. If you have given a certification exam before or if you are planning to take your first exam, you should attend this session to
- understand the different role-based certifications which are available
- Choose the right certification for you
- Benefits of taking an exam
- Identify the skill sets needed for the certifications
- Understand the Exam structure
- Get some Preparation tips
You will get enough information in this session to get started with your certification preparation.

Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

Join this session if you are just beginning your cloud journey and trying to understand how to get started with Microsoft Azure.

Serverless in Azure

Join this session to understand what serverless is and the different serverless offerings under Microsoft Azure. Vaibhav will also cover Azure functions and Azure logic apps.

Azure Cosmos DB - Overview

This session will be an overview of Azure Cosmos DB. Topics that will be discussed are:
- What Azure Cosmos DB is? What challenges does it solve?
-Resource Model,
- Different data models and APIs
- Partitioning
- Consistency models
- Pricing and Request Units (RUs)
- Some real-time use cases.