Crypto Knight Investments.

Yatendra Malhotra is the CEO of Crypto Knight Investments. A serial entrepreneur and has been running successful diverse businesses for last twenty years.

Yatendra is blockchain visionary,early adopter and investor in various blockchain projects,has been in blockchain and crypto industry starting from mining the crypto currency he ventured into the investment side of blockchain and wants to create awareness about the uses and vision for the technology in the future and how you can leverage the technology for solving the problems efficiently and reduce cost along the way for the end customer.
Prior to entering blockchain Yatendra was providing solution's for supply chain management for companies like Walmart and Amazon.
Yatendra is committed to promoting a future based on decentralization via blockcahin and creating wealth for his investors through his investment arm Crypto Knight Investment's.

Current sessions

Blockchain and finance.

I would like to use the platform to talk about the future of blockchain and investments and various use cases that it has to help the society and create wealth doing that.