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2023 Data.SQL.Saturday.LA

event date

10 Jun 2023


1 LMU Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90045 Los Angeles, California, United States

Data.SQL.Saturday.LA is a free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about Public/Private Clouds, Data Platforms, SQL and No-SQL Databases, Business Intelligence, and Analytics. 

This is an in-person event!

Stay home if you are feeling sick! 

Previous events

2022 Data.SQL.Saturday.LA

Virtual 2021 Data.SQL.Saturday.LA

Virtual 2020 SQL Saturday in Los Angeles

2019 SQL Saturday in Los Angeles

2018 SQL Saturday in Los Angeles

2017 SQL Saturday in Los Angeles

This event is organized by a Data Driven Technologies, Inc 501.c.3 non-profit.

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Call for Speakers
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01 Jun 2022

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31 May 2023

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Data SQL Saturday LA has been delivering on-prem and virtual events since 2017.  This year's event is tentatively scheduled for June 10, 2023. If you will be in the area at that time, we welcome your submission.

We try and provide our attendees with 4 to 5 different tracks over 5-6 blocks (24-30 sessions per annual event).  This provides valuable content for a wide variety of attendees whether you're a DBA, Dev Op, Developer, Reporting enthusiast, or Cloudy we should have something good for you to attend.

Length: 60 minutes 

Topics: Any data-related or non-technical topic 

Session Info: Write a full description of what this session will be, what the audience will learn, and what pre-requisites are expected

Max No. of Sessions per Speaker: 5 submissions max

Difficulty level:  Not everyone is an IT pro, and not everyone is a novice, we are looking for a wide range to appeal to all of our attendees. If you are submitting more than 1 session, please provide sessions at different levels. 

Examples of data topics:

RDBMS/SQL: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle Database, MariaDB, CockroachDB, Snowflake, IBM DB2, and other products

NoSQL: CosmosDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, Couchbase, and other products

Data Visualization: Power BI / Tableau / Qlik / SSRS / Crystal Reports and other products

Infrastructure: DBA/DevOps, Private, Hybrid, and Public Clouds: VMware, Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS / Google GCP / Oracle Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, and other products

Development: Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Database Development, Data Engineering, Integration

Data Science: Python/R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

Examples of Non-technical: Women in Tech, Personal Branding, Job Hunting, Building your Own Tech Company, Mental Health, Careers in Tech, Project Management

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Admin DDT
  • Application-Consistent Backups & PITR for SQL Server in the Cloud by Nithin K. Reghunathan
Charles Goforth
  • How to Achieve Application-Consistent Backups and Point in Time Recovery for SQL Server on EC2
Maor Kern
  • A new paradigm for extending Postgres - Remote Extensions
  • PostgreSQL Trigger Hell
  • The Various Methods for Creating Incremental Materialized Views in Postgres
  • Denormalizations in Postgres
Harsh Sharma
  • "Accelerating Machine Learning and AI with DevOps on Azure"
  • "Unleashing the Power of Data, Analytics, AI, and IoT with Azure"
Melody Zacharias
  • Women In Technology - The Power of Teams
  • How to Explain Azure Data Security to Your Mom
Yingjun Wu
  • Unlocking Real-time Insights: Enhancing Azure Database with Stream Processing
Umair Shahid
  • What does PostgreSQL mean for your business?
  • Clustering in PostgreSQL: Because one database server is never enough (and neither is two)
Denis Magda
  • Built on Postgres, Built for Scale: Exploring the Inner Workings of YugabyteDB
  • Weathering the Cloud Storm: PostgreSQL High Availability Options
Nick Kang
  • Building Typesafe Web Applications with Postgres
Roland Lee
  • Automated Query Caching and Invalidation for Redis; No code changes
  • Improve Write-Master and Read Replica scale, safely without application changes
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John Sterrett
  • DBA Basics: Getting Started with Performance Tuning
Russel Loski
  • Accessing Government API Data using Power BI
John Bowen
  • Easy Data Transfer Using and Extending the Cosmos DB Data Migration Tool
Ajo Suresh
  • Overview of Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB
Mohamed Wali
  • Demystifying Amazon RDS Custom for SQL Server
Benjamin Nevarez
  • Dive into the Query Optimizer - Undocumented Insight
  • Understanding Parameter Sniffing and Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization
Tim Rayburn
  • Help Your Teams Avoid Burnout And Apathy
  • Patterns for Data Access
Argenis Fernandez
  • AI/ML: What You Need To Know
Bill Sanscrainte
  • Index R(x): Prescriptions for Performance Improvement
Zac Brown
  • From RIF to CEO: Why being laid off was the best thing for my career.
Bobur Umurzokov
  • How Change Data Capture (CDC) Works with Streaming Database
  • Query Real Time Data in Kafka Using SQL
  • How to choose the right streaming database
Dèjì Akọ́mọláfẹ́
  • Your SQL Server Shouldn't Know That It's Virtualized
Shawn Meyers
  • Next Gen Infrastructure – Level up how you run SQL Server
  • HA in about an hour
  • Contain(erizer) your SQL Server
  • Protect your database from Ransomware
Rick Lowe
  • Weird Stuff I Saw While… Working with Multi Subnet Availability Groups
  • Query Hints ... What’s the Worst That Can Happen
Shayon Sanyal
  • JSON in PostgreSQL - Learning with a case study
Shawn Duffy
  • Data Storytelling
Jeff Iannucci
  • Level Up Your Digital Communication Skills
  • Unlocking the Power of WhoIsActive
  • Surviving SQL Server: Guidance for new or accidental DBAs
  • Breaking Bad Habits: Solutions for Common Query Antipatterns
Prabhat Nigam
  • Career Advice: Passion and Productivity
Prabhat Nigam, Inderjeet singh Jaggi
  • M365 Automation for Company Employee Onboarding
Nuri Halperin
  • MongoDB First Steps
  • Writing Queries in MQL
Armando Lacerda
  • Hyperscaling cloud-based databases
  • Synapse Pipelines for the SSIS DBA
  • This is not your daddy's backup routine
  • From OLTP to OLAP - Modeling StackOverflow
  • From Zero to Hero on Synapse Spark pool
Deexith Reddy
  • How to Teach Analysts SQL in Your Organization: Democratizing Data Skills
  • Optimizing SQL Queries: Expectations - Unlocking High Performance and Efficient Database Operations
  • SQL Server: The Bridge between Azure Data Factory and Power BI - Streamlining Data Integration
  • Title: Mastering Stored Procedures in SQL Server: Best Practices and Techniques
  • SCD 2 - A Proven Method for Storing Historical Records: Integrating with Real-Time and Batch Data