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Open edX Conference - 2023

event starts

28 Mar 2023

event ends

31 Mar 2023


Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States


Conference Theme: Shaping the Future of Education Together

The Open edX Conference is where the Open edX community and leading experts in ed tech discuss the latest in industry research, new applications of technology to enhance teaching and learning, and product & technical advances to the Open edX platform. As a practitioners' conference we are looking for peer-to-peer information and collaboration.  Sponsorship is available for companies with products of interest to our attendees; please email for more information.

This year’s event celebrates our community as we focus on Shaping the Future of Education Together. We’re looking forward to discussions around advances in pedagogy and instructional design, the progress of the Open edX platform and its ability to deliver high quality and innovative educational experiences, the past and future efforts of our technical and operational teams, and so much more.
We welcome you to submit a session proposal for the 2023 Open edX Conference; submissions are due by Monday, January 23, 2023. We are particularly interested in proposals in the following areas:

1. Pedagogy and Instructional Design
Audience: Educators, Course Teams, and Course Operators
Example Topics of Interest:

  • Course authoring, production and promotion techniques
  • Innovative courses, especially ones in the fields of higher education, social impact, or professional development & training
  • Challenges and solutions for successful online education - what works best in online learning?

2. Product Development and Usage
Audience: Product and technology leaders
Example Topics of Interest:   

  • At a high level, how do people use the platform? How does the platform work?
  • Overview and/or deep dives into new and upcoming features and changes, including how these features are used and what problems they solve
  • Trends in online learning and training, for instance: online credentials, professional development, lifelong learning
  • Analytics and research
  • Where are we now and where do we need to go? How will we get there?

3. Developing and Operating
Audience: Developers working on the platform, those running Open edX instances, technology leaders
Example Topics of Interest:

  • Technical deep dives into the code or tools used to build and run the platform - assume your audience can read, follow, and create code
  • Extending and integrating the platform
  • Latest best practices for running a site

4. Other

  • We recognize that there are many talks that don’t fit neatly into the above topics. We will consider proposals outside of these areas; if selecting “Other”, please indicate in your talk proposal what you would consider the category of your talk to be (5 words or less).

We are accepting proposals for 45-minute breakout sessions (held on Wednesday and Thursday, March 29 & 30), 10-minute lightning talks (held on Thursday, March 30), and 90-minute tutorials/workshops (held on Tuesday, March 28). If you have any questions, or would like to discuss other possibilities, please send us an email at .

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Call for Proposals
Call opens at 12:00 AM

17 Oct 2022

Call closes at 11:59 PM

23 Jan 2023

Call closes in Eastern Standard Time (UTC-05:00) timezone.
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Instructions for Filling Out Your Proposal

The deadline for submitting a proposal is Monday, January 23, 2023.

The proposal form has a few fields; please fill them out as follows:

Title: The title of your talk, no more than 100 characters

Session Type: Select Tutorial (a 90-minute interactive workshop session), Talk (45 minute standard talk, including time for Q&A), or Lightning Talk (10 minute talk, no Q&A).

Track: Select the talk track that best matches your proposal. If selecting “Other”, please indicate in the “Notes” field what you would consider the category of your talk to be (5 words or less).

Description: This is a short (no more than 500 characters) paragraph that briefly explains your talk’s purpose to a conference attendee. This is what will appear on the public schedule.

Proposal: this is a detailed description where you should provide a lot of detail. Who is the audience? What do you assume they know? What will they learn? A detailed outline of your talk would be amazing. This will not be published, it's for us to understand what you are proposing.

Notes: Any additional notes for the proposal reviewers. If you are still considering alternate formats, beyond the session type you selected above, you can specify that here. Tell us anything we might need to know about your presentation, proposal, or yourself. If selecting “Other” as your talk track, please indicate what you would consider the category of your talk to be (5 words or less).

Speaker tagline: affiliation, title, etc.

Email: this is for us to contact you. It will not be made public.

Speaker biography: a few sentences about who you are, limited to 500 characters.

Speaker photo: Not required; if provided, we will be using these photos in your profile in our online scheduling tool so that others may more easily find you. We may also use these photos in materials promoting your talk.

Co-speakers: List every person who will be speaking during your talk. We understand that many projects have a number of collaborators. Please only list the people who will be speaking at the conference; feel free to name all your collaborators in the talk description or on presentation materials. We suggest no more than 2-3 speakers for a 45-minute presentation.

We look forward to hearing from you! Emails about talk acceptance or rejection will go out no later than Feb 8, 2023.