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2024 Data.SQL.Saturday.SD (SQLSatSD)

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14 Sep 2024

Data.SQL.Saturday.SD is a free training event for Microsoft Data Platform professionals and those wanting to learn about Public/Private Clouds, Data Platforms, SQL and No-SQL Databases, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

This is an in-person event!

Stay home if you are feeling sick!

Previous events

2019 SQL Saturday in San Diego

2018 SQL Saturday in San Diego

2017 SQL Saturday in San Diego

This event is organized by a Data Driven Technologies, Inc 501.c.3 non-profit.

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Call for Speakers
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01 Jun 2024

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30 Aug 2024

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Data SQL Saturday SD has been delivering on-prem and virtual events since 2017. This year's event is scheduled for June 1, 2024. If you will be in the area at that time, we welcome your submission.

We try and provide our attendees with 4 to 5 different tracks over 5-6 blocks (24-30 sessions per annual event). This provides valuable content for a wide variety of attendees whether you're a DBA, Dev Op, Developer, Reporting enthusiast, or Cloudy we should have something good for you to attend.

Length: 60 minutes

Topics: Any data-related or non-technical topic

Accommodations / Lodging: None. This is a community event.

Session Info: Write a full description of what this session will be, what the audience will learn, and what pre-requisites are expected

Max No. of Sessions per Speaker: 5 submissions max

Difficulty level: Not everyone is an IT pro, and not everyone is a novice, we are looking for a wide range to appeal to all of our attendees. If you are submitting more than 1 session, please provide sessions at different levels.

Examples of data topics:

RDBMS/SQL: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, Oracle Database, MariaDB, CockroachDB, Snowflake, IBM DB2, and other products

NoSQL: CosmosDB, DynamoDB, MongoDB, Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Couchbase, and other products

Data Visualization: Power BI / Tableau / Qlik / SSRS / Crystal Reports and other products

Infrastructure: DBA/DevOps, Private, Hybrid, and Public Clouds: VMware, Microsoft Azure / Amazon AWS / Google GCP / Oracle Cloud, IBM SoftLayer, and other products

Development: Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, Database Development, Data Engineering, Integration

Data Science: Python/R, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning

Examples of Non-technical: Women in Tech, Personal Branding, Job Hunting, Building your Own Tech Company, Mental Health, Careers in Tech, Project Management

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43 submissions
Submitted sessions
Jeff Ramos
  • Harnessing the Power of Databricks + PowerBI Today
Armando Lacerda
  • Azure SQL Server flavors, which one is right for my scenario?
  • Data with Gusto
  • MS Fabric crash session
  • Your Power BI can handle way more data with Fabric
  • Fabric houses, when to go for Lakehouse or Warehouse (or both)?
Eric Dycus
  • Jeff Ramos
  • AJ Hull
  • Nina Williams
  • Reserved for Armando
Lakshmi Ponnurasan
  • The Designer's Toolkit: Essential Rules for Every Report
  • Discover Powerops Desktop- Your Free Power BI Sidekick
  • Supercharge your Power BI Dashboards with Powerviz visuals​
Dustin Vannoy, Isabela Sobral
  • dbt + Databricks: SQL based ELT
Navya Krishna Alapati
  • SQL Server Indexing Strategies using query store for Improved Performance
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery in SQL Server
  • Building Scalable Applications with SQL Server Partitioning
  • Advanced Techniques in SQL Server Performance & Optimization
Brent Ozar
  • Watch Brent Tune Queries
  • Watch Brent Tune a Query in SQL Server 2022
Trey Johnson
  • Fabric and Microsoft Dynamics - Better Together!
Andreas Wolter
  • Data protection next level: what comes after access control
  • Quickstart into Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting for SQL databases in Azure and Fabric
  • Learnings from the latest breaches: building a data security strategy for SQL Server and Azure SQL
Iurii (Yurri) Iurchenko
  • Demystifying SQL Window Functions in Healthcare, Sales, Marketing, and Beyond
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Andrew Madson
  • Uncover insights in your complex data with graph visualization
  • Building and Scaling Analytics Products
  • Sub-second Power BI Dashboards Directly on ADLS Storage
  • The Who, What, and Why of Data Lake Table Formats
  • Accelerate Your Analytics with SQL Server + Data Lakehouse
Britton Gray
  • Practical Solutions to Protect Data Privacy
  • More than Just Maps: Unleashing Geospatial Intelligence
Vengatesh Parasuraman
  • Fabric Security - Everything you need to know
Suyog Pagare
Jason Romans
  • Power up your Fabric Development with DAX Studio and Tabular Editor
Dèjì Akọ́mọláfẹ́
  • Successfully Virtualizing SQL Server: It's Beyond Query Tuning
Ike Ellis
  • Data Storytelling with Power BI
Chandra Pathivada
  • Why PostgreSQL Isn't Utilizing Indexes: Diagnosing and Solving Performance Issues
  • "Mastering PostgreSQL: Advanced Techniques for SQL Server DBAs"
Warren Sifre
  • PowerApp Power!!!
  • Leadership Principles Uncovered...
Vijay Panwar
  • Harnessing the Power of MySQL HeatWave for Industry-Level Data Management: A Comparative Analysis
Chaudhary Ahmad Ali
  • Power BI Development Framework Post Fabric Launch