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Cloud With Chris

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1 Dec 2023

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31 Dec 2023



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Exploring Cloud concepts with Chris Reddington (Welsh Tech Geek, Cloud Advocate, Musical Theatre Enthusiast and Improving Improviser!).

I regularly invite guests to talk about their experiences with the cloud and hear about some of the lessons learned around their cloud journey. Examples could include sessions around your own experiences of deploying or helping organizations deploy workloads to the cloud . If you work for a company like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, then it could be your perspectives of either building those cloud technologies or your observations from working with customers on those journeys. Ultimately, we want to hear from you!

Cloud with Chris is a community-driven personal podcast. Content from episodes do not represent the views of any company or organisation.

Series Descriptions

  • Architecting for the Cloud One Pattern at a Time  - A series focused entirely around Cloud Architecture. This could be Cloud Design Patterns, foundational architectural concepts, requirements driven discussions and more. Have something architectural to discuss? Then this is likely the series for you!
  • Cloud Drops  - Not everyone can afford 30+ minutes of time to listen to a podcast or YouTube video. That's why we're making Cloud Drops, a new series focused all around bite-sized content - Less than 5 minutes long! Passionate about a specific topic and want to share with the community? Then this series is for you!
  • Cloud Gaming Notes  - Many of us have grown up with gaming in one form of another. But have you ever thought about what it takes to host a game in the #Cloud​? Well, this is the series for you! On the first Wednesday of every month, we explore Cloud Concepts that impact your journey to a connected multiplayer #gaming​ experience!
  • Main Podcast Series - This is where Cloud with Chris originated, content without any particular theme or agenda! If you can't find a series that fits with what you want to talk about - That's okay! Submit it in this series, and we can work it out from there!
  • Tales from the Real World - Technology is great, but sometimes when we apply it to real world scenarios there can be challenges. There might be people/process challenges, or issues trying to bring different types of technology together. We also need to make considerations around security and many other cross-cutting concerns. This is less about the theory, and the technology - focusing more on the stories and the lessons learned from the real world. Tune in to this and listen in!
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In this podcast we regularly talk about Cloud, Cloud Architecture, DevOps, Azure, GitHub, AWS, GCP, Infrastructure as Code, Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, Open Source, Development, Identity....... the list goes on!

We have a number of ongoing video series, such as "Architecting in the Cloud, One Pattern at a Time", "GitHub and Azure", "Tales From the Real World", and will be kicking off several more as we progress with the show.

Ultimately, we'd love to hear from you! Do you work in a company that builds the cloud, or on top of cloud technologies? Perhaps you've used Azure, AWS or GCP for your own project and want to talk about your experiences? Or, you're looking to learn something new and want to talk about your perspectives so far? We'd love to hear from you - Have an idea? Then please go ahead and submit it, and we can work with you to shape it into an episode and appear as a guest on Cloud With Chris!