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DATA:Scotland 2019

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13 Sep 2019


Strathclyde University Innovation Centre, 99 George St, Glasgow G1 1RD Glasgow, United Kingdom

DATA:Scotland is an annual, free training conference, focused on the Microsoft Data Platform and related technologies. Founded in 2017, we have grown from strength to strength. We are organised BY community volunteers FOR the data community.

We return on Friday 13 September 2019!

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After two fantastic years we are back in 2019 with more!

We are looking for speakers near and far to come to Scotland's ONLY free Data Platform community event. Sessions can be around any aspect of the Microsoft Data Platform. DBA, BI, Data Warehousing, Machine Learning, Data Science, Automation, DevOps, PowerShell and all the rest! We want to hear your ideas!

We want to hear from new speakers and veterans. Whatever level you are at, you will be given the best Scottish welcome! If you're a new speaker we can help. Choose the New Speaker session format and we'll be in touch!

We look forward to your submissions! 

The DATA:Scotland Team

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Submitted sessions
Adam Sroka
  • When is data science the answer?
Steve Flynn
  • Shape Maps in Power BI
Neil Hambly
  • CosmosDB in an Hour
  • PowerBI Model Designs & Techniques
Ásgeir Gunnarsson
  • Monitoring Power BI
  • Checking in with Power Apps, Flow and Power BI
  • Enterprise Power BI – Development Lifecycle
  • Who, What, When. Monitoring usage of your MS BI stack
Alex Yates, Andrew Pruski
  • Containers vs Clones: Database provisioning made simple
Alex Yates
  • Simple database deployments with Azure DevOps Services and SSDT
  • DevOps 101 for data folks
  • DevOps, Dev Data & Data Breaches: 5 fixes for a GDPR dilemma
  • How to screw up your ability to deliver database updates in 16 simple steps
Jens Vestergaard
  • ABC's of the Power BI REST API
Gianluca Sartori
  • Benchmarking in the cloud
Chris Woolderink
  • DAX Gotchas
  • Take your first steps towards Power BI by using DAX
André kamman
  • Lift and Shift - Moving workloads to IAAS, lessons learned
  • ETL with Azure Databricks, The Complete Introduction
  • Creating an Enterprise Datalake / warehouse without an Enterprise budget
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Richard Swinbank
  • SSIS script tasks and components for beginners
  • My mother said I never should: Unpacking SQL code smells
  • Design patterns for metadata-first ETL process control
ida bergum
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Accounting in Power BI
  • Power BI - A look into the future with mixed reality
  • Microsoft Flow Automation using Power BI API
Mikey Bronowski
  • The Power Bi interactive custom visuals to spice things up.
  • Statistics in Microsoft SQL Server - theory and practice
  • Database backups - A DBA's peaceful night's sleep
  • Multi-server agent jobs administration with happy faces and pigeons
Craig Porteous
  • 3 ways to bring Power BI under Source Control
  • Supercharge your Reporting Services: An essential toolkit
Robin Huggins
  • Advanced Linkedin for Employability
Cathrine Wilhelmsen
  • Biml Tips and Tricks: Not just for SSIS packages!
  • Uhms and Bunny Hands: Tips for Improving Your Presentation Skills
  • Pipelines and Packages: Introduction to Azure Data Factory
Marcin Gminski
  • Stay in control, automatically. Learn how I managed 3000 SQL Servers.
  • SQL Server performance baselining with SQLWATCH
David Postlethwaite
  • Keeping your Data Secure in SQL Server
  • PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • SQL 2017 New feature -Graph Databases
  • SQL Server Management Studio Tips and Tricks
  • Beware of the Dark Side - A Guided Tour of Oracle for the SQL DBA
  • Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under control
  • Shard Attack - Horizontal Scaling in Azure SQL Database
Johan Ludvig Brattås
  • Don't cross the streams! A closer look at Stream Analytics
martin croft
  • The Productive Data Professional
James Frost
  • Introduction to neural networks
Thomas Sykes
  • Azure Data Factory V2; The Data Flows
  • Be certifiable - certify yourself!
Satya Jayanty
  • Azure Databricks - concepts, use-case and overview
  • Big Data with Azure: where to begin? Concepts and best practices
  • Azure Cosmos DB - apps, fasten your seatbelts
  • Modernise your data migration with Azure Data Migration Service
Chrissy LeMaire
  • simplifying managed instance migrations using dbatools
  • Simplifying High Availability with dbatools
Rob Sewell
  • SQL Notebooks in Azure Data Studio for the DBA
David Alcock
  • Guillotines, Sat-Nav and the Query Optimiser
Kevin Chant
  • SQL Server 2019 with a touch of Linux
  • Maintaining your larger SQL Server databases better
  • Database Adventure
Sarah Lean
  • Azure Update Management
  • Use Azure Tooling to be successful
  • Striking the right balance while staying relevant
  • Start your datacentre transformation journey with Azure Migrate
Shane O' Neill
  • Feel Validated with dbachecks
Simon Whiteley
  • Data Engineering at Scale: An Azure SQL Data Warehouse Performance Guide
  • Advanced Data Factory: Let the Data Flow!
  • Python Pipeline Primer: Data Engineering with Azure DataBricks
Steve Morgan
  • Databricks for the Uninitiated
Niall Langley
  • SQL Server Encryption for the Layman
  • An Introduction to Azure for Data Professionals
  • NOLOCK - The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
Sherin Mathew
  • How to disrupt the AI Disruption with an AI Strategy
Mark Pryce-Maher
  • Delivering your first presentation: Tips and hints
  • Azure SQL Data Warehouse Gen2 - Zero to Hero
  • Exploring the SQL Tiger Team Toolbox
James Dales
  • How to create Custom Visuals for Power BI
  • Maps in Power BI
Sushil Shah
  • Cloud Scale Straming Analytics with Databricks
  • Deep Dive with Azure SQL Datawarehouse
Marc Lelijveld
  • Use parameters to add extra flexibility to your Power BI content
  • AI Capabilities for Power BI to make AI Accessible for Everyone
  • Storytelling & interactive reports with Power BI Bookmarks & Drillthrough
  • End-to-end monitoring for a successful Power BI implementation
  • Enterprise and multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps.
Jo Franchetti
  • Perfectionism, Impostor Syndrome, Anxiety and Learning to be Kind to Yourself
John Mccormack
  • You can run SQL Server on AWS?
Tristan Edwards
  • Migrating SQL to Azure
Andrew Pruski
  • SQL Server and Kubernetes
Chris Taylor
  • AWS or Azure – Which is right for you?
  • "Kubernetify" your Containers
  • Introduction to Containers
  • Database CI/CD with Containers and Azure DevOps
Paul Andrew
  • An Introduction to SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters
  • Beyond IoT Real-time Data Ingestion with Azure Stream Analytics
  • Complex Azure Orchestration with Dynamic Data Factory Pipelines
  • ETL in Azure made easy with Data Factory Data Flow
William Durkin
  • It's broken, now what?! (Practical problem solving)
Simon Binder, Alexander Arvidsson
  • Fort Knox for your data - securing Power BI using Microsoft 365
Enrico van de Laar
  • Crazy Data Science
  • Moving advanced analytics to your SQL Server databases
  • Advanced analytics in the cloud: AzureML
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz
  • Azure SQL Database - Lessons learned from the trenches
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, esraa al-nashash
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance - Experiencies from the Field
Marc Lelijveld, Dave Ruijter
  • Power BI Cheat Sheet explained!
Matija Lah
  • Fun with Legal Information in SQL Server: Correlating Offers and Counter-offers
  • Fun with Legal Information in SQL Server: Determining the Law to Be Used
  • Implementing Supertypes and Subtypes in SQL Server
  • FILETABLEs: What They Are and How to Use Them
José Mendes
  • Learn how to build a real-time analytics solution
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Talk tech to me - improving your technical presentation skills
  • SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers
  • The Force Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA
  • Learning to swim - an introduction to Azure data lake
  • Azure machine learning for the absolute beginner
  • Arguing with myself - self-service BI from an infrastructure perspective
Marcos Freccia
  • SQL Dashboard v1 - A Python/Django Tool for implementing Database as Service.
  • Working smarter, not harder with Azure SQL Database
  • 10 Alerts that you should have it running in your SQL Server
  • Stop everything! T-SQL tips to make a Developer life easier
Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell
  • 15 can't miss commands in dbatools 1.0
Jan Mulkens
  • Automating Machine Learning
  • Automating Power BI Deployments
  • 6 months to 5 minutes, a horror story
  • State of Machine Learning in Azure in 2019
  • The Haberdashery of Machine Learning
  • Driving Power BI automation through monitoring
  • Applying DevOps practices to Machine Learning