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#DataWeekender v3.1

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15 May 2021



Data Community Weekender is a free online conference running on Saturday May, 15 2021 for the Microsoft Data Platform Community.

Our main organization team consists of the six organizers below, with many volunteers involved. This is a non-profit event and we made a very clear decision to have no sponsors involved for this virtual event.

We want to make it clear that we have zero budget to pay for any speakers. All of us involved with the event are doing this in our own free time and we expect our speakers to speak for free just like at other community events

Our event organizers are below, and we can all be found on social media in various places. In addition, we have a meetup page where you can send any of us a message directly.

    Kevin Chant
    Gethyn Ellis
    Mark Hayes
    Damir Matešić

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Call for Speakers
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12 Mar 2021

Call closes at 11:59 PM

10 Apr 2021

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We are issuing a call for community speakers around the world who would like to present a session at our event.

We are interested in sessions across the spectrum of the Microsoft Data Platform whether its BI, Analytics, Database administration, Cloud or something else we want to hear from you.

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Submitted sessions
Tracy Boggiano
  • Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Safeguarding our most precious resource
  • SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecks
Buck Woody
  • "Into the Dataverse"
Adriano da Silva
  • Data Engineering using Azure Synapse Analytics and Apache Spark
  • Applied Machine Learning using Apache Spark and Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Using Azure Synapse Analytics to build an End-to-End Analytics Solution
Chris Taylor
  • Database CI/CD with Docker Containers and Azure DevOps
  • "Kubernetify" your Containers
Mohit Batra
  • Delta Lake with Azure Databricks - Let's build a reliable Data Lake!
  • Building an end-to-end Streaming Pipeline with Azure Databricks
Ferenc Csonka
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go? Power BI PPU: Should Go!
Mary Fealty
  • Hiding in plain sight, the versatile Power BI Filter Pane
Jess Pomfret
  • Speedy intro to PowerShell
Thimantha Vidanagamage
  • Power BI: Personalizing Report Visuals in Service
  • Power BI: Shifting to an Effective Semantic Model
  • Azure Data Factory: No-code Data Preparation in a Modern Data Warehouse
  • Power BI: Utilizing Large Scale Semantic Models in Service
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Indira Bandari
  • Take your Power BI Reports to the Next Level
Kathrin Borchert
  • House of Change or how user adoption can work properly
David Alzamendi
  • Relational databases in Azure
  • Azure Synapse Analytics and Power BI
  • Azure Data Factory (V2) ABCs
Rob Richardson
  • Database DevOps with Containers
  • Databases in the Microservices World
Anupama Natarajan
  • Automation on Azure SQL Database
Rob Farley
  • Breaking the fourth wall - connecting to audiences with your presentations
  • Joins with Rob Farley
Zoran Barac
  • SQL in Azure - IaaS vs PaaS
  • How to Choose the Optimal VM Size and Storage Configuration for your SQL Server on Azure VM (IaaS)
Barney Lawrence
  • An Introduction to Querying XML With T-SQL
Steph Locke
  • Coding from scratch a realtime Azure data and AI pipeline
  • 7 Quick-win AI projects
Wolfgang Strasser
  • Azure Synapse Analytics: (Not only) for the Power BI Developer
  • Data what? Why you should govern you data!
Frank Gill
  • Backup Options for SQL Server in Azure
Björn Peters
  • How to get the best out of your SQL Server on Azure
  • Introduction into Azure Arc Data Services
Martin Schoombee
  • BIML-UP!! How I use BIML to speed up SSIS development.
Medha Bandari
  • Make your life easy using Power Query
Jean Joseph
  • Getting Started With Azure Synapse
  • Deploying SQL Server Docker Container
  • Identify SQL Server databases performance issues
Sandeep Pawar
  • Power Up Power BI with Jupyter Notebook - Use Cases
Priscilla Camp
  • AI in Power BI
Heini Ilmarinen
  • Infrastructure as Code to an Azure Data Platform Architecture
  • Machine Learning 102 - Beyond the Visual Tools
  • The Ultimate Jigsaw - Architecting Azure Synapse Analytics
Melissa Jurkoic
  • Why a Diverse Team is Crucial to Startup Success
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
  • Time Series Analysis in Power BI Desktop
  • Correlation Analysis in Power BI Desktop
  • Text Mining in Power BI Desktop
  • Model Your Data Like a Star in Power BI
  • Introduction to Numeric Calculations in DAX
  • Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI
  • Integrating Azure AI in Power BI
Ian Henry
  • Azure API´s to manage and monitor your data pipelines
  • Kusto queries for monitoring pipelines
Asanka Padmakumara
  • How to use Azure DevOps with Azure Data Factory?
  • Power BI release management with Deployment Pipelines
  • How to fit an elephant into a fridge?
Andy Yun
  • Uncovering Duplicate, Redundant, & Missing Indexes
  • Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance
  • Everybody Has a Story to Tell: Developing Your First Presentation
John Martin
  • Developing Azure SQL Database Solutions with database projects and Terraform
  • DevOps for the SQL Server DBA with PowerShell DSC.
  • An Introduction to Terraform, Infrastructure as Code
Andy Levy
  • Keys to a Healthy Relationship with SQL Server
Uwe Ricken
  • Security techniques for cross database access
  • Simplify data management with partitioning
  • Mastering DML Operations like a master
  • Database Scoped Configuration - Server Settings
Triparna Ray
  • Get started with Paginated Report in Power BI
Daniel Hughes
  • Creating Value from Business Processes. Process Mining in Power Bi
Laura Graham-Brown
  • Introduction to Paginated Reports
Jen McCown
  • We Aren’t Broken: How to Get Organized
Amit Bansal
  • 10 Best Practices To Make SQL Server Go Past The Speed Limits
  • 6 Techniques to Make SQL Server Speedometer Go Crazy
  • 6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75% Of Your Performance Problems – v2
Arno Coppens
  • Power BI like a Pro
Reitse Eskens
  • What they should have told me about being a DBA
Prashant G Bhoyar
  • Introduction to AI and Cognitive Services for Developers and Information Workers
  • Battle Royale : Azure Logic Apps Vs Power Automate ( Microsoft Flow )
Torsten Strauß
  • Resource Governor in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Plan Caching in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Automatic Query Tuning in Microsoft SQL Server - Plan Correction
  • Parallelism in Microsoft SQL Server
  • In-memory OLTP Design Principles in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Batch mode Adaptive Join in Microsoft SQL Server
Jean-Pierre Voogt
  • Data Migration to Azure SQL DB using Polybase
  • Working with data in Python for the Aspiring Data Scientists
Deborah Melkin
  • Single Statement, Many Changes: How One Statement Can Modify Multiple Tables
  • Beyond the Basic SELECT
Alpa Buddhabhatti
  • First pipeline creation using Azure data factory.
  • Azure Data Factory and Azure Dev Ops
Kamil Nowinski
  • Databases with SSDT: Deployment in CI/CD process with Azure DevOps
  • Lightning Talk: Cosmos DB - when yes and when not?
  • ADF Deployments with Azure DevOps
Martin Catherall
  • Cosmos DB for the SQL Professional
  • From SQL Server On-Prem to the Azure Cloud
Deepthi Goguri
  • Become an Expert in Managing Your Tempdb
  • Auto Correction? Watch this with Query Store in Action!
  • Method behind the magic of Indexes in SQL Server
Benjamin Kettner, Frank Geisler
  • Serverless Azure data handling
Ahmad Osama
  • Securing an Azure SQL Database Deployment
  • Azure Networking for SQL Server DBAs
Yitzhak David
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019
  • SQL Server 2019 on containers and Kubernetes(k8s) from zero to an hero !
  • Query Store for SQL Server 2019 from zero to an hero & lessons learned from the fields
  • Nosql SQL Databases for Developer Security officers
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 ML Service & Polybase : From zero to an
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 ML Service & Polybase
Prince Kher
  • Predictive Analytics in Power BI
  • Azure Data Lake & Synapse Server less Architecture
  • Azure Synapse to Power BI
Gonzalo Bissio
  • Azure Sql DB Managed instance, a different sql server?
Luis Beltran
  • Using your database for Machine Learning with ML.NET
  • Azure Cognitive Search: Full text search workloads over databases and documents
Mihail Mateev
  • Using AI Builder Capabilities with Power Automate Robotic Process Automation
  • Power BI Embedded Gen 2 Unleashed
  • Empower Your business with Power Automate’s Desktop RPA Solutions
  • Offload AI and analytics workloads to the edge
Chris Johnson
  • Visual Studio database projects: more than just source control
Nathan Low
  • Keep Your Sleep! An Intro to Database CI/CD
Hasham Niaz
  • Power BI - Business Use Case Study
  • Power BI - 5 Tips & Tricks
  • Power BI - RLS Security Advanced Implementation
  • Power BI Report Server - Migration Checklist
David Patrick
  • Intro to Power BI
  • Intro to Dataverse inside of Power Automate
Justin Frébault
  • End to end Lakehouse architecture in Azure
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Talking to Myself(?) - Lessons Learned From Presenting Online
  • Cats, Candy and CXPACKET - an Introduction to Parallelism
  • Not my Problem(?) - Azure Networking 101 for Azure SQL Server DBAs
  • The Untruthful Art - Five Ways of Misrepresenting Data
Adam Sroka
  • When Domains Collide - How to Support Multi-domain Products with Scalable Data Architectures
Tiago Costa
  • I find your lack of Azure Governance disturbing!
Marco Parenzan
  • Time series anomaly detection with Azure and .NET
Jan Pieter Posthuma
  • Manage your Power BI resources with the Power BI CLI
John Deardurff
  • New Features of SQL Server 2019
  • Introduction to Query Store
Rob Sewell
  • Creating Azure SQL Database Users Programmatically with a Service Principal using Azure DevOps
  • Notebooks, PowerShell and Excel Automation
  • Introduction to Azure Arc Enabled Data Services
Jason Horner
  • Event Driven ETL With Synapse Pipelines
  • A head first dive into azure synapse sql serverless pools
  • Jason On JSON
Mikey Bronowski
  • Azure Data Studio and keyboard shortcuts - all you can eat
  • SQL Server and PowerShell walk into a bar...
  • What's new in Power BI Desktop?
  • Automate management tasks using elastic jobs in Azure SQL Database
Riccardo Zamana
  • ADX Azure Data Explorer - the Telemetry platform for IoT use cases
Sagar Lad
  • Azure Data + Devops Series by Sagar
Jasmin Azemović
  • GDPR Ready Features in Azure SQL Database/SQL Server
Tsvetelina Kovacheva
  • Understand the basics of Azure Data Factory in 10 minutes
  • Azure Synapse Analytics in a nutshell
  • Getting started with dbatools
Taiob Ali
  • New features in Management Studio — Performance Troubleshooting made easier!
  • Azure SQL Database - Where is my SQL Agent?
  • Notebook Jobs - end to end demo
  • SQL Assessment - Microsoft's Best Practices Checker
Chris Adkin
  • Deploying The Azure Data Services Stack for Free Using Terraform
Marco Obinu
  • Automate the deployment of an optimized Azure SQL VM with Bicep and DBATools
  • Protect your data in an Azure full-PaaS architecture
Klaus Aschenbrenner
  • Headache guaranteed: Deadlocking in SQL Server!
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Locking & Blocking
  • Docker for the SQL Server Developer
  • Design, Deploy, and Optimize SQL Server on VMware vSphere
Shabbir Mala
  • Understand complete lifecycle on working with Power BI
  • Power BI Administration
Henk van der Valk
  • Azure Data Platform Performance fun
Dejan Sarka
  • Text Mining with T-SQL
  • Regular Expressions in SQL Server - 20 Years of Development
  • Association Rules Step by Step
Javier Villegas
  • The evolution of SQL Server as a Service - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server environments using Free community tools
  • Introduction to Azure SQL
Andrew Pruski
  • A deep dive into Docker
Carlos Lopez
  • Working with Azure SQL DB Serverless
  • Using WSL2 for SQL Server in Containers as development platform
Dennes Torres
  • Secrets of SQL Dedicated Pool
  • Advanced ETL with Power Query
  • Going to Azure SQL: Admin differences no one told you before
  • Data Lake House in the Cloud: The Azure Solutions
  • Data Virtualization and Data Lake using SQL Big Data Cluster
Kasper de Jonge
  • Lessons learned from 5 years of Power BI implementations
Eugene Meidinger
  • Introduction to Azure Event Hubs
  • Introduction to M and Power Query
  • Introduction to ksqlDB
Kay Sauter
  • Automated provisioning of SQL Server VMs on Azure
Joost van Rossum
  • Rest APIs instead of scripting in Azure Data Factory
David Alcock
  • Guillotines, Sat-Nav and the Query Optimiser
Andy Cutler
  • Applying the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework to Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Building a Data Warehouse Dimensional Model using Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Serverless
  • Turbocharge Power BI using Azure Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Migrating your On Premise database to Azure Synapse Dedicated SQL Pools
  • Scale your SQL Pool dynamically in Azure Synapse
  • Is there a way that we can build our Azure Synapse Pipelines all with parameters based on MetaData?
  • Azure Key Vault, Azure Dev Ops and Azure Synapse Pipelines,how do these Azure Services work perfectl
  • Azure Purview Microsoft's answer to Data Governance and Data Lineage
Adewale Yusuf
  • Advanced Conditional Formatting in Power BI
Digjoy Samanta
  • Data Analyst - Opportunities for Non Data Scientist
Just Blindbæk
  • Power BI Quiz
Erland Sommarskog
  • Looping Abreast
  • Dynamic Search Conditions
  • Error and Transaction Handling in SQL Server
  • All You Wanted to Know About Collations
Thomas Grohser
  • Scaling Clustered Column Store Index
  • 42 TSQL Functions
Tom Martens
  • Power BI Universe - Mapping the hive ( EN )
  • Power BI Workspace - So much more than a simple container
  • DAX - Time Series Analysis, Sequences, and some other fancy stuff
  • DAX - Fundamental Musings
  • Data culture, data-enabled, data governance, data catalog, Power BI - how does this all relate
  • Composite Model - What works and what doesn't (EN)
Emanuele Meazzo
  • How to use the Cloud for Data (and actually save money)
Jared Poche
  • Every Millisecond Counts
Pragati Jain
  • Data Analysis Using Power BI for Beginners
Tomaž Kaštrun
  • Bringing trust to your data with Azure purview catalog
  • Applied data analytics with Azure Databricks
William Assaf
  • SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101
  • How to Think Like a Certification Exam
  • Become a Contributor to Microsoft Docs
Nikola Ilic
  • Power BI Performance - 7 Deadly Sins!
Will Velida
  • Developing HTAP Analytical Solutions with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics
Kathi Kellenberger
  • Modern T-SQL for Better Performance
  • What is DevOps and why should DBAs care?
  • Getting Started with Extended Events
Angela Henry
  • What is Power BI?
  • Intro to Azure Data Catalog
  • Getting Started With Data Modeling
Viorel-Felix Ciucu
  • How to setup your testing environment, the DevOps way
Joshua Higginbotham
  • Introduction to GitHub for Data Professionals
  • Common ETL Patterns using Azure Databricks
  • Functional ETL using Python