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Iceberg Summit 2024

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14 May 2024

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15 May 2024



Iceberg Summit 2024 is the first edition of the Iceberg Summit, an event sanctioned by the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) with oversight from the Apache Iceberg PMC. It is a virtual event dedicated to sharing practical knowledge about using Apache Iceberg as the foundation of a modern data stack. The audience will span practitioners, data engineers and developers, from the highly experienced to the "Iceberg-curious". 

Talks will occur 10 AM - 6 PM US Eastern Time both days.

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Call for Speakers
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05 Mar 2024

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13 Apr 2024

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Selections will be made by the Iceberg Summit Selection Committee. Selected speakers will receive a high-end microphone and webcam to ensure high presentation quality. 

Share your story

We're looking for talks related to Apache Iceberg and modern data storage. Talks should be interesting, educational, and inspiring for a technical audience. The standard talk length is 40 minutes, inclusive of Q&A time, however there is flexibility to have shorter or longer talks based on the topics.

Suggested topics

Below is a list of topic areas the Selection Committee is interested in. Feel free to submit your abstract even if it doesn't fit neatly into one of these categories, or crosses multiple areas. 

Iceberg in production (case studies)

If you have implemented Iceberg we love to hear about the problem or opportunity you sought to address, the Iceberg features you were attracted to, how you built a solution that integrated to your architecture, your implementation journey including any difficulties, the benefits you are now enjoying, and future plans for extending Iceberg's use. 

Iceberg technology and features

Technical talks about Iceberg, PyIceberg, Puffin, from overviews to deep dives. Talks can cover how things work under the hood and future enhancements that are in development.

Data architecture

These talks cover technology stack options and criteria for deciding what to use when building around Iceberg. Covers items including data ingestion, data modeling, compute option, data operations and data governance.  

Best practices

If you've learned some important techniques for implementing Iceberg for a particular use case, this is your category. You can cover "tips and tricks" as well as integration with other technologies to deliver what was needed.

Thought leadership

Tell us about your vision for data architecture in the age of big data, cloud infrastructure and AI use cases.

Benefits of Submitting

Speaking at Iceberg Summit can be great for the community, your company and you. 


Sharing your knowledge and expertise with peers makes the data lake community stronger, creating a virtuous circle that leads to higher-quality and more innovative contributions, content, and collaborations — a win for everyone.


Presenting at industry conferences promotes your company and the great work your team is doing. It positions your company as a technology leader and helps you to recruit top talent.


Presenting your great work demonstrates your presentation skills, helps build your personal brand and opens doors to career advancement. It makes the community aware of your valuable work and shows you can communicate its impacts.