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European MCT Summit 2022

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7 Sep 2022

event ends

16 Sep 2022


Technopark Zürich Zürich, Switzerland


The European MCT Summit is scheduled to be the premier technical training conference for Microsoft Certified Trainers focused on Trainer Skills and Microsoft's platform portfolio. Organised by the Volunteer MCT Regional Lead Community, it's a conference for MCT's by MCT's

Designed to deliver real-world insight, actionable advice and deep technical-level skill-building for a variety of delivery methods, the Summit is an event that takes full advantage of the experience, authority and weight of some of the world's leading professionals in Microsoft Platform technologies including Microsoft Certified Trainers, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals and Microsoft Employees.

As a rich three-day conference proceeded by two full days of distinct focused, deep, technical training workshops (TTTs), the European MCT Summit is designed specifically to maximize attendees' learning experience and training investments, gaining the solid, usable tools and key contacts essential to immediately impact current training initiatives. The European MCT Summit features basic to advanced content, peer networking, one-on-one consulting, delivery advice, direct Microsoft World-wide Learning team interactions and much, much more.

At a glance, the format of the European MCT Summit is being organised as follows:

  • A Pre-conference Workshop, focused on Instructional Skills for those wanting to achieve the Microsoft Certified Trainer Credential.
  • Three days of Conference Seminars across four technical and Instructional Skills tracks: Azure/Data Platform, Dynamics/Power Platform, Microsoft WWL Engagement and Trainer Instructional Skills.
  • A Post-conference Train-the-Trainer Event focused on Azure Platform, Azure Data Platform and Power Platform Microsoft Official Curriculum Course content in three separate parallel Tracks.

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Call for Speakers
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11 Apr 2022

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09 Jul 2022

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IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, WE CAN TALK! Just contact us, we don't bite. 


All people involved in this event, must comply to our Code of Conduct. In case of any reported violations of our code of conduct, we reserve the right to pass the name of any misconducting person to third parties, including law enforcement, so that we may enforce this code of conduct and the safety of any other speaker or attendee. Conference participants violating these rules may be expelled from the conference at the discretion of the conference organizers. Speakers or attendees that were banned from other events may be refused to participate at the discretion of the organizing team.


Open for all sessions related to Training, focused on Microsoft Platforms, in all possible flavors. From more traditional Training and Presentation Skills topics, to Deep Dive Technical presentations on Microsoft Products, Services and Architectures.

Non-tech sessions, contributing to a better and more diverse community, are welcome with open arms. Think Mental Health for IT Pros, Imposter Syndrome, Amplifying Diversity & Inclusion, Career & Personal Growth

Conference sessions are 1.5 Hours long (including at least 10 minutes of Q&A), and allocated to a track by the organizing team.


We genuinely encourage any new speaker to submit a proposal as a Newcomer. As an easy guideline, new speakers are people who have not yet presented at an in-person conference. User Group sessions, webinars and client/team presentations are not taken into account for this categorization.

Each new speaker will be paired up with a buddy/mentor, who will provide them with highly valuable tips & tricks. Even more so, we'll provide new speakers with all assistance they need and want whilst preparing for their debut.

Submitting as a new speaker, means you agree to meet with your buddy/mentor and collaborate on your session.


Four submissions are allowed per speaker and multiple (unique) sessions are encouraged to be submitted. Up to three co-speakers are allowed per session submission. Submitted sessions are viewable publicly on the Sessionize platform. More than one submitted session may be accepted into the conference agenda. We aim to have around two sessions presented per speaker for speaker-management purposes.


In general, conference sessions will be recorded to YouTube and may be broadcasted to Youtube and other platforms at a later date. Attendees will be given links to sessions specifically for post-conference viewing and Sessions may be released at a later date for MCT Community benefit. Topics that cover MCT NDA materials will not be published for general viewing, but may be shared with Microsoft for internal purposes.


  • Call for Speakers opens: May 1st 2022
  • Call for Speakers closes: June 30th 2022
  • Session selection & Feedback process: from June 1st 2022
  • Schedule announcement to public from : June 1st 2022
  • Conference Start: September 12th 2022

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Submitted sessions
Stephanie Jasmin
  • MCT - Trainer Voice Session
  • MCT Program - A look ahead
Denise McLaughlin
  • From zero to video hero
Liberty Munson, Stephanie Jasmin
  • Ask the Psychometrician Anything
Boris Hristov
  • How to Tame Your Anxiety & AMA on Presentations
  • How to Open, Close and Keep the Engagement Throughout
  • The Biggest Differentiator in Tech Talks: Your Slides
  • Presenting Online: The Dos and Don'ts
  • Wait! PowerPoint Can Do That!?
  • Storytelling: Way Beyond the Buzzword
Caroline Obolensky
  • Training in a multicultural classroom
  • Who’s in your class?
Alexander Eggers
  • Better Meetings with Meeting Apps in Teams Meetings
  • How to tune your remote training setup with a video mixer, cameras, greenscreen and much much more
  • The 5 Most Common Mistakes when Introducing Teams
Ralph Eckhard
  • 10 Tips to let Conditional Access improve your security
  • Calling all geeks | A Teams Phone Systems deep dive!
  • Tales from an MCT: Building a home office for online training in Teams
Rick van den Bosch
  • Azure Static Web Apps: hit the ground running!
  • Configuration in Azure. Done right.
Frederick Anaafi (MCT)
  • The Power BI, blending knowledge and skill to inspire
  • MCTs and Hands-On-Labs to Upskill
  • The importance of MCT in career building.
Mohamed Derhalli
  • Intro to SharePoint Syntex
  • Modern Employee Experience with Viva & Teams
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Erwin Derksen
  • How to deal with that legacy Sh.... (I mean not-so-modern-applications)
  • Fieldnotes: Deploying Microsoft Teams in the Enterprise
  • Be a better speaker; 4 steps to create presentations that inspire and make people care
  • Fieldnotes: 100% modern cloud management using Intune/EndPoint Manager in real life.
Thomas Maurer
  • Hybrid and Multicloud with Azure Arc
  • How To Create Great Tech Demos And Presentations
Frank Vanhamel
  • The 'Willy Wonka' Chocolate company - The Power of the Platform
Charley Hanania, Marc Michault
  • Approved Train the Trainer Course Day 3
  • Approved Train the Trainer Course Day 2
  • Approved Train the Trainer Course Day 1
Tiago Costa
  • Azure Platform Trainer the Trainer Workshop Day 2
  • Azure Platform Trainer the Trainer Workshop Day 1
  • Lessons learned when teaching Azure with real-world implementations
  • Creating classroom demo environments using Bicep and Azure Policy
Glenn Morris
  • AI & Data Engineering Train the Trainer Workshop Day 2
  • AI & Data Engineering Train the Trainer Workshop Day 1
  • Analytics and other Obstacles - Part 2
  • Analytics and other Obstacles - Part 1
Julian Sharp
  • Power Platform Trainer the Trainer Workshop Day 2
  • Power Platform Trainer the Trainer Workshop Day 1
  • Generate income from exams and courseware writing as a subject matter expert
  • Using Power Platform for IoT
  • Power Platform and Azure
André Melancia
  • Build your own KITT with Azure Cognitive Services
  • AI In The Sky With Diamonds
  • AAAAA - Ask Anyone Anything About Anything
  • Accessibility in IT
Stas Lebedenko
  • Building of a sustainable community.
  • Production scenarios with Azure container apps and DAPR
  • Building a perfect infrastructure as a Code via C# and GitHub
Sumann Subramaniam
  • Key Skills for an effective trainer
  • Cloud Security Best Practices
  • Hardening Windows 10/11
Chi Zhang
  • Parameterize your ADF Pipelines!
George Dobrea
  • Why training is essential to building a strong cybersecurity culture
Eltjo van Gulik, Ryan Ververs-Bijkerk
  • Accelerate your Microsoft Teams experience in a virtual desktop
Leo Visser
  • Create a Serverless backend in Azure
  • Deploy Azure Policies with continuous integration/continuous deployment
Christian Decker
  • Data Integrity in Office 365
  • Secure your Team Meeting
  • User Adoption in a Real World
  • Conditional Access - the good, the bad and the ugly (EN)
Philipp Ebner
  • Basic Information Protection
  • Securing Identities with Conditional Access - more than just showing possibilities
Michael Kirst-Neshva
  • Identity and Application Governance in a real world with external B2B Guests
  • Build a secure Azure zero-trust environment with open source web portal and isolated Windows clients
  • Purview - bulk editing of Labels and Policies
Karl Ots
  • Top pitfalls of Microsoft Azure security and how to avoid them
  • Cloud security predictions for the post-pandemic world
Maritza Cieza
  • How to create your personal strategic plan? 🤍
Elias Markelis
  • Collaboration with Line-Of-Business data
  • Enhance user experience with client scripts in Power Apps
  • Get your students up to speed with PowerShell
Shari Oswald
  • On-Demand Learning: Creating Video Learning in Record Time
  • The Top 5 Coolest Features You Should be Using in Office 365
  • M365 in the Real World - How to Survive this Conference using OneNote!
Brian Bønk
  • Synapse SQL - serverless vs dedicated
  • Serverless, Classic or Lakehouse – The battle of architectures
Michiel Hamers
  • I, Robot (from “planet Azure”)
Mariya Koteva
  • Redefining the Future of Retail with Dynamics 365 Commerce
Martin Bonelli
  • Your Zero Trust Gameplan for 2022
Mourtaza Moïse Fazlehoussen
  • Automate your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with PowerApps Build Tools
  • Enter the Metaverse with Mesh for Teams!
Yannic Graber
  • M365 Configuration as Code with M365DSC & DevOps
Georges-Emmanuel Topé, Milo Serge KONAN, Milo Serge Konan
  • Batch and Realtime data processing with Azure Synapse / Databricks and Power BI
Georges-Emmanuel Topé, Milo Serge Konan
  • Tour d'horizon de la protection et la gouvernance d'information en 90 minutes
Ugo Lopez
  • MS365 security features
  • MCT tools for effective teaching
  • Migration to Microsoft 365
  • Digital Forensics in Microsoft 365 & Azure
Tim Hermie
  • How to build a good Tips & Tricks session based on Consultancy Experience
  • The Power(App) of the Dark Side
  • Reduce the Attack Vector - Secure your Endpoints or NOT?
  • Intune for Enterprises - How to?
Viknaraj Manogararajah
  • Managing Azure Hybrid Network
Marco Timmermans, Andrew Bettany, Koenraad Haedens
  • Hybrid Classroom Management
Michel Aguilera
  • Microsoft Teams Voice techniques: Usage of Direct Routing & Operator Connect
  • Secure your identity on Azure Active Directory with MFA and FIDO devices
  • Windows 365 for SMB: why it is so cool ?
  • Microsoft Defender for Endpoint Quick Overview
Thomas Maurer
  • Hybrid and Multicloud with Azure Arc
Abdul Rehman Aftab
  • Enterprise-grade Blazor apps with .NET 6
  • Securing Cloud Resources on Azure
Mariusz Ferdyn
  • How to maximise your free Azure vouchers
Sara Fennah, Denise McLaughlin
  • What every trainer needs to know about Office
Thomas Stensitzki
  • Do you still need on-premises Exchange Server?
  • Microsoft Teams and On-Premises Mailboxes - Troubleshooting 101
  • Securing Microsoft 365 data with service encryption
  • Exchange Hybrid - What, Why, and How
Simon Day
  • Storytelling and Rhetoric Masterclass
  • Presentation Skills Masterclass
Vyron Vasileiadis
  • Quantum Computing with Q# and Azure
Vivek Singh, Raghav Matta
  • Automate infrastructure deployments in Azure with Terraform and DevOps pipelines
  • Modernize your traditional Applications with Azure.
Abdullah Altaf
  • Azure Stack Introduction
Raghav Matta
  • Leveraging Azure PaaS for real-time social media analysis by building Streaming Dashboard
  • Implementing a Data Science Solution to Azure Machine Learning Service from your favorite Python IDE
  • MLOps on Azure using Azure Machine Learning Service and Azure DevOps
Raghav Matta, Vivek Singh
  • Getting Started with Azure Databricks, DLT and DBSQL
Vivek Singh
  • Cloud gaming- is it the future?
  • Publish your Unity game on Azure App service.
Santosh Kamala
  • Power EXCEL
Sergey Chubarov
  • Offensive Azure Security
  • From On-Prem to the Cloud. Hybrid AD attack path
Abdelmajid Aneddame
  • Azure Synapse Analytics - The Swiss Army Knife
  • What if Data mesh is the solution for your workloads?
Sara Fennah
  • Embedding accessibility into your training
  • Microsoft Viva - A training opportunity or competition?
Sara Fennah, Chintan Patel
  • The MCT as a Learning Partner
C R Bhargavi
  • Face recognition using Microsoft Azure
Adnan Khalil
  • Effectively taking training feedback & What to do with it
Amna Khan
  • D365 Customer Engagement Overview
Abdul Rasheed Feroz Khan
  • Empower SAP architecture on Microsoft Azure
Qamar Nomani
  • Deliver high-octane azure security training
Viknaraj Manogararajah, Hadshana Kamalanathan
  • Managing Azure Applications Gateways
Monika Muddamshetty
  • Recognize & Change behaviors that hold you back from success
Farhan Usman
  • Reporting with Power BI vs Excel
  • Benefits of being an MCT
Francesco Sodano
  • All the ways to run containers in Azure
Ashish Bhalgat
  • Architecting Resilient Apps in Cloud
  • Building of an IoT reference architecture using serverless components leveraging Azure Serverless
Koenraad Haedens
  • Engage Your Learners with a fun Quest
  • The 1-2-3 on Azure SQL family
  • Microsoft best practices on digital learning
  • Keeping your hybrid Deployments on a Leash… aka Governance and ARC
Andrew Bettany
  • Educating the next Generation with ‘Microsoft Learn for Educators’
  • Cloud Tractor Beam: Microsoft Fundamentals
Oluwaseyi Oluwawumiju
  • Power of Business Insight in a Digital Transformed World using Microsoft Planner as project collabor
  • Exploring the capabilities of Azure Cognitive Search & connecting it with PowerBI and Synapse analy
  • Exploring Data Extraction from Forms Using Cognitive Applied AI and Gaining Insight using PowerBI
  • Demystify Azure Search Using Cognitive Services and Power BI for Deeper Insight
Chintan Patel
  • Using Microsoft Teams Live Events and Webinars for all your Event Management Needs
  • Leveraging Tools Available to MCTs to Create a World-Class Training Event
Akah Mandela Munab
  • Hosting a static website on Azure
  • Mental Health Crisis Amongst IT Professionals
Vladimir Stefanovic
  • Mission Critical Application in Azure? Why not, it should be easy... Or not?
  • 5 anti-patterns for Cloud Transformation
  • Azure Networking: Pressure Cooker
Pedro Sousa
  • Let's Talk About: Advanced Bicep's
  • Let's Talk About: Bicep 101
Julian Sharp, Mariya Koteva
  • Dynamics 365 certifications
Nuno Árias Silva
  • Simplifying Cloud
  • Introduction to Power BI
  • How to be productive with Microsoft Teams
  • AI Intro: How to use Human Artificial Intelligence in presentations