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Vermont Code Camp 2018

event date

15 Sep 2018


Champlain College, Center for Communication and Create Media Burlington, United States


10th Annual Vermont Code Camp.

We had 250 attendees in 2017.

Vermont Code Camp is a locally created, volunteer run, very low budget event that is free for attendees. Thanks to our sponsors, we provide a continental breakfast and lunch for attendees. We do not offer speaker travel or stipend.  But we do have a great party for our speakers and other volunteers! 

VTCC sessions can be on a large variety of tech content. Take a look at last year's schedule for an idea of the broad topics. 

Important Dates
Monday May 7 through Sunday July 29: CFP Open
Sunday August 5: Speakers notified of selections.
Sunday August 26: Schedule published
Saturday Sept 15: Day of Event

Session Length
Sessions can be 30 or 60 minutes.

Preferred Time of Day
If you have a preference on when to schedule your session, please leave a note in the "Notes to organizer" field. We will provide a preview of the schedule to speakers to make any last adjustments.

Your Submissions are Publicly Visible
You can see the speaker name and session title on the CFP page. We've done that to help avoid overlapping abstracts and reduce unintentional "competition". We have selected the "show username" option in case you prefer not to have your name visible during the CFP. If you have any questions about this, just shoot us an email at

We Can't Cover Travel Expenses
We strongly encourage members of our local community to speak at this event and while we are happy for speakers to take advantage of an excuse to visit Vermont at a beautiful time of year, we do not have budget for speaker travel. We have, in the past, made arrangements for out of town speakers to stay with volunteers. 

Speaker/Volunteer Party
We have a party at the end of the day for all of our volunteers (including speakers). In recent years it's been at Bluebird BBQ (with vegetarian options)

Please be sure to register at

Contact info:
twitter: @vtcodecamp
hashtag: #vtcc10

Who Are We?
Vermont Code Camp is co-organized by Rob Hale, Maureen McElaney and Julie Lerman. We are joined by a great team of volunteers, including help from our hosts at the Champlain College Division of Information Technology and Sciences

Sponsorship Info to Share
If your company is interested in sponsoring this event financially, we are associated with which is a 501c3. That will allow you to make tax-free donations to VT Code Camp. Please contact for more information.

Code of Conduct and Diversity Statements
We are proud of our community and support you all with a Code of Conduct ( and a Diversity Statement ( All participants at VTCC10 are expected to follow these guidances.

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Call for Speakers
CfS opens at 12:00 AM

29 Jul 2018

CfS closes at 12:00 AM

30 Jul 2018

This event is in Eastern Standard Time time zone.
Closing time in your time zone is .

The call for speakers will end at the end of the day on Sunday, July 29th.

We will notify speakers of session choices by Sunday August 5th, giving  you 6 weeks to prepare.

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Submitted sessions
Lisa Crispin
  • The Whole Team Approach to Testing in Continuous Delivery
Julie Lerman
  • Building Serverless Data APIs
Micah Mutrux, Brie Hoblin
  • Civic Tech: Meaningful Ways to Use Your Skills
Chris Bowen
  • "Recalculating!" - Navigating Container Technologies and Azure
Kendall Fortney
  • Coding In Real Life: Python, 3D Modelling and Printing
David Berry
  • Applying Design Patterns to Everyday Problems
  • Unit Testing Things That Are Hard To Test
Robert Hurlbut
  • OWASP Top 10 - 2017: What you need to know
Josh Lee
  • Developer’s Guide to WordPress
Kyle Mitofsky
  • Practical UX & UI for Developers
Josh Mitchell
  • Introduction to Elm
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Cecy Correa, Maureen McElaney
  • We Developed It: Building Communities that Empower Women in Tech
Tobin Winters
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Making the Transition to Agile - Lessons Learned (so far) at MyWebGrocer
Harrison King
  • Qualia infinatum
Tom Markiewicz
  • Getting Started with Machine Learning: Building a Visual Recognition App on iOS
Svetlana Levitan
  • The Ultimate Stage in Machine Learning
Rama Kocherlakota
  • Pushing Data to the Cloud and Serving It Up Fast!
Peter Vile
  • Maintaining Investment Grade Technical Debt
Daniel Colón
  • API Management - Don't reinvent the wheel, it is already done
Kash Kundargi
  • Leadership Ethics and Diversity
Pavan Kulkarni
  • Introduction to Apache Spark - Machine Learning
Floyd Hilton
  • Application Monitoring for Developers
  • WebAssembly and Blazor
Veronika Kolesnikova
  • Artificial Intelligence for everyone
  • Add native to cross platform with Xamarin.Essentials
David Farkas
  • User Field Research Crash Course
John Cicilio
  • Go API Middleware
Rob Friesel
  • Build a Culture of Learning with a Good Old Fashioned Book Club
Annmarie Curley
  • 5 Key Skills & Tools to Instantly Improve Project Success
Lee Brandt
  • JavaScript LevelUp
  • A Developer's Guide To Docker
Amy Chess
  • Exploring User Mental Models of Data Sharing
Bradley Holt
  • A Gentle Introduction to Deep Learning for Developers
  • Enterprise Apps for the Web Platform
Kyle Boss
  • Hacking Happiness: What makes a coder happy?
Nate Morse
  • Coding in FORTH, Joy, Cat and Pounce
Mitch Miller
  • Excel Tools for the Global Ingredients Archiving System
Linus Falck-Ytter
  • Build Your Own React Pipeline
  • A Gentle Introduction to ReactJS
Udaiappa Ramachandran
  • Build a enterprise search solution using Azure Search
  • Getting started with Azure Marketplace
Zachary Kingston
  • Continuous Integration/Delivery of SQL Databases
gleb bahmutov
  • Hyped About Hyperapp
  • Semantic release
  • End to End Testing Using Cypress
Scott Thibault
  • What the FPGA?!
  • Bit Banging and Other Fun Programming at the Edge.
Will Briggs
  • Real-time Data Processing w/ Kafka and Spark Structured Streaming
Paul Swider
  • Secure Portals and Confidential Consortium's
  • Extending and Integrating Dynamics 365 Enterprise
  • Real World Introduction To Enterprise Blockchain
Jeff Margolis
  • WTJS?
Matthew Eng
  • Research is the Glue: Leveraging Research Methods at IBM to Align Design and Dev
Isaac Levin
  • Application Insights: The Tool You Never Knew You Needed
  • Working from Home, it's Not For Everyone
  • The Four CLIs of the Apocalypse
  • Building Your Own YouTube, Sortof
Malina Kirn
  • Survey of Big Data Infrastructures
Chris Woodruff
  • Learning The Language Of HTTP For A Better Data Experience In Your Mobile Apps
  • Entity Framework debugging using SQL Server: A Detective Story
  • Developing ASP.NET Core 2.0 Web APIs for your Web and Mobile Apps
Clemens Wolff
  • Image Segmentation in Python with Keras and OpenCV
Charles Hamlyn
  • Tools of the trade
  • Careers in QA for Technical People
Bill Dinger
  • Introduction to Asynchronous Code in .NET
  • Continuous Everything: Deliver on the promise of DevOps
  • Continuous Security: Integrate OWASP tools into your DevOps Pipeline
  • Unit Testing Strategies & Patterns in C#
  • OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities & ASP.NET
Daniel Costea
  • Occupy Raspberry Pi with .NET Core!
Jean-Rene Roy
  • What Azure have to offer for your data
John Need
  • Wicked Good Apps Fast with React Native, Expo and Firebase.
Josh Winslow
  • Riding a Tiger: Lessons Learned From Rapid Scaling
Everett McKay
  • Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI
Kip Steele
  • How to get a great job and build a network in a rural market
Larry Keyes
  • Powershell Primer
Bob Crowley
  • For the DotNoobs! Leveling Up Your C#
Andrew Champagne
  • Good Coding Processes
Mandy Swithenbank
  • Accessibility Awareness: Empowering Everyone
Shawn Vernier
  • Automated Quality Assurance: From Apprentice to Master
John Waterman, PMP, GISP
  • Everything SEO: Strategy, Process, Technical Implementation, Tools, & the Real World
Sean Dague
  • Dive into Kubernetes
Baskar Rao Dandlamudi
  • Everything Serverless with Azure
  • Are you interested with NativeScript
Christian Cote
  • ETL in the clouds with Azure Data Factory v2.0
Frank Canovatchel
  • Using MySQL Workbench to Design and Build Databases
PJ Hagerty
  • A Glimpse Into Accessibility
  • DevOps - Philosophy vs Practice
  • Pop Songs and Programming for Fun and Profit
  • The Rise of the Distributed Database
Murat K. Gungor
  • Unit Testing with JUnit and Eclipse - Basics
Siva Kumar
  • Xamarin - Azure AD, SSO