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HighEdWeb 2024 Accessibility Summit

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30 Jul 2024



The HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit is a one-day, online conference created by and for all higher education professionals who want to explore and advocate for accessibility's role in their organization.

From programmers and developers, marketers and social pros, to managers, designers and writers (and all team members in-between), together we find solutions for the unique issues around accessibility at colleges and universities — because we know that the impact of accessibility extends far beyond divisional or department lines.

With diverse presentation topics, an inspiring keynote, and networking opportunities, the HighEdWeb Accessibility Summit offers affordable, valuable professional development for everyone.

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HighEdWeb is a community of professionals who share generously and learn openly from one another’s experiences. Whether you’re a first-time presenter or a returning champion, we invite you to submit a proposal.

There are so many great reasons to present at the HighEdWeb:

  • Represent your institution and share your accomplishments.
  • Contribute to the professional body of knowledge.
  • Connect with your web and digital professional community.
  • Spice up your LinkedIn profile (and get kudos from your boss).
  • Receive a waiver on your conference registration.

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Submitting a session proposal for multiple events.

In 2024, all HighEdWeb events will use the same proposal system. Once you create a speaker profile, it’s easy to submit your session to multiple events.


If your proposed session will have multiple presenters, be sure they have accepted their invitation to co-present before you submit your proposal to additional events.

Using inclusive language

All presenters must abide by the HighEdWeb Code of Conduct.

HighEdWeb promotes inclusion and kindly asks that you be mindful of the words you use during your presentation. Please work to avoid language that is harmful to people with disabilities, language of a sexual nature, language that leverages racism or gendered language.