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21 Jul 2024

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Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center Dallas, Texas, United States

Agile2024, the world’s premier annual Agile conference, is dedicated to exploring, innovating, and advancing Agile values and principles, and creating a space for people and ideas to flourish. The Agile20XX conference brings Agile communities together year after year to share experiences and make new connections. Join passionate Agilists from around the world to learn about the latest practices, ideas, and strategies in Agile software development from the world’s leading experts, change agents, and innovators.

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Call for Speakers
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10 Dec 2023

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31 Jan 2024

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The Agile 2024 organizing committee is proud to announce our call for speakers for our next global conference which will be held in TWO locations this year!
July 22-26 in Dallas, Texas, US
July 24-26 in Manchester, UK

Thinking about this year’s conference, we acknowledge the challenges we face as professionals today. Organizations around the globe face challenges keeping their teams together, and as agilists, we continue to find our place in an unstable market. When you add to it the current level of online discourse, it could appear that we are facing an existential threat.

We want to focus Agile 2024 on finding the things we have in common instead of searching for things to argue about. Our community has grown so large that it’s broken off into silos, and from a conference perspective technologists, product gurus, process champions, executives, and those checking multiple boxes each have their own spaces. 

We want our conference to be the one place every year where we can come together for a family meal; to break bread, share stories, collaborate on solutions, and truly come together as one team Our survival might very well depend on that.

It’s important to create a diverse and well-rounded program. It takes multiple perspectives and backgrounds to create a balanced program to make space for all of us to gather. If you have a compelling story, practical strategies, or valuable insights to share, we invite you to submit. Please review the updated track descriptions below to find a space for your story. 

The submission system being used is new for this year’s conference, but many of you might have used Sessionize before to submit to other events. We have worked to keep the experience as similar as possible, but experiences may vary. The most significant change this year is requesting feedback from the track review teams. 

This year we have a single submission deadline – January 31st. If you haven’t submitted by that date, it will not be considered for inclusion in the 2024 program.

We are excited that you are considering a submission, but before you do so, please read the following very carefully. We hope all of your questions will be answered, but if you still have questions after reading this, feel free to email us. You can also access links for the honorarium and Agile20xx Code of Conduct. By clicking the submit button below, the prospective speaker agrees to abide by the code of conduct during the submission process.

For helpful tips on submissions, you can find more information and our recent webinar here.

Note: if you request feedback this year, it will come via email from a member of the track team. If you do not get a response from the track teams, please email


Accelerating Products

Track chairs: Kent McDonald, Holly Bielawa

Products have come to represent not only the things we sell to our customers but also an approach to solving problems for internal users that impact organizational performance. You could argue that products represent a crucial step in the evolution of the Agile Manifesto. This step focuses on how organizations identify valuable problems to solve, prioritize what problems to solve, and collaborate to deliver solutions to those problems. The Accelerating Products track hosts sessions about the product model, product development, and the product teams that make it all possible. 

Sessions in this track cover a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

  • Understanding and working with your customers and users.
  • Discovering problems that provide the highest customer value.
  • Delivering products while focusing on outcomes that create business impacts.
  • Measuring what matters, when it matters most.
  • Empowering cross-functional (product, design, and engineering) product teams to deliver outcomes.
  • Leading the organizational change necessary to transition to a product operating model that values outcomes over outputs.

We’re particularly interested in sessions built from practical experience, whether it’s from a stunning success or a learning opportunity. If you’re describing a technique or practice, share examples of where it worked, where it didn’t, and how people can determine if it will work in their context.  

Energizing People and Teams

Track chairs: Cp Richardson, Jennifer Dyni

People and teams vary from person to person, group to group, organization to organization, and the only consistent thing among every group is change. The question we face daily as practitioners is, how do we adjust to that change? How do we empower our colleagues to bring their 'A' game? However, even the most productive teams and/or individual team members can eventually burn out or lose some of their energy, which can result in missed deadlines or substandard work. It’s essential to know how to motivate and energize your team when needed. Doing so can help reignite productivity and enthusiasm, ultimately leading to organizational success.

In this track, we will explore the experiences of people in their journey and those who have successfully adapted along the way. By the end of these sessions, you will gain the knowledge needed to begin identifying and addressing dysfunctions, improving team dynamics, and achieving tangible results for your organization. 

This track may be for you if:

  • You are worried about what the next step in your journey will be and need inspiration
  • You want to upskill yourself for your next role
  • You are currently part of a team and questioning whether this is the best you can achieve
  • Your team is faced with uncertainty and tasked with doing more with less.

Enriching Organizations

Track chairs: Mariya Breyter, Kathi Paquet

How often do you attend sessions, gain a wealth of knowledge, and then struggle with how to operationalize it within your organization across hundreds to thousands of individuals? The Enriching Organizations track provides sessions on everyday problem-solving and specific, actionable advice you can bring back for experimentation.

For this track, show us how your topic relates to the needs of organizations. This track will explore topics including, but not limited to:

  • Systems thinking, AI/LLM applications to organizational agility
  • Agile value proposition for customer obsession at the organizational level
  • Portfolios, roadmaps, and planning
  • Organizational structures, team formation, matrixed reporting
  • Professional growth and career development
  • Budgeting and forecasting in Agile and hybrid organizations
  • Strategic goal-setting, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and Agile metrics at an organizational level
  • Business agility and operations
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEBI) initiatives
  • Organizational change governance, and modernization
  • ...and, of course, anything and everything at scale

Technology for All

Track Chairs: ‘Tine Zekis, Millie Ryba

We are more than just industry professionals; we are status quo breakers, disability advocates, and technical evangelists committed to creating space for innovation. Our mission is to explore how technology can break barriers and foster accessible solutions, hereby emulating the idea that technology is, in fact, for everyone.

Recognizing the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of technology, we acknowledge the need for continuous learning and sharing within our community. The "Technology for All" track is dedicated to enhancing the technical competency of the Agile community, while also bridging the gap between the diverse needs of business and IT leaders as well as for the practitioners that bring the solutions to life.

This track goes beyond today's technology, focusing on shaping the inclusive and innovative future we envision. Key topics for discussion and exploration include:

  • Community Impact through Technology: Encouraging avenues where technological solutions drive significant community changes.
  • Inclusive Workspaces: Transforming work environments into universally accessible collaboration spaces, embracing extreme programming values of respect and courage.
  • Smart City Initiatives: Breaking technological barriers to create smarter, more inclusive urban environments.
  • Diverse Accessibility: Addressing and removing entry barriers for individuals across various roles, industries, and backgrounds, highlighting our commitment to DEIB.
  • Cutting-edge Discussions: Exploring technical topics at the forefront of innovation and agility.

We invite contributors from all practices—SWE, SRE, DevOps, QE, XP, etc.—to share ideas, topics, conversations, and learnings in these areas. Our goal is to make technology a transformational force for people, processes, cultures, and the world, truly reflecting our belief that Technology is for All.

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Joanna Vahlsing
  • Agile Executive Forum - Wrapped - 30 min
Chris Li
  • Agile Advice - Wrapped - 30 min
  • "Meet in the Middle" - Powerful Conversations to have within your Organization
  • "Knock Knock - Who's There? - Feedback!" - Effective techniques to ask for and interpret feedback
  • "Netflix and ___" - A Knockout Approach to Decision-Making and Prioritization
Emily Bache
  • Technical Coaching: What it is and Why Agile Leadership Should Care
Jeff Patton
  • Productize your Organization!
Cheryl Hammond
  • Agile Essentials Wrapped
Mariya Breyter, Kathi Paquet
  • Enriching Organizations Wrapped
Christopher 'Cp' Richardson, Jennifer Dyni
  • Energizing People and Teams Wrapped
Kent McDonald, Holly Bielawa
  • Accelerating Products Wrapped
Matt Barcomb
  • Audacious Salon Wrapped
'Tine Zekis, Millie Ryba
  • Technology for All Wrapped
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Garrett Gross
  • Full of SaaS and TOTALLY SECURE!
Michael K Sahota
  • Emergent Talks: Charting the Course of Agile Identity
  • Shine Your Light: Change the World
  • From Self-Deception to Self-Mastery: A Roadmap to Being Your Own Hero
Dave Sharrock
  • Emergent Talks: Agile in the Big League
  • Crowd vs Expert Product Discovery and Ideation
  • Promoting team and organization agility by enabling constraints
  • Agile Unleashed: Mixing It Up with Hybrid and Dual Delivery Models
Julie Bright
  • Emergent Talks: Lessons from Agile's Emotional Odyssey
  • It doesn't have to be so hard!! How to get out of your own way and allow FLOW
John Miller
  • Agile Identity: Embracing the Chaos
Colleen Johnson
  • Big Business, Agile Magic
  • 12 Ways Flow Metrics Show up in Everyday Life
Chris Murman
  • Navigating the Emotional Terrain of Agile Transformation
Richard Dolman
  • Sketching Our Agile Identity Crisis
  • How to get and keep Leaders onboard so your Agile journey stays on course
  • The power of Cultural Awareness & Role Modeling for sustainable Agility
Jenny Tarwater
  • Illustrating the Agile Evolution
Reese Schmit
  • Visualizing Agile's Emotional Rollercoaster
Ryan Lockard
  • Agile Circus: Big Business Edition
Charlotte Chang
  • Agile Identity Comedy Hour
Olivia Vick
  • Finding Joy in Agile's Challenges
  • Stop Pushing, Start Planting: Sow the Seeds of Influence
Liana Baciu
  • Cafe Chats: Brewing Up Agile Identity Solutions
Tobey Aumann
  • Cafe Convo: Brewing Up Agile for Big Business
  • Demystifying Wardley Mapping: From Taco Trucks to your 2024 AI Strategy
Kim Brainard
  • Cafe Chats: Sipping on Agile Insights
Jason Hall
  • Dive Into the Agile Identity Fishbowl
  • Can Product Thinking help save the Agile Industry?
Ellen Grove
  • Dive into the Agile Aquarium
  • The Life Changing Magic of Saying No
Richard Lawrence
  • Addressing the Psychological Costs of Agile
Melissa Boggs, Matt Barcomb
  • Battle Royale: Agile Identity Showdown
  • Battle of the Agile Titans
  • Battle of the Agile Minds: Debating Psychological Costs
Melissa Boggs
  • Friday Keynote
Dana Pylayeva
  • Agile2024 Collaboration Kickoff
  • Wednesday Keynote
  • Monday Keynote
Andrew Davis, Jay Jackson
  • Bridging the Gap: How Accessibility Empowers Deaf and Hard of Hearing Talent in Cloud Native
Jeff Gotthelf
  • Jeff Gotthelf
Jeff Patton
  • Jeff Patton
Kathi Paquet
  • Optimizing Development Processes for Enhancing Information Security in Organizations
Canessa Boyd
  • Agile Essentials: Metrics
Matt Takane
  • Agile Essentials Workshop: Coaching
Maria Chec
  • Agile Essentials Workshop: Facilitation
Venus Izadi
  • Agile Essentials: Dev and Engineering Practices
Darcie Fitzpatrick
  • Agile Essentials: Human-Centered Design
Sally Gasser
  • Agile Essentials: Product
Natalie Lunbeck
  • Agile Essentials: DevOps and SRE
  • How Companies Actually CI/CD
Padmini Nidumolu
  • Agile Essentials: Planning, Estimation, and Forecasting
Ibrahim Adam N/A
  • Tech for Good: Catalyzing Community Transformation
  • Metrics Mastery: Decoding Agile Success with Precision
  • Climbing the Career Summit: Strategies for Professional Growth and Career Development in Agile
TJay Gerber
  • Imposter No More: A Playbook for Agile Confidence
  • You Have Spinach in your Teeth...and Other Feedback Opportunities that Fuel Your Professional Growth
Leigh Johnson, Dana Hewling
  • The Accidental Agilist – How we can be Agile without even knowing it!
Sabine Khan, Kristen Nestor
  • Maximizing ROI through AI-Driven Portfolio Prioritization & Management in the Cloud Era
Ja'Mesa Dixon
  • Put Me In Coach! - A Career Changer’s Journey to Achieve Agilist Success
George Paci
  • Your Process Needs a Bug Tracker
Chris Shinkle
  • Why aren't they getting anything done?!? Strategies for Managing Dependencies
  • Navigating Uncertainty using Probabilistic Forecasting
  • Product Roadmaps: Paving the Way from Strategy to Execution
Joanne Stone
  • Sustain – ability : Growing our ability to sustain in the chaos.
Declan Whelan
  • Agile Fitness: Measure and Improve Your Team's Technical Health
Swati Dubey
  • Change? No, thank you!
  • Equity vs Equality- Why equal opportunities are no longer enough
Jason Taylor
  • Sorry, That’s Classified: The Tale of a Government Program Office Transformation to Agile
Stephanie Groot
  • Agile Evolution: Measuring Outcomes
Susan McIntosh
  • An inside job – influencing cultural change through teams
  • Baking the Perfect Retrospective, a Recipe for Team Success
Fadi Stephan
  • The Definition of Done Canvas
  • 6 Tips for Effective Product Backlog Refinement
  • Building High Performing Self Organizing Teams
Shari Soroka
  • Agile Transformations - The Whole Enchilada - Fundamentals for Success
  • Agile: Celebration of Life - Let’s Celebrate Agile’s Life
  • Agile Will Survive When Psychological Safety, Normalized, Thrives
Perry Reid
  • Everything I Know About Leadership I Learned From Russell Crowe
Kenneth Roberts
  • First Seek to Understand: Using Empathy Interviews for Transformational Coaching
  • Get Under the Covers: Learn How to Make the Biggest Impact In Your Transformation.
  • Improv Unleashed: Elevating your Agility with Spontaneous Brilliance
Scott Showalter
  • Agile Ain't Dead: Just Knocked Unconscious
  • Driving Change in the Fast Lane: Re-engineering the Agility of Tomorrow for an Automotive Titan
  • Become Your Industry's Stark Industries: How the Most Profitable Products are Prototyped & Perfected
  • Peak Throughput: 7 Design Thinking Games to Eradicate Waste, Annihilate Impediments & Maximize Flow
Norma Hernández García
  • Agile Mentoring: Sharing agility from experience
  • Get off my land! Ways to navigate organizational "lands" within a Product OpModel
  • Different is not wrong! Leverage an experiential simulation to unleash the system's potential within
  • Advanced Flow Dynamics
  • Marketing Your Rockstar Status
Shantel Stewart-Gayle, Jason Manning
  • User Story Maps: How I Made Sense Of It All!
Sherman Gomberg, Charles Hutchison
  • Up Your Skills! Building Quality Software with Test-Driven Development
Cesar Idrovo
  • When "I Hear You" Really Means "I Still Don't Get You"
  • Value Rate Optimization - The Game!
  • Business Bloodlettings? The True Impact of Layoffs
  • A Billion Dollars Hiding in Plain Sight!
Daniel Walsh, Betsy Irizarry
  • Navigate the Narrative Landscape: A Workshop on Measuring Change through Stories
Allan Rennebo Jepsen
  • Designing Impactful Teams & Organizations
  • Business Adaptability: Build Impactful Teams & Organizations
Wm. Hunter Tammaro
  • Agile's Hidden Predictability Model
  • The AI Skeptic's Guide to Better BS
Mike Clement, Allan Stewart
  • Role Playing Distributed System Patterns
Jeff Mueller
  • Transforming Your Organization – Where the heck to start
Tara Scott
  • Evolve Your Ecosystem: How to Make Real Cultural Change Wherever You Are
  • Resume Retrospectives: How Reflections on Your Past Create a Revolutionary Future
Arturo Robles Maloof
  • The Project is death, Long Live the Product!
Nidhya Palaniappan
  • Want to be an outstanding agile leader? Keep a journal
  • How can we beat burnout in our teams? A tested approach to promote the sense of purpose & progress.
Per Beining
  • Snupfeldorf Tangrams - FaST Simulation
  • Facilitation Star Canvas
  • A FaST way to Turn up the Joy of Work in Agile and Scrum Teams
  • Live your life: 10 Tips Tricks & Tangible tools for a life worth living
Ali Jafri
  • Who broke our crown jewel: Rebuilding a critical team after a mass exodus
Amitabh Sinha, Michelle Pauk
  • Breathe, Laugh, Thrive: Unveiling the Secrets in Seven Layers
Alex Basa
  • Creating a dojo capability from the ground up
  • Designing Your Destiny
John Clopton
  • Your Sprint Review Sucks and 3 Steps to Make Them Suck Less
Sunny Johnson
  • "From Sequential to Agile: Interactive Strategies for Workflow Revolution"
Mike Clement, Jonathan Turner
  • Coding with Jon and Mike… Live!
Paul Boos
  • Strategy & Planning for Agility
Daniel Walsh
  • OKR Blueprint Workshop: Design and operationalize a more effective and efficient OKR system
Aaron Upright
  • Scrum has an "overhead" problem, and AI can help fix it
Trey Henderson, Robert Hadaway
  • Elevating 'Being' in the world of 'Doing' Facilitation
David Parker
  • From Data to Action: Cultivating Fearless Innovation Through Team Psychological Safety
Kerri Sutey
  • Neutral Grounds: The Art of Facilitating with Finesse
  • Facilitation Fundamentals: Shaping Dynamic Sessions
Melissa White
  • Agile Estimation: Beyond Time in Story Point Estimation
Marianne Erickson
  • You Don't Need a Title to Lead
Becca Hiller
  • The Zen of Agility: Learning, Unlearning, and Why Simple Agile Isn’t Easy
  • Struggle Scrum: Getting Through It When You (and Team) Feel Over It
Sabine Khan
  • Future-Proof Your Agile Career: Agile Roles in the Cloud and AI Era
Jay Smith
  • REACH to Reinvent
Sanjiv Augustine
  • Reimagining Agile: Back to the Basics, Forward to the Future
  • Agile x AI: The Paranoid Executive’s Cheatsheet
  • Scaling Agility - From the Quark to the Jaguar
Ivana Ciric, Jonathan Savage
  • A Playbook Approach to Product Thinking
Jess Brock, Emily Lint
  • Resumes, LinkedIn, Networking, Oh My! - Actionable Insights for Growing Your Agile Career
Jan Hadrava
  • Double Your Team's Productivity with a Better Use of Sprint Goals
  • 5 Stages of Scrum Adoption: Unlock Its Power to Build Better Products Faster
Marcelo Walter, Wilhelm Meier
  • MaturityCard, a Funny and Actionable Game to Your Organization!
Sam Cho
  • Developing a Stronger Product Mindset
  • Organizational Impact Through Culture Change
  • 3 Ingredients in Every Product Manager’s Cookbook
Sanjog Nirola
  • From Sleepless Nights to Customer Delight: A Journey to Business Success!
  • What keeps customers up at night?
Mike Clement
  • Strategic Thinking in Software Architecture using Wardley Mapping
Luciana O'Keefe
  • Mindset Mastery: Transforming Organizational Paradigms for Unprecedented Results
  • Moving Beyond Mechanical Scrum
  • Crossing the Bridge From Scrum Master to Agile Coach - Should You Make the Leap?
  • Scrum Unmasked: Unveiling the Dysfunctions Within Our Organizations
Daniel Walsh, Ann Konkler
  • Enhance Team Autonomy and Performance: The Power of Behavioral Marker Systems
Ivana Ciric
  • From Crisis to Opportunity: A systems approach to building products in times of disruption
  • The AI Advantage: Revolutionizing Customer Experience to Inspire Better Products
Tina Behers
  • What we have here is A Failure to Communicate!
  • Lean Portfolio Management: Back to the Future
Max Ekesi
  • Leveraging an Agile Mindset to Deliver Customer Value
Aya Saleh
  • Frustration signals: A bedtime story for a product owner
  • Improvise! Improvise! A way to build a working software
Sheyinka Harry
  • Agility for Ops: Maximizing Efficiency & Adaptability of Non-IT Teams
  • Building High-Trust Dividends: Empowering Executives as Catalysts for Change
  • Design Sprinting for Product Lifecycle Optimization: Uniting Cross-Functional Teams for Innovation
Andrea Pratt-Smith
  • Unleashing Innovation Through Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Cultivating an Outcome-Driven Culture: A Collaborative Approach to Organizational Transformation
  • Unleashing Innovation Through Cross-Functional Collaboration
  • Cultivating an Outcome-Driven Culture: A Collaborative Approach to Organizational Transformation
Teddy Carroll
  • What Not Why: A Coach's Guide to Systemic Problem Solving
Dana Dismukes
  • Why Scaling Alone Won’t Save You: Scaling within the REALM of possibility
Daniel Davis
  • Complacency - A Silent Product Killer
  • Our Code, Their Code, Low Code, No Code
  • The best code, is the code never written.
  • Knowing When To Move On & Find Something New
Heath Hunsaker
  • The Agile Lifestyle Manifesto: Revitalizing Teams with Purpose, Awareness, and Adaptability
Jennifer Dyni
  • An Insider’s Guide to Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders
Dan Gardner, Lauren McCoy
  • Moving beyond the anecdote: What drives improvements in digital delivery?
E. Miguel (Mike) Ochoa, Edgar Miguel Ochoa González
  • Strategic Agility: Transforming Higher Education at Scale
Steven Martin
  • Make Shift Happen: Reducing Drama with the Change Initiative Canvas
  • Turbo-Charge High Performance with Engagement and Empowerment
  • Navigating Conflict Like a Pro for Better Outcomes
Melissa Suasnabar
  • More than 20 years of agility have passed.... it is time for “Liquid and Sustainable Agile Coaching”
Nathan Merrill
  • Gamify Operations: How to inspire teams to catalyze incident response
Brad Lehman
  • What We're Talking About When We Talk About Design
Fernando Vinner de Sá
  • From Command and Control to Agile: Navigating the Cultural Shift in Hierarchical Organizations
  • Collaborative Culture: 3 Steps for Transformation
  • Agile Leadership: How to Transform Organizational Culture and Maximize Results
  • You can make mistakes... share them!
Rebecca Jeyaraj, John Tanner
  • Business Silos & BBQ Leadership: Breaking Down Barriers Through Authentic Collaboration
Jessica Roberts
  • Empathetic Agility: Cultivating Vulnerability, Culture, and High Performing Teams
Alan Fuhs
  • A Powerful Toolkit for Cultivating First-time People Leaders
Mark Palmer
  • Harmonizing Hybrids: Strategies for Cross-Functional Collaboration in Agile Teams
  • Mind Over Matter: Unlocking the Neuroscience Secrets of Agile Leadership
  • Agile Alchemy: Transforming Ideas into Action with Lean-Agile Synergies
  • Remote Revolution: Mastering High-Impact Agile Teams Across the Digital Divide
Rita Emmons
  • Catalyst or Casualty: A Heroes' Journey in Change Leadership
  • Don't Worry, Be Crappy: Getting it Wrong is the Goal
Anderson Hummel
  • Demystifying Agile Estimates: from sizing to forecast deliveries
  • Is Agile Dead? Reflections on the Current Market Cycle
Lynn Stevens, Richard Teel
  • Confessions of a 'Not so Agile' Team Leads Journey
Marijuana Vandyck
  • "You're Nothing Like I Thought You'd Be!": Derailing Organizational Goals from the Mouth Down
Artur Margonari
  • Creating and submitting great talks to Agile conferences
  • The 10 Vicious Circles at Work: Detecting and Breaking Them Up
  • My unusual toolbox as a Scrum Masters and Agile Coach
  • A Wild Journey of a Scrum Master: The Musical
Ram Mohan Rao Chukka
  • Unlocking Developer productivity (DIY) - Best practices to release faster !
  • Who broke the build? — Using Kuttl to improve E2E testing and release faster
Randall Dunigan
  • A Clear Goal Eats Documentation for Breakfast
  • Neurodiversity: Harnessing Agile’s Unconventional Catalyst
Audrey Crane
  • Shadow Design: The Diagnosis, Cost and Cure of Shadow Design in Your Organization
Neil Walker
  • Agility Uncomplicated: Harnessing Simplicity for Breakthrough Performance
  • Future-Proofing Agile
Joe Montalbano, Brad Lehman
  • Welcome to Human-Centered Agile
Daryl Seager
  • Feedback Mastery: Transforming Communication in Leadership and Teams
  • The Art of Listening: Mastering Communication for Effective Leadership
  • Level Up Your Leadership: Elevating Skills for Today's Dynamic Workplaces
Erika Lenz
  • Think Like a Forest: Systems Thinking in Real Life
  • Reaching Escape Velocity – How to See and Cope with the Gravity of Current Practices.
  • DNU Reaching Escape Velocity – Why Agile Adoption is So Damn Hard & What to Do About It
Shahin Sheidaei
  • Coaching Mastery: Make an Impact with Powerful Questions, 5 Whys, Negotiating or Resolving Conflicts
Terence Lonsdale
  • KerPlunk! A Couple of Quick Ways To Loose Your Team and Get Fired as a Scrum Master
Don McGreal
  • Crafting Compelling Product Visions: A Workshop for Innovation and Motivation
  • A Product Manager's Journey from Scribe to Entrepreneur
Jerry Fix, Michael Hyzy
  • Increasing Engagement in Agile Processes through Motivational Design
Rohit Sinha
  • Empathy, Collaboration, and Agility: My Journey from Sr. Product Manager to VP of Enterprise Soln.
Rita Emmons, Keshley Phillips-Parker
  • Spellbound: Crafting Success with Product Taxonomy, Storytelling Sorcery, and Stakeholder Symphony
  • Ignite Innovation: Boldly Brainstorming Problems Worth Solving
Eva Maria Hülsbusch, Alexander Hannighofer
  • The top 8 cardinal errors of agile scaling and which ones you are already using
  • Debunking Cargo Cult Management: Illusions and Realities in Modern Organizations
  • Codeless Horizons: AI-Powered Agile and the Future of Software Development in a Decade
  • "Mom, your leadership is bad": Modern leadership methods vs. upbringing
Lyn Barrett, Kevin Baker
  • Elevating Excellence: Crafting a Feedback Culture for Success
Frank Balogh, Josh Judd
  • Knowledge as Agility: Harnessing AI for Rapid Learning and Change in the Agile Enterprise
Rob Lineberger
  • Inheriting Agile: What to do when that IS your circus and those ARE your monkeys
Daniel Walsh, Hans Samios
  • Context is King: Tailor Your Agile Practices with Heuristics and the Cynefin Framework
Garrett House, John Tanner
  • PMO Rebooted: A Dual Perspective Case Study on a Fortune 500’s Failed Agile Transformation
Mary Harvey
  • The Agile multiverse: adapting popular frameworks to your situation
  • Translating the Energy of Volunteerism to Agile Teams(because we don’t work for free)
Vandana Rajagopal
  • Dancing in the dark- Absence of a user story map
  • AI-Driven Team Agility: Elevate Team Performance through Collective Intelligence
Ilan Kirschenbaum
  • Ice-breakers Dojo
Clint Roszelle
  • Rise of the BOTs! The Human Kind
Mark Cruth
  • Interpersonal alchemy and the magic behind high-performing teams
  • The Modern Work Manifesto
  • Let's hit the gym! Working out our teamwork
  • Building healthy teams one story at a time
Cherie Silas
  • The Truth about Resistance: Unraveling the Human Side of Organizational Change
  • Influence Without Authority: Creating Sustainable Change with an Invitational Approach to Agile Coac
  • Constellation Coaching Methods for Teams and Individuals
  • Leveraging AI for Enhanced Product Owner Effectiveness in Agile
Patrick Hypscher
  • How Green Product Owners speed up the sustainable transformation
Gary Cohen
  • The Power of Community: Lessons from Building a Public Agile Coaching Dojo Community
  • Becoming an Executive Whisperer: The Agile Coach's Guide to Positive Partnership with Leadership
Mike Griffiths, Leah Huf
  • Team Trifecta: Three Themes Converging on Tomorrow's Agile Teams
Elizabeth Taylor
Dane Weber
  • Five Ideals of DevOps
Sonja Blignaut
  • Way of the Waysfinder
Matt Van Vleet
  • Ditching the Monolith: Strategic Paths to Code Simplification and Cleanup
  • From Monolith to Microservices: How to align technology modernization to business results
Marcelo Walter, Pedro Luiz Martins Cruz
  • Agile Architecture - how it can really work?
  • Skill Liquidity - The Counterintuitive Practice of High Maturity Organizations
Gil Broza
  • Deliver Better Results: How to Level up Your Value Delivery
Chris Garvey
  • Am I Enough? My journey of rediscovering my self-worth
  • Taking Heart - Finding courage in the trenches
  • Finding your Fulcrum - Learning to thrive in a sea of change
Lyn Barrett, Tim Dickey
  • Leading with Agility: Unleash Your Inner Leader Without the C-Suite Swagger
Khaled Jaber
  • Structuring work at JIRA - JPMorgan Chase Experience
  • Continues Planning at Large Scale Organizations - Based on Experience at JPMorgan chase
  • Initiatives Prioritization experience in Large Scale Agile Organizations at JPMorgan Chase
  • Product Development in Practice - JPMorgan Chase Experience
Michael Vizdos, Kenton Vizdos
  • Bring An Idea From "Concept To Cash" In < 100 Days Implementing Scrum & Agile In The Real World
Brendon Hernandez, Jessica Guistolise
  • AI Unleashed: Revolutionizing Agile Education for All
Craig Smith
  • Agile Coaching Ethics: Making It Real
  • The Missing Link: Great Product Roadmaps
Yoko Perez
  • Disruptive Innovation Beyond Product, with a Taste of Tequila
  • Sustainable IT Collage: Integrating Green Practices in Agile Teams - A Hands-On Workshop
Dave Rooney
  • Confessions of a Flow Junkie - Maximizing Flow Within Your Work
Jeremy Kriegel
  • Becoming the Catalyst - The Spark of Change that Will Move Your Team Forward
  • Sketch You Can! Demystifying a Powerful Collaboration Technique
  • Kickoff! A Faster Start for New Products
Angelina Dimova
  • 3 ICF accredited techniques Agile Coaches use for Successful Outcomes in Coaching
  • Time-Saving AI Tools: Supercharge Your Agile Workflow
  • 3 Secret Techniques Agile Coaches use for Successful Outcomes in Coaching
Neha Lagoo Ratnakar
  • You Can Be a JOAT (Jo of all trades) - How to activate your multipotentialite brain.
  • The Elusive 50% - Blueprint For Building More Inclusive Workplaces.
Amanda Rovey, Nicole Smith
  • Hungry for Value? Swim with the Sharks
Diana Williams, Elizabeth Rettig
  • Nurturing Agile Leadership: A Comprehensive Approach to Coaching Managers in Agile Transformations
Elena Maksumova
  • Scrum Master's Guide to the Galaxy: from Scrum Misery to Scrum Mastery
Parul Bhargava
  • The Show must go on - Leadership Learnings from Theatre
  • Accepting to embracing change : An unknown tool to thrive in uncertain times
Alize Hofmeester
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall; How to cultivate radical transparency for all.
Warick Pond
  • Agile Urbanism: Pioneering Smart Cities with ASU's Cross-Disciplinary Spacial Computing Guilds
Patrick Hoverstadt
  • Agile Governance
  • UnSAFE - Scaling Agile using models from systems theory
  • Organisational Agility beyond the Hype – how to measure and develop it
  • Patterns of Strategy – an agile approach to strategy
Suvarna Kulkarni
  • Ethical Imperatives In The Era of AI-Agile
  • Product Pinnacle - Crafting product success in 60 minutes
Andrew Robbins
  • Streamline your Way to Sustainability: The Value of Value Stream Management
  • Agile Alchemy at Scale: Lean, Kanban, Scrum & Six Sigma
Mackenzie Dysart
  • Building Accessible and Inclusive Products by Applying Permaculture Principles
Dee Grey
  • Inclusion is the 4th Wave of Agile: Successful Agile Teams MUST be Diverse and Psychologically Safe
Gaines Kergosien
  • Hands On Azure DevOps: Best Practices for Successful Software Delivery
  • Live Demonstration: AI Tools in Action
  • Navigating Azure DevOps: Best Practices for Successful Software Delivery
  • Unleashing Potential: Harnessing the Advantages of ADHD and Autism Traits
Ryan Latta
  • Tune Up Your Stand Up
Dor Amram
  • Changing the Wheel While Driving: Modern Strategies for Updating Production Systems
Andrew Leff
  • Nurturing Agile Backlog Health: A Pathway to Sustainable Development
Caitlin Klink
  • Collaborate and Listen...Don't Stop
  • Low Hanging "Oops": Keeping Strategy at the Forefront of Transformation
  • A New Way To Work: Remote, Asynchronous and Thriving
Matias Nino
  • Co-Creating Solutions for the Downsizing of Agile Support Roles
Aundrea Raich, Anu Smalley
  • Rapid Response: Shifting to an Agile Products Org providing warfighters with life-saving solutions
Adam Russell
  • Multi-dimensional Agile: A Workshop to Enhance Agile Team Synergy in a Distributed World
  • Aspiring to Agility but Addicted to Predictability
  • Redefining Value in Agile: A Blueprint for Evolutionary Customer Enablement Focus
  • Multi-dimensional Agile: Enhancing Agile Team Synergy in a Distributed World
Sushil Sali
  • Let's build Trust
David Hersey
  • How to convert Agile resistance to Energy (E=ar2)
  • Aligning Cadences
  • Lean Waste Mapping
  • Keeping It Real with BDD
Leor Herzfeld, David Hersey
  • Unblocking Agility - Enabling team and organizational health in an uncertain landscape
  • Moving from Component to Feature Teams
Lydia Hawthorn
  • How to use the 8 Flow Accelerators to Create Truly Outcome Driven Reporting
  • Product & Engineering: BFFs or Mortal Enemies?
Leor Herzfeld
  • Where does Agile go from here? Is anyone having fun?
Manjari Kumar
  • The scary truth about AI!
Elector Masarakufa
  • Threads of Dialogue: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Connection
  • Breaking Bias - Practical Techniques for Cultivating Inclusion
Prashant Patil
  • DevOps Dynamo: Fueling Agility, Quality Gates, Turbocharged Pipelines, and Unleashing DRY Magic
Rahul Shah
  • Unlocking Scrum Master Potential: Beyond IQ & AI with EI Mastery
Amber Bartlett
  • Campaigns, Quests, and Coaching: How I Learned to Lead By Being a Dungeon Master
Mike Cottmeyer
  • Creating an Agile Culture Where Everyone Wins
Guy Marshall
  • Modelling software: Building better by visualising
  • Navigating Change: Agile Transformation for Manchester Statistical Society
Priti Vyas
  • The Agile Advantage - The Agile advantage: Win the marketing race in the age of disruption
  • The design of a future ready Enterprise Agile organization - Agile For HR
Amir Peled
  • How to Master Sprint Reviews with Visuals 🇺🇸
  • How to Master Sprint Reviews with Visuals 🇬🇧
  • 🎨 𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐃𝐲𝐬𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦 🇺🇸
  • 🎨 𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐢𝐯𝐞 𝐃𝐲𝐬𝐟𝐮𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐨𝐟 𝐚 𝐓𝐞𝐚𝐦 🇬🇧
Brian Williams
  • Beyond Buzzwords: Mastering Agile Communication for Real Impact
Cassandra Van Gelder
  • Wrecking Ball: Reconstructing a 150-year-old Bank’s Agile Training Program from the Ground Up
  • Coaching in the Path of War
  • Working Together on Mental Health on Agile Teams workshop
Ketan Kulkarni, Vijay Wade
  • How To Use Gen AI for Me ? Workshop For Product Owners & Scrum Masters
Michal Shlomy, Yael Dubinsky
  • Personal and Organizational Coping During a Crisis
Uloaku (Ula) Ojiaku
  • Coaching HR in Agile: A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Approach
Vanessa Martens
  • Culture eats Agile for Breakfast: BMW Case Study
Rodrigo Sperb
  • WIP simple simulation - exploring flow as an enabler for software development with a game
Sally Tait
  • On the Road to Results: Navigating with Leading and Lagging Metrics
Nafees Butt
  • Crossing the edge - a group coaching simulation
Deepak Kumar Gupta
  • Feature Toggles - How To and More Importantly, How NOT to - A Workshop
  • Beyond Scaling Agile - Scale your Software Development
  • eXtreme Programming and the world of Generative A.I.
Vijay Wade, Ketan Kulkarni
  • How AI makes my job easy and efficient? A workshop for Product Owners, Scrum Masters & Agilists
Mon-Chaio Lo, Andrew Parker
  • Building and Changing Culture - Beyond the Easy Answers
  • How You're (Unwittingly) Sabotaging Learning in Your Organization
Joylynn Kirui
  • AppSec Nuggets : Bolstering security first mindset
  • The Art of Defensive Programming
Michal Shlomy, Ilan Kirschenbaum
  • How to have hard conversations that actually work
Vicky Morgan, Nitin Verma
  • Accelerating What Matters: Decoding Product-OKR Antipatterns
Mauricio Robles
  • De-toxing the team: Working together towards effective communication
  • Accelerate Change: 3 Catalyzers for Agile metrics design
Woody Zuill
  • Software Teaming and the Power of Flow
  • Failure to Communicate
  • Advanced Mob Programming (Software Teaming)
Johannes Schartau
  • Turbo Boost for Agile Facilitation Skills
Nazee Hajebi
  • Ask Me Anything About Mob Programming as a Less Technical Coach
  • Neuroinclusive Software Development: Fostering Collaborative Brilliance
Dan Parsons
  • Change your state, change your leadership
Chris Butler
  • Product operations in the real world: meetings are good, actually
Ben Rodilitz
  • Design Your Agile Transformation as You Would Design a Product
Bret Wardle
  • Gamification Triforce: Understanding Users, Metrics, and Game Mechanics
Marina Alex
  • How to Apply Agile in 4 Weeks, Based on True Stories
Mel Kendell, Martin Foster
  • Trading with other tribes: Get what you need through creating a common language
Jagdish Karira
  • Accelerate DevOps, improve Developer Experience (DevEx) with Generative Artificial Intelligence
  • Agile Contracts: “Anything you say … can and will be used against you"
  • eXtreme Testing (XT) Practices: Gen AI/ML, Bug-a-Thons, Bug Bashes, Ensemble Testing, and More
  • Agile DevOps DevSecOps Metrics: Let NUM8ERS Tell the Story
Brian Link
  • The 7 cultures and mindsets you really need to understand to measure your team's Agile Mindset
Jessica Katz
  • PolyLabor: Untangling the complexity of relationships
Pedro Luiz Martins Cruz, Marcelo Walter
  • Scaling Agility with Unified Flow
  • XP Workshop – The challenge of technical practices and quality
Dallas Jackson
  • The Huddle Chronicles: Team Lessons from a Rugby Mom's Playbook
  • Not our first Rodeo: Identifying and Overcoming Legacy Baggage in Agile Transformations
  • Influence 101: Unleashing Your Inner Persuader
Kristen Belcher
  • Hybrid is the future! Now what?!
  • WTF: Welcome to F*Words
Brian Zimmer
  • Engaging Your Team to Solve the Wicked Problem of Innovation
Brian Milner
  • Evolving the Scrum Master: Adapting to Today's Challenges
  • Conflict Competent Teams: Navigating Teams Through Turbulent Times
  • Embracing Neurodiversity: A Blueprint for Inclusive Teams
Anthony Crain
  • What does Project to Product mean and how do we start?
  • What Comes AFTER Business Agility? Wait, what WAS Business Agility?
  • Words to Change By
  • Rewarding Metrics is Lazy Management
Eric Santamaria
  • Burnout: Spot it. Stop it. Lead a Recovery.
Joanna Koprowicz
  • "Agile Practices for Thriving in Hybrid Work"
Fernando Barrancos
  • From Black Sheep to Trusted Business Partner: Energy Leadership Coaching Model
Carrie Simi, Bob Whalen
  • Team Up & Transform: Empowering Product & Engineering through Pair Coaching
  • Sipping Success: Elevate Coaching by Drinking Your Own Champagne
  • Transformative Leadership: Catapulting Product Transformation with Executive Engagement
Quincy D. Jordan
  • Transformation Maintenance: The Path to Sustainable Product Delivery
  • Leveraging Community of Practices to improve your company's culture and bottom line
Sarah Ohanesian, Jeff Gibbard
  • Brains @ Work: The Invisible Power of Neurodiversity
Marella Bradway
  • Harmony in Action: Exploring Team Dynamics and Leadership during Constant Change”
Sarah Ohanesian
  • Dominate Your Day: Stop Being Busy and Leave Burnout Behind
Vidya Dinamani, Heather Samarin
  • Scrappy Research - continuous learning from customers
  • Why every organization needs a product-led mindset
Sarah Smith
  • Integrating Innovation Programs
Luis Castro
  • The role of leadership in Agile transformations
Scott Sampson
  • Who Are You Talking To? The Scrum Master's Relationship Value Stream
David Highbarger
  • What an Agile Manifesto in 2024 May Look Like
  • Why Agile Transformations Struggle
Damon Poole, Gillian Lee
  • Autonomy in Action: Strategies for Energized Teams and Exceptional Results
Christina Zhu
  • Bridging the Generative AI Skills Gap in the Modern Workforce
Kristen Belcher, Leila Rao
  • Appreciative Alchemy with Spextrics
Dimitri Ponomareff
  • Organizational Design for Efficient Flow
Shipra Kayan
  • Integrating AI in Product Management: Emerging principles and practices
  • Decision dynamics: Crafting meetings that accelerate product development
Anna Royzman
  • Quality for All: Integrating Critical Thinking, Quality Advocacy and AI for Agility and Inclusion
Mike Rieser
  • Non-Technical's Guide to Technical Excellence
Vicky Morgan
  • Money Moves: The Finance of OKRs
Carol McEwan
  • Ecosystems Thinking: Unlocking Organizational Agility with Visual Management Systems
Adrian Suciu
  • Patterns: Ingredients to Cook Your Own Scaling Agility
Karine Rajaomitraha, William Perez
  • Agile at All Costs?
Dr. Sheri-ann McLean
  • Leading Yourself to Greatness: 5 Strategic Steps to Self-Leadership
Rosana (Ro) Johnson
  • The Importance of Change Management in Navigating Enterprise Agile Transformations
Dean Gabbert
  • Stop Measuring Team Maturity and Start Supporting Team Wellbeing
Karine Rajaomitraha
  • Agile Interview 3.0: How to stand out from the crowd?
  • The Future of Women in Agile: How to break the bias?
Jolene Jangles, Joe Ziadeh
  • Come Dance With Me: Using Facilitative Leadership to Achieve Collective Success
Jason Piskiel, Sean Altes
  • The 2 Key Elements of a Thriving Organization: Individuals and Interactions
  • 4 Techniques to Improve Everything with Everyone
Woody Zuill, Kevin Meadows
  • Beyond Belief Workshop: Unraveling Dogma
Cliff Berg
  • Getting Out of “Agile” — and Finding True Agility
Yael Dubinsky
  • Simulate Sprint! AGASIM: A Novel Teaching and Decision Support Tool for Agile Project Management
Pete Behrens
  • The Games We Play
  • The Courage and Commitment to Change
Nisha Joshi
  • The Power of Empathy in Estimation
Nathan Carney
  • Wagile
  • Wagile
Kate Megaw, Anu Smalley
  • Planning Palooza - Organize your Future in 5 Steps
Nitin Moghe
  • Enriching Organizations with Agriculture fundamentals based leadership framework.
Arjay Hinek
  • Generative AI: There's a middle ground that you can use
Jason Adelmann
  • What is the state of the Agile Job Market?
Kate Megaw, Anu Smalley
  • FABULOUS Facilitation for FAB Retrospectives
Jamie Champagne
  • Navigating Hybrid Work: Fostering Inclusivity on Hybrid Teams
  • Navigating Hybrid Work: Fostering Inclusivity on Hybrid Teams
Teresa Quinlan
  • Beyond the Bathtub: Wellbeing for Performance Starts and Ends with Boundaries
  • Loosening Attachments - Fail Fast and Move Through Change Like a Rockstar
Louisa Andrianopoulou, Raquel Silva
  • From Inertia to Innovation: Physics-Inspired Strategies for Organizational Maturity
Liz Johnson
  • Harnessing Test-Driven Development and CI/CD for Smarter Data Analysis
Bill Schneider
  • Agile Project Management with GitHub
Ramanathan Yegyanarayanan, Pooja Bharat
  • The Art of giving and receiving feedback
Loren Rosario-Maldonado
  • Can Gen Z Hack It? : Using Cultural Intelligence for the Multigenerational Workforce
  • The Cultural Intelligence Code for Diverse Leadership
Meron Ferede
  • Product Dixit game
Bill Sundermann
  • From Influencer to Energizer: Advancing Team Success
Laura Blersch
  • Revolutionize Your Team Overnight: Unlock the Secret Power of No-Code Tools!
  • Neurodiversity Uncovered: Enhancing Team Dynamics.
Agne Kelminskiene
  • Overcoming Resistance: Inclusive Leadership Practices To Drive Change That Lasts
  • Lateral Thinking Techniques You Wished You Knew Sooner
Tim Johnson, Jaap Dekkinga
  • Enabling Agility at a Large Federal Agency by Implementing a Modern Delivery Model
Isaac Garcia
  • Results Change Systems
Michael Vizdos
  • Agile In Education - Reality Check For The 21st Century
  • 11 Tips for a Successful Scrum Implementation
Raghavendra Mithare, Natasha Causton
  • Only Results Matter (ORM) - being a high-performance coach.
Anu Smalley, Kate Megaw
  • "Awakening Insight: Navigating the Landscape of Self-Awareness and Purpose"
  • Building High-Performance Teams: Unleashing Potential for Organizational Success
Tom Stiehm
  • Agile Software Development Antipatterns and how to avoid them
  • Shifting Left, the security superpower for Agile Development
Androniki Efstratiou-Drakes, Germaine Trista Hendrikz
  • Play, the highest form of research?
Michael Baran
  • How to Increase Agility with Psychological Safety and Connection
Bevan Williams
  • Letting Go: The Effective Agilists Secret Weapon
  • Inclusive Teams Start with Empathy
  • Disrupting Agile Hiring: Moving Beyond Acronyms and Buzzwords.
  • Beyond 'Failing Fast': Mastering the Art of Failing Well in Agile
Rebecca Jeyaraj
  • The Millennium Perspective: A New Framework for Purpose-Driven Business Agility
Ashutosh Bhatawadekar
  • Coaching Mirrors - How to Identify and pick the Right One for your Transformation?
  • Customer Centricity is Passee... What matters is Problem Centricity!
Craig Risi
  • Trying to turn a cruise-liner like a speed boat
  • The Benefits of Time Travel
  • How to Create Testable User Stories
  • Unlocking Code Confidence: Building Effective Quality Gates in CI Pipelines
Stuart Munton
  • “The Convergence” - how AI is changing Digital Roles and Teams
  • Team Performance Evolution
  • The Product Confidence Trap
Peter Coesmans
  • The Sustainable Agile Organisation
  • Insights from the Agile Business Awards 2024. Real Stories from Real Organisations
Danique Konings
  • Stepping in the Spotlight: How I Used Acting to Convince Management of an Agile Transition Approach
Jeremy Abernathy, Phil Abernathy
  • The skill gap – where education is failing us
Prakriti Mateti
  • One does not simply... rebuild a product
Leandro Melendez
  • Evolve into agile and continuous performance testing
Robb Reid
  • The Art of API: Weaving Values and Vision into Your Digital Interfaces
Priya Vijayan
  • Fostering Effective Team Collaboration in Hybrid World
Mark Summers
  • Nurturing Organic Change in Organisational Landscapes
  • Deep Democracy Dive into Enterprise Agility
Annemarie Wolfrat
  • The value of being wrong
Michal Shlomy, Vered Robinzon
  • Agile dynamics Management,public sector institutions & what is in between them
Alexandra Stokes
  • Empowered Agile Transformation - Beyond the Framework
Nicola McCrabbe
  • Burnout Be Gone: One Habit at a Time
James Hollis
  • “Mindful Leadership Strategies for Fostering Engagement, and Building a Resilient Agile Culture”
Pranay Chanda
  • MLOps in Data Science: A natural progression of Agile & DevOps principles
  • Gen AI CoE : Generate ROI and drive enterprise agility on Gen AI investments.
  • In 5-minute, from product requirements to epics, features, stories, acceptance criteria' with GenAI
Matt Badgley
  • Using Model Thinking to Raise Your Organization's Game
  • Group Discovery and Ideation that is Outside-the-box and Gets Stuff Done
  • Group Discovery and Ideation that is Outside-the-box and Gets Stuff Done
  • Driving Continuous Improvement with Your New Shiny Toolbox of Practices
Richard Cheng
  • We’re going to Ted Lasso this retrospective!
Edwin Dando
  • Thriving with Living Systems
Kelly Evans, Dr. Anthony Montgomery
  • Get FIT: Double Sustainable Pace
Coach Clinton Ages
  • Unlocking Human Sigma: A Thrilling Dive into Next-Level Stakeholder Management!
Mike Lavery, Steve Harvey
  • Unleash the Power of Design Thinking in your Retrospectives
Simon Yost
  • Unlocking Business Value with Medallion Architecture
  • Data Leadership: Developers at the Forefront
Jessica Guistolise, Bryan Stallings
  • “Imagine All the People" - Inviting Collaboration Equity and Inclusion
Brian Bulaw
  • Improve Results by Thinking Differently About Agile Audits
Timo Kiuru
  • Building a Creativity-Driven Organization
Lakshmi Sowjanya Uppala
  • Product Value Curves | A practical approach to building effective product strategy
Georgina Hughes
  • Life Lessons From a Career in Cultural Transformations
  • Designing Engaging Retros
Rosalia Adisti
  • Role-play the board game challenge to solve the real-life challenge!
Tim Nolan
  • Two Great Exercises that Go Great Together: The Finding Solutions Two-Step
Bob Payne
  • Unlocking Value in Agile Governance: From Pain to Promise
  • Value Streams at the Turning Point: Transforming Organizations with a Value-First Approach
  • Unleashing Evolution: Agile Beyond the Meme
  • ScrumBan: A Hands-On Implementation Workshop for Agile Teams
Candase Hokanson
  • Backlog Confessions - Quality Attributes (or lack thereof)
  • Practical Prioritization for Product People
  • Behavior Driven Development When There Are No Users
  • Anyone Can Automate
Eugene Chung
  • Accelerating time to team: rapidly forming connected and effective teams
Samant Kumar
  • Predictable Product delivery Planning-If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!
  • Predictable Program delivery Planning-If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!
  • The Agile Scrum Ceremony Most Talked About but Least Paid Attention To
  • The Agile Scrum Ceremony Most Talked About but Least Paid Attention To
John Tanner
  • Why Lean & Agile Organizations in the Age of AI Must Start with HR
  • A Better Approach to Agile Metrics: Where Performance Meets Humanity
  • Troubleshooting Transformation: Strategies for Enterprise Agile Success
Joanna Masraff
  • Sustainability in Scrum: Integrating Eco-Conscious Practices into the Scrum Framework
Mitch Goldstein
  • Supercharging User Stories: Crystal-Clear Criteria and Effortless Estimation
Kristen Cross
  • Take Your Retrospectives to New Heights... with Paper Airplanes!
  • Agile vs. Project Management... Is Scrumfall really that bad?
Padmaja Nadkarni
  • Fitness Technology is for Seniors too
  • 10 tips for fighting the anxiety with agility and technology
Betsy Irizarry, Nick Yingling
  • Revitalizing Your Local Professional Community Groups
Michael Hyzy, Stefan Schnabl
  • Leading Change: Integrating Organizational Strategies for Outcomes Over Outputs
Eric Dickson, Michael Hunter
  • Agile Lessons Learned with Tennis Balls!
  • Problem Solving with Open Space Technology
Amy Neff
  • Exposing the Mokita – The unspoken conversations we need to have on our teams
Nayan Hajratwala
  • Continuous Deployment: A Practical Roadmap for Software Teams
Sue Ryu
  • Agile Scaling with LEGO: A Robotics Subsumption Architecture Simulation
Pietro Maffi
  • Sense making empowering to build resilient and effective teams
  • unFIX-ing horizonts: Navigating Agile travel through Adaptation
Anna Zakoyan, Alistair Corrie
  • Show Me The Money: What if a financial accounting expert were integrated into your Agile team?
Arpita Mukherjee
  • Building the Right Thing and Building It Right.
  • Breaking Free from the Drama Triangle: Unlock the Power of Improved Relationships and Communication.
  • Exploring Team Dysfunctions: Uncover, Identify, Transform
Adam Auerbach
  • Elevating IT: A Journey Towards Engineering Excellence
Jeff Harry
  • Why Ted Lasso’s Feminine & Masculine Leadership Matters
  • Making Work Suck Less: Healing Workplaces Through Play
Nutsa Kuprava
  • Bringing Empathy to Agile Teams, a Coaching Case Study
Kaye Burton
  • How to lead organizations where Agile is a bad word
Jeroen Venneman, Tim Wiegel
  • Navigate your organizational transformation by leading with Obeya
Phil Abernathy
  • The elephant in the room
  • Agile OsKRs
Erin Davies
  • What everyone gets wrong about OKRs
Phil Abernathy, Jeremy Abernathy
  • What is your Org. BMI?
Chris Stone
  • Using Agile to build your personal brand and transform your career
  • Build-a-retro workshop - Creating engaging retrospectives that resonate
  • Scale Agile? No. Let's scale improvement.
Caitlin Walker
  • An Agile mindset is like what?
Massimo Terzo
  • Agile for physical products: the case study of a motorbike helmet
  • Agile for Engineering
Ryan Brook, Sander Dur
  • Deceiving Ourselves: 10 Lies That Organisations Tell
Chris Montgomery
  • Think App, Think Product!
Mario Moreira
  • Experience the Journey to Psychological Safety
  • Create Our Own Agile Ways of Working
Sally Sloley
  • The Empathy Box: Unboxing richer conversations
  • Cognitive Bias: What are you hiding?
  • Lack of curiosity: The silent killer of agility
Emily Stickle
  • Agile Leadership Starts with You!
Nina Pozderec, Jaka Kladnik
  • 11 hidden tools to Switch Organisation from beyond Agile into Self-managed one
  • Why implementing agile into a manufacturing company is not impossible
Todd Little, Joey Spooner
  • From Product Discovery to Product Delivery - A Real-Life Example
  • Managed Evolutionary Change
Adaptive Ecosystems by KSTS Consulting
  • Agile Transformation Theater: Errors and Omissions of "Scaling".
Ashok Singh
  • Addressing cognitive biases for effective product discovery
Ti Mougne
  • Beyond Agile: The Quest for Transformative Growth
Sarah Baca
  • Autism at Work - Thriving in a World Designed for Someone Else
Jeffery Payne
  • MLOps: Deploying Your Machine Learning Models
Renae Craven
  • From Agility to Alignment: How I refreshed my agile career and became a Pilates Instructor.
Esin Altin
  • The Role of Agile Coaches in Embracing Neurodiversity
  • Accelerating Product Development with AI:Mastering Low-Code/No-Code Platforms in Agile Organizations
Tatyana Slavova
  • Crack the Mind Code: Outsmart Lifetrap Déjà Vu
Faye Thompson
  • Embracing the Wave: Exploring the Transformative Potential of AI in Product Management
Rich Theil
  • Creating Your First AI-Based Product
  • Generative AI for Senior IT Leaders
  • Prompt Engineering for Product People & Scrum Masters
  • Prompt Engineering Challenge (for people who aren't engineers)
Matthew Gorbsky, William Karlin
  • Integrating Agile Metrics with Traditional Business Metrics
Aakash Singhal
  • Navigating the Chaos with Chaos Engineering
  • Activating Product Management to Deliver Quarterly Results
  • Battling the Voice Against Change: “We are DIFFERENT!”
  • Scaling DevOps as a Self-Service Capability
Jolene Jangles
  • Elevating Growth: The Power of Transformational Experiences
Amy Lane
  • Manager in the Middle: How to Harness the Wisdom of the “Muddy Middle” in Agile Environments
  • Agile Creativity Unplugged: No AI Prompts Required
Hendrik Esser
  • Agile and the management grind - my journey to complexity leadership
Holly Hester-Reilly
  • How to Make Space for High-Impact Continuous Product Discovery
  • Beyond Agile: Tales From the Trenches of In-Progress Product Transformations
  • Setting Your Team Up for Success with the Product Science Principles
Catherine Louis
  • Agile Reinvention: Surviving the 'Kill Your Company' Challenge
  • Bridging the Gap: How the Disappearance of Women in Tech Affects Product Development
  • Breaking Down Silos: Overcoming Upper Management Behaviors That Hinder Team Collaboration
Scott Seivwright, Joanna Masraff
  • Sustainability DoJo
  • Game On : Integrating Sustainability Metrics in Feature Prioritisation
Catherine Louis, Richard Kasperowski
  • Agile Team Mastery: Lessons learned from Search and Rescue Missions
J. David Prior, Stuart Young
  • Optimizing yourself for the Future: Investing in the Power-Ups You Need to Thrive and Survive
Vishal Saxena
  • The Soulful Shift: Sustainable Transformation through Inspired Leadership
Francesca Rossin
  • Whispers of change: the silent journey to unlocked solutions.
Junilu Lacar, Jason Piskiel
  • Developing a Tidying Habit: What To Do When Refactoring Is Too Hard
Ben Walder
  • The Power of Visuals in the Agile Domain
  • The Power of Visuals in the Agile Domain
John Burns
  • Cognitive Bias Bingo – A workshop for making better decisions.
  • A Game Changer for Organizational Agility: Unlocking the power of Technical Excellence
Troy Magennis, Chris Hefley
  • OKRs - Visualizing Strategy and Results for Clarity and Alignment
  • Forecasting at Scale: Multiple Team Forecasting
Troy Magennis
  • The Math of Flow - Understanding and Explaining the Economics of Agile
Laisa Drake
  • AI: Your Secret Co-Product Manager
  • From Bots to Brains: Leveraging AI for Agile Learning Experiences
  • Unlocking AI's Potential: Mastering Prompt Engineering for you, me and grandma
Monica Leon, Celeste Benavides
  • Uncovering the Double Agents of Change: Creating Sustainable Transformation
  • Mission Possible: Double Agents Navigating the Seas of Organizational Change
Judy Neher
  • Navigating the Collective Mind: Unveiling the Wisdom of Crowds
Michael Hyzy
  • Redefining Agile: Consumer-Centric Value Streams in Product Development
  • Leveling Up: The Revolutionary Fusion of Gamification and Generative AI
Marilou Canon, Amanda Austin
  • No Script Required: Improv Comedy Techniques for Building High Performance Teams
Derek Zumsteg
  • Strategy and tactics for when you're screwed
  • Hiring great people requires putting candidates first
  • I set fire to millions of Expedia’s dollars and all I got was this talk
Kylle Dietz, Louisa Andrianopoulou
  • Creating a map through the galaxy for coaching product teams
Kamal Hans
  • Coaching Lessons from the DJ's Playbook
Wayne Hetherington
  • Getting Unstuck - Starting and Stopping your Brain
Dave Ross, Philip Strain
  • Visualizing Inclusion: How Visual Collaboration Tools Transform Agile for All Abilities
Suzanne Lagerweij
  • Influence without Power - Why Empathy is your Best Friend
Pier Paolo Monticone, Luca Minudel
  • Agility in AI-Assisted Innovation Labs: Accelerating Idea and Patent Generation with AI and Agile Pr
Nicole Smith
  • Powerboosting From our Past Through Map-Drawing
Annelie Coetzee
  • Articulating Our Coaching Goal... PS: It's not Agility
  • Becoming Wayfinders in Complexity
Annelie Coetzee, Sonja Blignaut
  • Wayfinding & Waymaking in Complexity
Dhivya Arunagiri
  • Building teams for the future - the Deliver, Evolve, Grow framework
Patrick O'Neill
  • CRAT Happens: Navigating Agile Through Organizational Ups and Downs
Joel Bancroft-Connors
  • Empowering Scrum Teams for Profitable and Sustainable Solutions: A Systems Approach
  • Agile Superpowers Unleashed: Charting Career Success and Amplifying Value
Laureen Knudsen, Matthew Gorbsky
  • Nurture Collaboration and Enhance Trust in Agile Enterprises
Vanessa Shannon
  • Becoming a Pro Surfer: 3 Ways to Grow Resilience
  • Be Human: Leading with Empathy and Vulnerability
Philip Dean
  • Surviving the Journey to Hardware Agility
Taylor Troesh
  • Permacomputing & Existential Design
  • IKEA-Oriented Development
  • How to be a -10x Engineer
  • The Timeless Way of Software
Joe Ziadeh
  • Rehearsing for the Revolution - Using Play to Solve Wicked Problems
Yves Hanoulle
  • Leadership Game
Kevin Sutherland
  • Overcome the Urge to Solve – Strategies for Achieving Outcomes
  • Outcomes-Based Procurement: How to Structure Vendor Contracts with Agility
  • Navigating Organizational Change – Lessons Learned the Hard Way
Amanda Babb, Michiko Quinones
  • Connect Strategy to Execution with OKRs
Amanda Babb
  • The Data-Driven Agilist: Reading Between the Numbers
Alejandro Escalante Menchaca
  • Stand Up Comedy for Agile Coaches
  • There's no "I" in PI Planning
  • Embracing the Agile Mindset Through Comedy
Quinton Quartel, Diana Larsen
  • Empowered Product Teams with Fluid Teaming – An Alternative to Dual Track Agile
  • Fluid Teaming and Self-Selection – A New and Radical Approach to Org Structure to Unleash Innovation
Leslie Welch
  • Challenging the Norm: An Agile Approach to Data Visualization
Tim Meyer
  • Leading from the Trenches: Practical advice for leading from where you are.
Mike Robinson
  • Project to Product is only half your journey.
  • New tools for operationalizing agility across distribution and scale
Graham Lutz
  • The Mental Architecture of Innovative Teams
Abhigya Pokharel
  • Personal Agility - A Framework Beyond Frameworks!!!
Stan Ponder
  • From Doormat to Dictator: How to Find the Balance as a Leader
Amitabh Sinha
  • Beneath the Surface: The Unfiltered Truth About Achieving Agile Excellence
  • Motivate, Bond, Transform: The Team Empowerment Blueprint
Aaron Rusty Lloyd
  • Capacity Planning: Optimize planning your quarterly work at every level
McCaul Baggett, Chris Sims
  • LEADING An Agile Insurgency
Jenni Lankfer, Kate Hanley
  • Tales from the Product Management Trenches
Jeremy Brown
  • From Shakespeare to Scrum
Priya Biswas
  • "Kid-Gile: A Playful Twist to Chores with Agile Awesomeness!
  • Isolation to Inclusion: Unleashing the Power of Communities of Practice
Adam Thomas
  • Mastering Survival Metrics: A Workshop for Advanced Product Managers
  • Revitalizing Strategy: Achieving High Strategic Custody for Proactive Change
  • Survival Metrics: The Key to Agile Decision-Making in Product Management
Christopher Bramley
  • The hidden Fears of Leadership
Joshua King
  • From Wishlist to Reality: Mastering the Art of Intentional Transformation Planning
  • Stop the holy wars, move beyond the frameworks
  • 70% of agile transformations fail: make sure you're in the 30% that succeed
  • You don't need an army of coaches
Alyona Kostenko
  • Supporting Teams' Self-Identity - practical tool for Agile Leaders during turbulent times.
Todd MacZura
  • Data doesn't speak for itself; Sharing information through a narrative
  • Coaching our internal dialogue – Reframing our thoughts and speech
Tim Andersen
  • From Chaos to Curated: Modern Engineering Practices for Data Management
  • Next-Level Coaching: Strategies for Scaling Technical Proficiency
Sarah Baca, Becky Tobin
  • Why Can't We Get Our $h!t Together?! 3 Tools for Product People Who Care About Customers in a Comple
Eric Tucker
  • Own the work, don't rent it. The power of team self-management.
Ross Libby
  • Agile's Trojan Horse: Marketers Leading Enterprise Agility
  • Agile and Alicorns (What "My Little Pony" can teach us about unveiling the magic within)
Carey Hollis
  • Believe - Agile Leadership Unleashed: The Ted Lasso Approach
  • Agile Resilience: Navigating through the Storming Phase Workshop
Margie Rains
  • IT Can be Done - Product Centric thinking and practices for IT
Chris Sims, McCaul Baggett
  • Meet Frank -Your Friendly Artificial Life-Form
Mita Matharu
  • Winning the Game with Agile: Lessons from Ted Lasso’s Playbook
Kim Cathey
  • It's All Fun & Games - Fun Team Building in a Virtual World
  • People Skills and How to Promote Them
Cansel Sörgens
  • 3 OKR misconceptions that ruin OKR implementations
  • Don't cascade OKR! Build a Solar System!
Luiz C. Parzianello
  • Succeeding with Business Agility
John Barratt
  • Redefining Agile Coaching: Lessons from IAG Loyalty's Unique Journey
  • Mastering Prioritisation: A Strategic Approach to Product Backlog Management
  • Agile Reimagined: Energizing Teams by Shifting from Problems to Outcomes
Seb Rose
  • Agile estimation - the good, the bad and the ugly
  • User stories - from good intentions to bad advice
Olav Maassen, Laurens Bonnema
  • Accelerating Innovation: The Art of Obeya Building and Hosting from the Trenches
Tom Perry
  • Unlocking Success: The Power of the Agile Playbook
  • Team Performance Management: A New Frontier for Agile Teams
  • Mapping the Enterprise: Using Maps to Create Greater Transparency
  • Mastering Agile Working Agreements
Martin Foster, Mel Kendell
  • Beyond Team Efficiency - setting up your teams for success at scale (workshop)
  • Joining the Silos: Hard Lessons Learned while growing from 10 to over 1000 Teams
Roman Lobus
  • Team Autonomy Unleashed: A Blueprint for Self-Management
Victoria Sheer
  • I cracked the code on how to use OKRs: Aldi Süd case study
Jeffery Mortimer, CBAP, SAFe LPM
  • Elevating Product Discovery with GenAI: Unveiling the Future of Innovation
  • Why Can't IT and the Business be Friends
Heath Gascoigne
  • Agile Business Transformation is a Myth (or is it?)
Jeffery Mortimer, CBAP, SAFe LPM, Kate Hanley
  • Innovate to Differentiate: Navigating the Gap Between CEO Aspiration and Corporate Reality
Jeffery Mortimer, CBAP, SAFe LPM, Archie Woods
  • Value Eats Predictability for Lunch
Jason Little
  • How AI Can Be Your Transformation Co-Pilot
  • 1995 called, they want their change management framework back
Zach Stone
  • Scrum Master Vs. The Machine
  • Healthy Teams in the Age of Chaos
Amy Schmidt
  • Embracing change in a new season of life
John Barratt, Caitlin Walker
  • How to build a Self Managing Team
Luca Minudel, Vinnie Gill
  • Are we killing Agile?
Ken Rickard
  • Unraveling the Coach Within: Exploring the Intersection of Beliefs, Behaviors, and Connections
Patrick Boyd
  • TRANSFORMATIONS INSIDE OUT AND UPSIDE DOWN: Focusing on how people experience the world
Charles-Louis de Maere
  • An Exploration of Clean Language
April Griffith
Jay Hrcsko
  • Stop treating organizations like they're not living things!
Luca Minudel
  • Stars aligned. Projects adrift. Why can we predict planets but not projects?
  • How to make Cross-team Collaboration really work for you
Karin Höök
  • Servant Leadership Gone Too Far
Myles Hopkins
  • Moving From Waterfall Agile to Extreme Agile
Jutta Eckstein
  • Creating Better Products by Focusing on Sustainability
James Foxx, Elza de Stigter
  • Motivating High Performing Teams via Gamification
Katrina Coker
  • Why Retrospectives are Important and How anyone can do them with TikTok's @TheScrumMother
  • How to get Experience as a ScrumMaster without being a ScrumMaster with TikTok's @TheScrumMother
Kelli Bryant
  • Ready, Set, Squad Formation!
Annastasia Gallaher
  • “Is the juice worth the squeeze?” - How to know when it's time to quit your job
Yadi Caro
  • Hardcore Soft Skills to Create a High Performing Team
Mark Warner
  • Value Streams: A Cautionary Tale
  • Agile: What could possibly go wrong (and how to make sure it doesn't)
  • Busting Bias in Story Point Estimation
  • A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing
Joel McCune
  • Agile Evolution: ChatGPT's Scrumptious Scrum Solutions
Shane Hastie
  • The Collaborative Dance: AI and Product Management
Jennifer Winkelmann
  • Why am I so Weird? How Metaphors Helped Me Conquer Imposter Syndrome
Brian Watson
  • Unleashing Organizational Potential: Harnessing Flow Metrics and the Project to Product Approach
Marie Kalliney, Laureen Knudsen
  • Upskilling Unleashed: Harnessing Flow Metrics for Cultural Transformation
Vinnie Gill
  • The Great Agile Murder Mystery - Who Killed Agile?
  • Don’t go Chasing Waterfalls - Stick to the Experiments that will guide You!
  • How to be an agile coach in 10 days - Money back guarantee!
  • Journaling - A Moment for reflection at Agile 2024…..
James Carpenter, David Stackleather
  • Leaders Missing in Action?: Practical Solutions for a Complex World
  • See The System: System Modeling In Practice
Alexander Moen
  • Harnessing Everyday AI: Empowering Agile Teams in a Digital Age
Ken Rickard, Jason Little
  • The 6 Big Ideas of Adaptive Organizations
Jakub Perlak
  • Anti-Agile Tetris - How To Make Systemic Change
  • Shared Leadership - leaders are everywhere, how research on agile teams meets practice
  • Learning Agility & Energizing People Through Games
  • Change by Desing - how to prototype a change by collaboration
Robb Lockwood
  • Building Better Coaching Conversations with LEGO®
Rosanna Knottenbelt
  • The Evolution of Product and Service Development: A Digital Workspace Revolution
Amine Benali
  • Hybrid Hilarity: Mastering the Art of Getting the Worst from Both Worlds!
Guy Yom Tov
  • Increase productivity with copilot !
Llewellyn Falco
  • TDD with ChatGPT
Jonathan Turner
  • Can ChatGPT do Test-Driven Development?
  • Five Ideas in Software Development that are Clear, Simple, and Wrong
Ricardo Rottmann Ordoñez
  • Transforming Business: Agile Marketing for Enhanced Organizational Agility
Mark Boysen, Ned Kalinovic
  • Demo of AI and Business Agility in Action
  • Rapid Learning AI Prompting Workshop
  • Energizing your Agile with AI
Nick Yingling, Betsy Irizarry
  • Revitalizing Your Local Professional Community Groups
Christina Hartikainen
  • Beyond Sleep - 7 Types of Rest to Help You Recharge and Thrive
Tracy Goodhue, Margaret Fairchild Morton
  • Where Humanity Meets Security: Accessibility in Cybersecurity Challenges Organizations Agility
Dustin Thostenson
  • Positively Influence: Change how you try to change others
  • It's the end of Agile as we know it, and I feel fine
  • Sphere of Control: Techniques to Tackle Tech Debt Today
Claudia Orozco-Gomez
  • Culture Is Not a WYSIWYG: Connecting Individual Identity to Collective Culture
Soniya Judhani
  • Turning Thoughts into Action Items: Empowering Retrospectives for Continuous Improvement
Koen Vastmans
  • So, what if every backlog item is a must? - Experience the impact of your priorities using a game
Joshua Tasker
  • Navigating the Organisational Chessboard: A Battlemapping Workshop
Dave Sharrock, Vivian Xu
  • Elevating Team Performance – 15 Team Leadership Rules to Live By
Angela Wick
  • Futureproof - Bringing Agility, Analysis, and AI Together
Haley Sweeton
  • Crash Land into a Product Owner Survival Workshop!
Stefanie Dr. Puckett
  • The Art of Building Resilience at work
  • The Agile Culture Code: The elements that turn company culture into competitive advantage
  • Agile Leadership - A behavior based competency model
Bojan Smudja
  • Team motivation booster with PCM (Process Communication Model)
  • Unmasking cognitive bias in product development
Zorina Alliata
  • • The AI Scrum Master: A Practical Guide to Incorporating AI into your Agile Practices and Processes
Hari Krishnan
  • API specs to executable contracts in seconds with Specmatic
Kathy Berkidge
  • Teamwork with Presence
  • Maintaining Curiosity to Drive Innovation
  • The 3 “S’s” of User Stories
Christina Ambers
  • DIY Agile Maturity Assessments
  • Managing Squirrels: Aligning Coaching Goals to the Organization
Darlene Reames
  • Coaching: A Play in 3 Acts
Darlene Reames, Christina Ambers
  • Chutes and Ladders: Playing the Agile Career Game
  • Superpowers & Kryptonite - Vanquishing your Inner Demons
Bill Allen
  • Superheros of Product Discovery: The Product Discovery Canvas and Artificial Intelligence
  • Technical Practices for Detecting Bias in AI: Building Fair and Ethical Models
Christina Ambers, Darlene Reames
  • Double Stuff Your Products
Giles Lindsay
  • Empowering Business Agility - The Senior Leadership Connection
Roslyn Martin
  • Stealth HCD: 𝐛𝐔𝐭 𝐰𝐄 𝐃𝐨𝐍𝐭 𝐡𝐀𝐯𝐄 𝐭𝐈𝐦𝐄 𝐭𝐎 𝐭𝐀𝐋𝐤 𝐭𝐎 𝐂𝐮𝐬𝐓𝐨𝐌𝐞𝐫𝐒!
  • Embodied Leadership: Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Body
  • Design Your Destiny: Use Design Thinking to Transform your Career
  • Agile Eloquence: Communicate with Confidence to Amplify Impact
Jonathan Ward
  • Three critical concepts to close the Strategy-Execution Gap
Tashfeen Mahmood
  • Delivery in the age of software – Lessons from the field
Alex Ciraco, Hans Eckman
  • Understanding Scrum Through a Hands-on Simulation
Marie Kalliney
  • From Chaos to Calm: Mastering Delivery at Scale with Flow Metrics
  • Recipes for Success: Value Stream Management in Agile Portfolio Planning at Scale
Robin Hackshall
  • Coping with Change: The Power of the Brick
Ken Pugh
  • How Do We Know We're Done?
  • What’s It Worth? The Art of Determining and Tracking Business Value
Ken Pugh, Angela Wick
  • Creating a Business Value Context for Development
Tomas Herda
  • Iterative Science of Prompt Engineering for Generative AI tools
Raquel Silva, Louisa Andrianopoulou
  • The 4 Horsemen of Toxic Behaviour
  • Tranformation Carnival: Unveeiling the Large-Scale Business transformation backlog
Nasim Choroumi
  • Agile and Networking
Ángel Díaz-Maroto Álvarez
  • Navigating the LeadershipDancefloor: Mastering Agile Leadership Dynamics
  • Demystifying Mindset and Cultural Change: Integrating New Narratives and Mental Models
  • #CoachingDancefloor: The Definitive Model for Pragmatic Agile Coaching
  • Applying BRIeF: A Hands-On Workshop on Business Resilience and Disruptive Innovation
Tom Henricksen
  • Learning agile, Living agile, Leaving agile - 3 steps to ensure you are in the right place
  • How Did We Get Here?, Fixing Your Agile Aggravations
  • Humans are hard, code is easy, building connection with influence and collaboration
Kathy Antol, Andy Hannaford
  • Who Killed the Product? A Murder Mystery!
Meenakshi Iyer
  • Demystifying Team Leadership: Leading with our Head, Heart, and Hands
Leslie Lowman
  • When did Trust become a 4-letter word?
  • Transformations Require Leadership - Not Management
Clint Byrum
  • Wisdom From The Sharp End: Learning From Incidents
Carsten Lützen
  • Unleashing Team Energy: Navigating the Professional Landscape with Innovation, Complexity, and a Das
Michael Crivello
  • Selling the Dream: Pitching Ideal Team Compositions
Arijit Sarbagna
  • Agile Fusion: Embracing Change in the AI Epoch
Kim Scribner
  • Less Boring, More Effective Meetings
Daniel Susser
  • Work Smarter - build Intelligent organisations and teams with the help of Cognitive Science
  • Retrospect and Adapt - How to get the right retrospective for your team every time
  • Work Smarter - build Intelligent organisations and teams with the help of Cognitive Science
Suresh Babu Sathiyakumar
  • Software Development Effectiveness & Agile Transformation Case Study in Automotive Domain
Yasunobu Kawaguchi
  • Small Teams, Big Impact: Revolutionizing Conferences in the Hybrid Era
Tom Siebeneicher, Sander Dur
  • From burndown to burnouts - navigating the shift: From agile metrics to employee wellness!
  • Leading from the Sandbox: How to Empower and Inspire Your Team
  • Why Psychological Safety is Key for Innovation
  • Navigating Complexity: 5 Leadership Traits for the Modern Era.
Nils Hyoma
  • Revolutionizing Backlog Management: A Workshop with Refinement Cards!
Steve Adolph
  • Beyond Bulldozing: Transforming Enterprises into Sustainable Agile Ecosystems
Chad Green
  • Software Craftsmanship for Non-Developers
  • Leading with Strength: Applying Marine Corps Leadership Traits to Software Development Teams
  • Technical Debt Is Not Free
Pete Oliver-Krueger, Michael S Dougherty
  • Shift: to Usability Theater
  • Shift: to Usability Theater (Workshop)
  • Shift: to Usability Theater
Padma Putrevu, Leila Rao
  • Cultivating empathy as a change trigger
Danielle Paula
  • Agile Career Shakeup: Ditch the Jargon, Speak Results, Win Leadership Buy-In
  • From Laggards to Leapfrogs: How AI Ignited Our Customer Centricity
  • Who's Really in Control? Why Agile Coaches Need Tool Mastery
Tracie Myska
  • Navigating the Wagile Waters: A Symphony of Flexibility and Structure in Project Success
Raoul Flaminzeanu
  • How to create and elevate top talent? A cohort-based learning method
Tim Dickey
  • Gaining an Unfair Advantage: A Learning System That Changes Transformation Conversations
  • Wait, what?! Organizational Agility Accelerated by AI/LLM
Ruchi Dhar
  • Navigating the Convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Agile Methodologies
Fabian Schiller
  • Rethinking Motivation - Why Some Teams Thrive and Others Not
Elena Marquetti-Ali
  • Code to Clarity: Communicating Technical Concepts to a Non-Technical Audience
  • Alone Together: Team-Building for Remote Teams
  • Magnetic Leadership: Pulling the best out of everyone
Kathy Antol
  • Paws and Points: Adventures in Relative Estimation
Chad Gallant
  • Scrum for the Whole Family
Dave Cornelius
  • Healing – The Missing Practice of DEIB: Building Belonging, Trust, and Progress
  • Unlock Innovation and Boost Morale in Your Workspace
Alex Ciraco
  • Agile Product Road Mapping
  • Create an Agile-Friendly Project Gating and Governance Approach
Becky Kuzma, Stuart Young
  • Dare to Share: Cultivating a Culture of Vulnerability for Collaborative Excellence
Geraldine Owen
  • Mitigating Groupthink in Agile Teams
Marisa Smith
  • Marie Kondo Your Data Pipelines with SQLMesh
David Filar
  • The Art of Being Alone
Gary Cohen, Kevin Sutherland
  • Agile Showdown: Family Feud Meets Coaching Mastery
Gigi Shengelia
  • Tech-Infused Agile Coaching
Craeg Strong
  • Workshop: Revolutionizing product delivery with Flight Levels
  • Modern Project Management with Lean/Kanban
  • Agile for leaders and executives
  • Hands On Workshop: Making strategy real with well-crafted outcomes, leading and lagging metrics
Steve Adolph, Shane Hastie
  • The Backlog is Broken: Revitalizing Product Management with the Rock Crusher Model
Mesut Durukal
  • Making 11 from two 1’s: The story of my team winging a flight
  • Expanding the Quality Horizons: Shifting Focus from Daily Problems to Securing the Future
  • 1 kilogram of Quality
Ahmed Avais
  • Adaptive Innovation in Complex Systems: Learning from Nature's Slime Mold
  • Navigating Paradigm Shifts in Agile Worlds: Recognizing Change Through Human Systems Dynamics
  • Revitalizing Teams in Complex Systems: Agile Strategies for Sustained High Performance
  • Agile Product Development in Complex Adaptive Systems: A Multi-Industry Blueprint
Ionut Sontea, Elona Mullahi
  • Changing the organization from within: How our Transformation educates the Market and our group
  • Changing the Organization from Within: Our Transformation's Impact on the Market and Our Group
Tim Dickey, Randall Dunigan
  • AI-Powered Product Teams: The Ultimate Rebel Alliance
Dave Cornelius, Temi Bolaji-Jegede
  • Blueprints of Dreams: Creating Your Visioning Journey Map
Jara Puype
  • Fostering Digital Creativity: The Role of Agile in Shaping Children's Web Experiences
Joseph Milton
  • Turning Disruption Into Opportunity: A Guide to Personal Resilience
  • Cultivating Self-Awareness to Enhance Human Connections in the Age of AI
Paul Hylenski
  • "What If AI Could Make Us More Human? The path to evolving into an A.I. Leader”
Meenakshi Iyer, Padmini Nidumolu
  • Making S P A C E™ for Building Sustainable Team Practices
Robert Clawson
  • Immersive learning in product - slowing down to speed up
Emily Darin
  • Personal Portfolio Canvas: A New Perspective on Holistic Growth and Balance
Anar Umurzakova
  • "Empowering Agile Organizations with SCALE: A Roadmap for Exponential Growth"
Lindsay Smith
  • An Agile Mindset in a Non-Agile Organization
Manoj Kuppam
  • SRE Scoring For Continous Product Reliability Improvement
Michael Lloyd
  • Dysfunction Mapping: An Empirical Problem-solving tool
Corey Post
  • Smashing Silos: Winning with Integrated Business and Technology Teams
  • The New Era of Customer Satisfaction - A Paradigm Shift from SLA to XLA
  • Game On! Winning Strategies for Product Management from the World of Chess & Poker
  • How To Drive Innovation Through Big Data, Cloud, and Machine Learning
Kasie Kremenak
  • Growing Agile Leadership in Teams
David Wallace
  • Is Neurodiversity the Key to Unlocking Agility in your Organization?
Nigel Mahoney
  • Igniting Enduring Transformation: Mastering the Enterprise Change Pattern
Gregory Lind
  • Radical Transparency for Software Teams
Kyle Morton
  • How Unconscious Bias Impacts Agile Values and Principles in Teams
  • The Science of Focus: Unleashing the Power of Focused Teams
  • Ignite Your Team’s Potential: The psychology of how people and teams become motivated
Holly Bielawa
  • The Hard Thing about OKRs
Jørgen Hesselberg
  • Unleashing High Performance with Inspired Teams : Emotional Intelligence as a Performance Multiplier
John Halberstadt
  • Amplifying Customer Engagement With Generative AI
  • Advanced AI Risk Mitigation: Navigate AI uncertainties and mitigate risks in Agile development
  • Enhancing Team Engagement with AI: Elevate team engagement and cohesion with Generative AI
  • Unlocking Agile Potential: Integrating Generative AI in Project and Program Management
J.R. Winder
  • Agile Estimating and Planning - Doing it Right!
Nick Brown
  • Framework agnostic capacity planning at scale
Paul Barrett
  • Oh please! ANOTHER talk on Psychological Safety? (I hear ya) Why this one will change your mind.
  • Navigating the Leadership Landscape: The Dynamic Duo of Leadership and Management
Chris Lucian
  • Engineering Excellence: Inverse Conway Maneuver in Software Development Teams using Mob Programming
  • Harnessing Customer and Market Data for Agile Product Prioritization
  • Bridging Silos: Causal Loop Diagramming for Cross-Disciplinary Insight
  • Improving technical quality with Mob Programming and collective habits
Tina Oelschlager, Molly Paisie
  • Unleashing Innovation: Soar into the Future with Journey Experience Teams
Nazee Hajebi, Emilia Breton-Lake
  • Charting New Territories in Your Professional Path!
Dhaval Panchal
  • Generative vs. Prescriptive: Comparing Agile Scaling Frameworks
  • “Traveler there is no path. We make the road by walking” - Introduction to Systems Thinking
Wayne Hetherington, Jeff Hayes
  • “Transforming? Up to 30% of Your People Will Leave Unless…”
Alexandra Pressland
  • What exactly is the Product Operating Model?
Joshua Seckel
  • In defense of TPS Reports
  • Why are you still here?
Erin Perry
  • Transformation as a Product
  • Visual Interviews using Domain Modeling
  • When It's Time To Give Up on Transformation
  • Test Driven Development with AI
Edward Wisniowski
  • The Voice of Servant leadership
Monica Georgieff
  • Less Talk, More Walk: Agile Marketing Success in Highly Regulated Industries
  • Skill Mapping: Step 1 to Developing a Cross-functional Team
  • What's another word for 'Agile'?
Shelby Wilson
  • Do the Automotive with me
Ali Akram
  • Navigating Growth: A Playbook for Agile Resilience
Michael S Dougherty, Pete Oliver-Krueger
  • Shift: From Hearing to Listening Workshop
  • Shift: From Hearing to Listening
Gail Jacobs
  • Embracing Agile, Unintentionally, Became My Legal Saving Grace.
Stephen Loren
  • Enhancing Team Effectiveness: Unifying Initiatives, Embracing Shift Left, & Amplifying Value
Kerri Sutey, Erin Randall
  • Transformative Leadership: Coaching for Organizational Excellence
David Bernstein
  • Five Extreme Programming Practices for Crafting Code
  • The Seven Stages of Scrum
Shane Price
  • Make a LIAR out of me: 4 critical thinking steps for all of us
  • My learning journey: 4 steps to use what you usually discard
  • Brain freeze your way to togetherness: using ICE to improve team performance
Tracy Walton
  • From Tech Titans to Agile Ambassadors: How We Humanized Tool-Heavy Sales (and Won Big)
Teri Musick
  • Unlocking Agile Success: Harnessing AI for Data-Driven Metrics at All Levels
  • Embracing Neurodiversity: Inclusive Agile Team Practices for Empowering All Members
Anthony Coppedge
  • How Leaders Can Act On Aggregated Retrospectives at Scale
Sunny Dhillon
  • Climbing The Leadership Ladder
  • Better Your Scrum with Kanban to Improve Predictability
  • How Do Agile Teams Hit Deadlines
  • Integrating Kanban with PMBOK For Greater Project Success
Robert Woods
  • The Critical Scrum Master Skills You Can't Get Certified For
  • From Setback to Comeback: Tune Your Leadership Ability to Energize Others
  • Simplify to Unlock the True Value in Your SAFe
  • Agile Product Delivery: Doing it smaller in Texas!
Ken Pugh, Bob Galen
  • The Power of Three – What are My Three (or More) Options?
Emily Harden
  • From Code to Compassion: Rethinking Nonprofits in the Tech Ecosystem
Dorothy Aubut
  • Leadership effectiveness impact - How to creatively increase yours
Michael Easson
  • The Agile Dungeon: An Adventure in Agile Mastery
  • Agile Coach's Enigma - An Escape Room Experience
  • Agile Adaptations: Practical Applications for Thriving in the AI Age
Fatima Taj
  • Beyond the Offer: A Beginners Guide to Career Progression in Tech
Jess Brock
  • Machines and Humans: Finding the Balance in Software Development
  • Learning that Lasts: Coaching Sustainable Growth for Teams and Individuals
Paul Berryman
  • Seeking Kaizen - the Power of Waste Walls
Roger Turnau
  • Cost of Delay: An Economic Approach to Decision Making
Josh Ether
  • Distracted Development
Robin Yeman
  • Industrial DevOps Igniting the Revolution in Space Exploration through rapid innovation
Michael Krug
  • Agile and The Distributed Enterprise
Roy Nanku, Dan LeFebvre
  • Agile in Motion: A Live Experiment on Collaboration at Scale
Thomas Cagley, Jeremy Willets
  • Mastering Work Intake: The Key to Sustainability and Flow
Jimi Fearless
  • Scrum Hard: 25 Years of Agility and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt
Barbara Jones
  • Get 1% Better Each Day, Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement using Atomic Habits
  • Let's Talk about Responsible AI: Balancing Technical and Societal Outcomes
Dan LeFebvre
  • From Expendable to Essential: Tactics to Amplify Your Worth and Influence
Scott MacIntyre, Samuel Drackett
  • They Deserve Better: Why your onboarding is failing your people, and how to fix it.
Rajesh Ravisankar, Katrina Petersen
  • Mindful Agile Mastery - Using Mindfulness as a path to unlocking the true potential of Agile teams.
Antonio Cobo
  • Leia VS Galadriel: Exploring your inner leader
Raul Barth
  • The 5 Leadership Personality Traits for Accelerating Value Delivery
  • Unveiling Scrum Master Archetypes: Behaviors, Team Impacts and Real-life Situations
Becky Kuzma
  • Spark Your Inner Scientist! Using the Scientific Method to Enable Thoughtful Change
William Strydom
  • Effective communication, a necessary ingredient for high performing teams
  • Building customer centric products and services – a proven way to evoke it in teams and in orgs
Ben Friedberg
  • Two Boxes and a Line: Bridging the technical communication gap
  • Better Remote Teamwork through Emotional Intelligence
  • Big Lessons from Big Failures: 20 Years of Consulting in Retrospect
  • Mad Scientists, Saboteurs, and Con Artists: Seven Agile Habits of Highly Effective Supervillains
Martin Brunke
  • Two Minute Drill Manifesto
Emily McGee
  • Uncover the Gold Mine: Five Customer Research Techniques to Drive Product Success
Peter van Vliet
  • How to build future-proofed applications
Charlotte Rawlinson
  • Who do you want to be?: Success starts with civility.
  • Watch your tone! Understanding one's baseline
Dharma Mehta
  • Eight Mistakes to Avoid in Successful Project Management
  • AI Will Not Obliterate the Need for Collaboration in Project Management
  • Ruthless Prioritization: What It Is and How It Impacts Project Management
Sam Neer
  • An Advanced Guide to Failure: How to Fail in Spectacular Fashion
Tao Chun Liu
  • AI-Driven Agility: Redefining Risk Management in Agile Teams
  • Navigating the AI Era: Unveiling the Power of Agile in Future Project Management
  • Elevating Team Engagement: The Intersection of AI and Agile Team Empowerment
Marjolein Pilon
  • Planet Earth as Our Stakeholder Workshop
  • Planet Earth as Our Stakeholder
Soma Mazumder
  • Decoding Prioritisation with Kanban- the magic of CoS and CoD
  • Agile Harmony: Striking the Neurodiversity Chord in Teams
Russ Lewis
  • Managing Tensions not People: The HOW of Transformation
Ettiane Salamanca
  • Beyond Numbers: Storytelling Strategies for Agile Impact
Alex Sloley
  • 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗱𝘂𝗰𝘁 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗚𝗿𝗼𝘄𝘁𝗵 𝗪𝗵𝗲𝗲𝗹
  • 𝗔𝗴𝗶𝗹𝗲 𝗥𝗶𝘀𝗸 - 𝗜𝗻𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝗥𝗶𝘀𝗸 𝗥𝗲𝗱𝘂𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻
  • 𝗕𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗸𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗥𝗼𝗼𝗺 𝗖𝗼𝗮𝗰𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 – 𝗘𝗮𝘀𝘆, 𝗙𝗮𝘀𝘁, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗘𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲
  • 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗞𝗮𝗻𝗯𝗮𝗻 𝗣𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗲𝘀 – 𝗢𝗻𝗲 𝗥𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗼 𝗥𝘂𝗹𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝗺 𝗔𝗹𝗹
Tricia Broderick
  • Growth Mindset: Easier Said than Done
  • Being a Courageous Leader
  • Tips for Managing Up
Ricco Nourzad
  • Let's rollout OKRs
Fred Deichler
  • Drop Velocity and start using the Triforce of Predictable Delivery
  • Dev Manager to Agile Coach: Through the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel
Tommy Ogden
  • The Pre-Product Formula: Lessons from Consulting
Jay Johnson
  • Multi-Platinum Code Ownership
Celeste Benavides
  • Emotions at work: enabling spaces for high-performance people
  • Evolving Agility: Navigating Transformation with Spiral Dynamics
Bob Galen
  • Buckle Up Buttercup: Agile Coaching is More than Asking Questions!
  • How to Navigate the “What do Agile Coaches Do?” Value Dilemma
Mashhood Ahmed
  • Rise of AI - How to Leverage AI for Agile Project Management
Brian McKeiver
  • How to Win Friends and Influence...Better Developer Estimates
Tia Murry
  • Unlocking the Power of The Mind
Herve Aniglo
  • The Art of Data Governance
  • Business Analytics: Coding Concepts and Business Strategies
Andreas Evers
  • Unleashing Remote Excellence: A Case Study on KOR Financial's Remote Extreme Programming Approach
Denisse Vega Aguirre
  • Team Drama: Twist the plot
Ron Eringa, Dajo Breddels
  • How managers are killing creativity in your company
Lirone Glikman
  • Networking Boost: Crafting Lasting Friendships and Opportunities!
  • Unleashing Personal Branding Potential with Generative AI
Roland Flemm, Alexey Krivitsky
  • Designing Resilient Agile Ecosystems with Org Topologies™ in the DIY-Framework Era
Evelien Acun-Roos
  • Building Trust with Your Teams: The Foundation of High-Performing Teams
  • Unmasking the Secrets of Agile Facilitation - Discover the Science Behind Personal Engagement
Evelien Acun-Roos, Rozemarijn Geelen
  • Power of Personal Engagement - practises to engage your participants based on neuroscience
Laurens Bonnema, Merijn Boekel - van den Brink
  • Bridging Minds and Spaces: Leveraging Obeya for Agile Resilience
Tenisha Griggs
  • From Sports Field to Corporate Arena; The Key Qualities of Athletic Leadership, in Business
Engin Deniz
  • Agility Unleashed: Organizational and Team-Level Agile Maturity Assessment Model
Shin-ichi Takeuchi, Keishi Nanno
  • Agile Evolution in Hardware: Tracing PO/SM Roots from Toyota 1st-Prius to Latest BEV Development
Bob Hartman
  • Sometimes Scrum and Agile Beat People Up - Let's Fix That By Going Back to Values and Principles
Tamara Turkai
  • Unlock the Power of LPM and TBM: A Culinary Journey to Strategic Excellence
  • Breaking Ageism Barriers: Transforming Agile Hiring Practices
Tamara Turkai, Matt Lasater
  • Managing Upwards for Agile Excellence: Navigating Managerial Challenges in Transformation
David Mantica
  • Feedback, Inspiration and Positive Reinforcement for Agile Leaders
  • Self-Direction and Team Success
  • The Practice of Adaptive Leadership
  • Working with Others: An Exploration into Human Operation in Complex and Complicated Environments
Kaitlyn Concilio
  • Intersectiona11y: Making tech work for everyone
Magdalena Kucharska
  • Pizza EBM - how to measure what matters? OR "Hypothesis without validation is a hallucination"
Shantoie Vorster
  • The perfect match for Agile software Development: Low-Code
David Pereira
  • Are You Doing Product or Bullshit Management
  • Product Owner Beyond Scrum
  • How to Drop Bad Ideas Fast Enough
Jeremy Berriault
  • Agility and Leadership without Authority: Navigating Influence and Impact
  • Agility and Leadership from Behind: Navigating Success in the Shadows
Jason Yip
  • Good Strategy is Always Focused: Avoiding the allure of all-at-once transformation
  • Safe, Responsive, Trustworthy, Coherent: A target operating model for Grainger Product Engineering
  • Occupy the Space: A grassroots guide to product (and engineering) strategy when none exists
Konstantinos Chatzivarytis
  • How to Communicate with our Stakeholders
Andrea Roux
  • The power of the mindset - adopting the deeper, truer growth mindset
  • Where is the sense of team?
Ondrej Dvorak
  • Agile Response: Navigating Global Crises Accelerated by AI
Samuel Shaw
  • Debugging Burnout
Audrey Boydston
  • Unleashing the power of connection to increase people engagement
Godwin Nwaugha
  • Coaching Across Multiple Cultures: Embracing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.
Francesco Bianchi
  • The unexpected outcomes of Visual Storytelling
Dragan Stepanović
  • Async Code Reviews Are Choking Your Company’s Throughput
Andrew Greenstein
  • How to “Just Start” Your Generative AI Projects: Lessons from the Best in Tech
  • How can rapid prototyping help validate your idea?
Eduard Babayan
  • Effective Agile Assessment for Software Engineering Managers
Mary Lemmer
  • How to Handle Anything - Improving Your Ability to Creatively Solve Problems & Thrive Through Change
Dr. Kyle Allison
  • Agility in Technology Implementation - Mastering "The Art & Science of Adaptation
  • Performance Measurement in Business - Mastering "The Art & Science of Metrics
  • Adapting Agility in Digital Marketing, The Art & Science of the Pivot
Kimberly Andrikaitis
  • From Dinosaur to Dynamo: Reinventing the Scrum Master role for modern agile success
Greg Dornoff
  • What? You want to transform an old, traditional company to an Agile culture!
Dwayne McDaniel
  • Stand Up Straight - Security Posture And You
  • Who Goes There? Actively Detecting Intruders With Cyber Deception Tools
  • Championing Security: Scaling Security At Every Level
Guillermo Martinez
  • Transforming Roles for Agile Excellence
Shin-ichi Takeuchi
  • Elements of agile development observed in the first-generation Prius and modern approaches
Kyle Morton, Kara Koonce
  • Not all teams are created equal – the importance of building Collective Intelligence on our teams
Mariya Breyter
  • Life in the Era of "Proxies": How to Recognize and Eliminate Waste in Product Management
  • Agile Product Discovery and Delivery's Secret Weapon
Steven Starosto
  • True Agility
Tom Churchwell
  • The Agile Puzzle
Nash Tripathi
  • Building Products that Matter
Amanda White, Matthew Wei
  • Staying Lean in a SAFe Organization
Tara Hillis
  • Psychological Safety and Rockin' the Team You're On
Amanda White
  • Accelerating Machine Learning Products
Karl Scotland, Matthew Philip
  • No (Lab) Jacket Required: Designing Experiments for Learning
Karl Scotland
  • Fidelity: The Lost Dimension of the Iron Triangle
Ines Garcia
  • Unrolling the Doughnut: Agile Community
  • Beyond the Agile Principles (Nature as a Guide)
  • The real Value Stream Mapping
  • Agile Sustainability Manifesto
Lisette Zounon
  • Super Charge your confidence as a tester in the AI and DevOps era.
  • Unlocking your superpower as an Confident Agile Leader
  • The dark side of agile implementation
  • Unlocking your super Intelligence in the era of artificial Intelligence
Brian Christensen
  • Building the Right Thing - Even When You are Told No
Chris Gallivan
  • Looking for Flow in All the Wrong Places
  • Investing in Quality: One Metric to rule them all
Piotr Trojanowski
  • Good Companies Economics. What’s beyond customer obsession and creating products that people love?
Allen Jellas
  • Learn and Understand the Culture first, then bring Agility into it
David Horowitz
  • The retro doesn't end when the retro ends
Rachel Dubois
  • How do we do Product at Spotify ?
Terron Collier
  • Screw the Rules, Make Your Own: Unleashing Agile Freedom
  • The Power of “Fail Fast.” Embracing the Agile Mindset
  • Navigating the Agile Dream: Balancing Aspiration and Reality
  • The definition of Done and does it ever end? Spoiler alert... it doesn't!
Paul Gonder
  • Agile, Life and Changing Culture
Glenn Anderson
  • Seven Ways to Save Your Sanity and Stop Burning Your Toast
  • Let's Change How Your Software Team Adapts to Change
  • Let an Improv Actor Fix Your Next Team Meeting
  • Energize Your Team's Performance – Think Like an Improv Actor
Vinayak Sen
  • The Product Mindset
Junilu Lacar
  • Fluid Software Teaming Practice: A Choose-Your-Own-Workshop Workshop
Philip Coler
  • Lessons from Basketball: The Scrum Master as a Coaching Figure
  • Maximizing the Potential of Scrum Masters
Kimberley Miller
  • Artificial Intelligence & Agile
Antoni Tzavelas
  • The Happiness Blueprint: Positivity Experiments for Powerful Teamwork
Tyler Grant
  • Improve The Hidden Network: Communication Techniques for Organizational Excellence
Sarah El-Hagagi
  • New Angle on Performance Reviews: Driving High-Performing Teams with Team Performance Review.
Alexia Georghiou
  • Happiness Habits: Motivating Yourself & Your Teams
Thomas Nedwek
  • Microjourneys: the transition from customer journeys to agile delivery
Thom Brackett
  • Sarcasm & Serendipity: Agile Retrospectives Through Memes
  • From Metrics to Meaning: Crafting the Complete Agile Tale
Paul Gonder
  • Agile, Life and Changing Culture