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aMS Singapore 2023

event date

21 Oct 2023


To be confirmed Singapore

New to aMS?

What was formerly aOS, is the largest community led event focused on Azure, Microsoft365 and SharePoint.

aMS2023 KL will be an in-person event, and as such we will be looking for in-person speakers only

You can checkout our previous in person event aMS Singapore 2022 here:

Overseas speakers may also wish to apply for two other aMS conferences held at the same time and speak at a few aMS conferences on one trip.

- aMS Kuala Lumpur on 19 October 2023

- aMS Manila on 24 October 2023

Please go to the specific CFS sites to apply for the other cities.

Early Confirmation (Apply anytime before 29th May, confirmation +7-14 days)

To help overseas speakers who are keen to speak here, and would like to book their travel early, we are offering an early approval option, to confirm you by 29 May 2023.

 In return, we would like you to confirm your attendance if offered by 29 June and also book your travel.

Please indicate you are requesting for early confirmation in the application section

Normal Approval (CFS closing by 29th  June, decision before 29th July)

For those who are undecided that far in the future and need to work things out first, we offer you our regular CFS cycle.

About aMS

aMS (which stand for azure, Microsoft 365, SharePoint) is an international community of professionals working on Microsoft Collaboration Platform.

It’s a non-profit independent organization where members have the objective of sharing knowledge and experience about collaborative solutions, and usages.

aOS was created on January 1st, 2016 by a group of French-speaking professionals from France, Belgium and Canada. It is expending worldwide connecting with local enthusiasts loving to share passion and organize community events.

It was rebranded aMS on September 15,2020.

aOS/aMS events have been held all around the world including France (Paris, Toulouse, Marseille, ...), Belgium (Brussels), Switzerland (Geneva), Luxembourg, Germany (Aachen), Reunion Islands, Mauritius, India (Bangalore, Mumbai), Ireland (Dublin), Canada (Québec, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto), French Polynesia, various cities in Africa, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Singapore.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

10 May 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

29 Jun 2023

Call closes in Malay Peninsula Standard Time (UTC+08:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

Please note that  we will only accept in-person speakers, and we will not be able to pay for your travel, accommodation and meals. These expenses will be borne by the speakers themselves.

We are looking for sessions which focus on or compliment  Microsoft 365  with Azure as a supporting technology (for example Co-Pilot, Viva, Power Apps, Defender, Azure AD or Azure AI with SharePoint - preferably no pure Azure sessions).  Duration for each session is 45 minutes, with 10 mins of Q&A afterwards.

We suggest you upload 1-2 submissions so we have a choice. However, please note that depending on the number of submissions, we will quite likely only pick a maximum of 1 session per speaker to allow more people to get the chance to present at our event.

You don't have to be a Microsoft MVP or regular speaker to submit, we encourage anyone who has an interesting topic to present on to submit here! We are looking forward to receiving submissions from a diverse range of people!

We are looking for content meant for 3 types of audiences
    IT Pro