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Android Worldwide April 2023

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25 Apr 2023



Android Worldwide is an international group of developer communities that like to collaborate. Once every three months we organize free technical events that cater to Android devs.

In the spirit of being inclusive, our first talk is at 13:15 UTC and the party goes on for nearly 15 hours so that there is a convenient time for everybody around the world to join.


With a central goal of advocating for greater cultural diversity among Android communities, we are proudly building partnerships with community organizers who love the idea of breaking geographical barriers. Any community that approaches us will be welcomed with open arms.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 6:00 AM

06 Feb 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

13 Mar 2023

Call closes in Atlantic Daylight Time (UTC-03:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

You are welcome to submit any talk that interests you, though please make sure that it's relevant for Android Developers. 

Please consider the following tips when submitting your talk(s):

  • Session title- Please make sure it aligns with your abstract.

  • Description- We don't expect an essay, but please communicate what your talk will cover and describe what the audience is expected to learn.

If you would like help with crafting your submission, please feel welcome to join our Slack workspace and ask for help in #colearning.

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the Android Worldwide YouTube channel.

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Submitted sessions
Mohit Sarveiya
  • Drawing and Animating with the Canvas
  • Building Multiplatform Apps with Compose
Max Kachinkin
  • Trunk-based Development in Android teams
Jason Pearson
  • Designing your CI Pipeline
Mayowa Egbewunmi
  • Code Refactoring The Solid Way
Aldo Socarras
  • The Future of Android is Accessible
Will Shelor
  • Can ChatBots make you a better developer?
  • The Power (and Danger) of CompositionLocal
Loveleen Kaur
  • Material Design 3 in Compose
Thomas Künneth
  • Composing large screens
Martin Sumera
  • Compose: Beyond Android development
Till Simon
  • A data-centric approach to app development
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Anna Zharkova
  • Kotlin Compiler plugin dive. Hide details in code
Paul Mayero
  • Free your Android with F-Droid
Leonid Ivankin
  • The use of little-known Android Studio tools to speed up development
Divya Jain
  • Deeplinks - Easy way to improve engagement
  • One tap for easy & safe authentication
Kinnera Priya Putti
  • Animating content changes with Compose
  • Journey of the Android white label process
Nav Singh
  • Extending the Android SDK - SDKExtensions
Ian Darwin
  • Flutter is the new Java/Kotlin - or is it?
Ольга Курчевская
  • Find solution
Ahmed Tikiwa
  • A guide to adding Material Design 3 and Compose Navigation to an existing Android app
Lobna Mazhar
  • Guide to Unit and UI Testing in Android with MVI
James Hamilton
  • Shrinking in the Age of Kotlin
  • Find solution
  • Find solution
  • Find solution
James Gatt
  • AOSP: No such thing as EOL
Neel Shah
  • Android Instant APPs
Priya Sindkar
  • Optimize Android app development using Android Studio
  • It's time to make your Android Apps Accessible
  • Text Styling with Jetpack Compose
Babajide Awodire
  • Android libraries: The smooth path into, and the submission to Google dev library.
Eric Nguyen
  • Room Database - Lessons Learnt From Working with Multiple Tables
Zachary Powell
  • LinuxOnAndroid - Reviving a 10 year old Android project.
  • From Developer to DevRel, how the Android community helped me grow
Barkatul Mujauddin
  • "Thinking in Compose: Building efficient and maintainable UI with Jetpack Compose"
Nishant Srivastava
  • Maestro Magic: Creating UI Tests with Effortless Ease for Developers
Sagar Das
  • Identify Android App Startup time issues
Alan Chiu
  • Collaborative product development with type-safe APIs
Eury Pérez
  • Divide and Perform: A Tale of a Big App Modularization