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Android Worldwide April 2024

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Android Worldwide April 2024

event date

30 Apr 2024



Android Worldwide is an international group of developer communities that like to collaborate. Once every three months we organize free technical events that cater to Android devs.

In the spirit of being inclusive, our first talk is at 13:15 UTC and the party goes on for nearly 15 hours so that there is a convenient time for everybody around the world to join.


With a central goal of advocating for greater cultural diversity among Android communities, we are proudly building partnerships with community organizers who love the idea of breaking geographical barriers. Any community that approaches us will be welcomed with open arms.

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 6:00 AM

06 Feb 2024

Call closes at 11:59 PM

15 Mar 2024

Call closes in UTC (UTC+00:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

You are welcome to submit any talk that interests you, though please make sure that it's relevant for Android Developers. 

Please consider the following tips when submitting your talk(s):

  • Session title- Please make sure it aligns with your abstract.

  • Description- We don't expect an essay, but please communicate what your talk will cover and describe what the audience is expected to learn.

If you would like help with crafting your submission, please feel welcome to join our Slack workspace and ask for help in #colearning.

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the Android Worldwide YouTube channel.

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Darryn Campbell
  • Add Real-Time Features to your Mobile App
Domen Lanišnik
  • Mastering Feature Flags: Best Practices and Implementation with Firebase Remote Config
  • Guide to Foreground Services on Android 14
Sumaiya Nalukwago
  • The Impact of Diversity & Inclusion on the future of technology
  • Developing Soft/ Transferable Skills for a sustainable Tech Career
Fauzi Sholichin
  • Understanding How to Bypass Premium Features in Apps: Safeguarding Against Security Vulnerabilities
  • Introduction Reverse Engineering Android
Angelica Oliveira, Ana Ludmila
  • Exploring What's New in Android: Enhance Your Apps for a Premium Experience
Sarp Remzi Aksu
  • Mastering Kotlin in 7 Steps
Nav Singh
  • Generics nullability - Kotlin
  • Identifying and fixing Compose code to prevent unnecessary recomposition
  • Android14: A Deep Dive
Karol Wrótniak
  • Texts, dates, numbers, currencies, plurals, legal stuff etc.- App internationalization guide
Kevin Morales
  • Crashlytics for your Android apps
Stevan Milovanovic
  • Jetpack Compose - What to know before migrating to Compose UI
  • How to setup CI/CD for your Android project
  • Animations with Jetpack Compose
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Anonymized By Request
  • Mastering Dependency Injection with Dagger
  • Android Canvas API: Techniques, Best Practices and Optimizations
Ivan Shafran
  • The Story of Micro Open Source: How I got 50k monthly downloads on my Android library
  • Building a Library that stands for Ages: backward compatibility story
  • Mastering WebRTC for Large Conference Calls on Android
Paulo Cesar
  • Building Wear OS with Jetpack Compose
Angad Singh
  • How to Access Views in Android ?
István Juhos
  • Compose Migration Side Effects - What Can Go Wrong?
  • The Art of Naming Things
  • Compose-View Interop in Practice
Selen Demir
  • Unleashing the Power of Jetpack Compose: Revolutionizing Android UI Development