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Android Worldwide January 2024

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30 Jan 2024



Android Worldwide is an international group of developer communities that like to collaborate. Once every three months we organize free technical events that cater to Android devs.

In the spirit of being inclusive, our first talk is at 13:15 UTC and the party goes on for nearly 15 hours so that there is a convenient time for everybody around the world to join.


With a central goal of advocating for greater cultural diversity among Android communities, we are proudly building partnerships with community organizers who love the idea of breaking geographical barriers. Any community that approaches us will be welcomed with open arms.

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Call for Speakers
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07 Nov 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

15 Dec 2023

CFP closes in UTC (UTC+00:00) timezone.
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You are welcome to submit any talk that interests you, though please make sure that it's relevant for Android Developers. 

Please consider the following tips when submitting your talk(s):

  • Session title- Please make sure it aligns with your abstract.

  • Description- We don't expect an essay, but please communicate what your talk will cover and describe what the audience is expected to learn.

If you would like help with crafting your submission, please feel welcome to join our Slack workspace and ask for help in #colearning.

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the Android Worldwide YouTube channel.

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18 submissions
Submitted sessions
Aseem Wangoo
  • Unlocking the Power of JniGen: Java and Kotlin Interop in your Flutter app
  • Future of Conversational AI: Firebase, PaLM API, and Building Intelligent Chatbots
Nav Singh
  • Android 14: What's new
Stevan Milovanovic
  • Jetpack Compose - What to know before migrating to Compose UI
Adit Lal
  • Elevating Cross-Platform Excellence: Compose Unleashed with Kotlin Multiplatform
  • A guide on making android apps safe and secured
Aline Ayres
  • Building Quality Android Apps for the Future with Continuous Integration
Alireza Tizfahmfard
  • Modularization at scale
Marcin Moskała
  • Testing Kotlin Coroutines
  • Practical Patterns for Kotlin Coroutines in Production
  • Effective Coroutines
  • Crossing Boundaries: Tales of three projects going multiplatform with Kotlin
  • Benchmarking Coroutines: Comparing the efficiency of Kotlin Coroutines, project Loom and RxJava
Angelica Oliveira, Ana Ludmila
  • Exploring What's New in Android: Enhance Your Apps for a Premium Experience
Pavlo Stavytskyi
  • Boosting Bazel adoption on Android with automation
Maia Grotepass
  • Imperative, declarative, object oriented, functional: four of a Kotlin kind
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Jason Pearson
  • From Laptop Builds to Advanced CI
Aleksei Panov
  • Stop using Jetpack Navigation Compose and switch to Decompose