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Android Worldwide July 2024

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30 Jul 2024



Android Worldwide is an international group of developer communities that like to collaborate. Once every three months we organize free technical events that cater to Android devs.

In the spirit of being inclusive, our first talk is at 13:15 UTC and the party goes on for nearly 15 hours so that there is a convenient time for everybody around the world to join.


With a central goal of advocating for greater cultural diversity among Android communities, we are proudly building partnerships with community organizers who love the idea of breaking geographical barriers. Any community that approaches us will be welcomed with open arms.

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Call for Speakers
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01 May 2024

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12 Jun 2024

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You are welcome to submit any talk that interests you, though please make sure that it's relevant for Android Developers. 

Please consider the following tips when submitting your talk(s):

  • Session title- Please make sure it aligns with your abstract.

  • Description- We don't expect an essay, but please communicate what your talk will cover and describe what the audience is expected to learn.

If you would like help with crafting your submission, please feel welcome to join our Slack workspace and ask for help in #colearning.

All sessions will be recorded and shared on the Android Worldwide YouTube channel.

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Ryan Niño Dizon
  • Android Application with Microsoft Identity Platform
  • Developing Android Apps with Azure Serverless Functions
Soumi Sarkar
  • Elevating Android App Resilience: Incident Management Strategies for Exceptional User Experience
Luca Nicoletti
  • How easy is it to draw on GoogleMaps using Compose?
Alireza Tizfahmfard
  • Build your own compiler with KSP
Nav Singh
  • Region specific resources and broken localization — Android
Abdul Basit
  • Getting start with KMP
Aayush Chaudhary
  • Background Work in Android: Strategies and Best Practices
Colin Marsch
  • WCAG 2.2: Bridging the Gap Between Web and Android Accessibility
  • Unpacking Compose Multiplatform Accessibility
  • Addressing Large Font Scaling Challenges in Android Apps: A Practical Approach
Ivan Shafran
  • Micro Open Source: From Passion to Pet Project Publication
Sarp Remzi Aksu
  • Building Responsive Applications with RxKotlin
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Yves Kalume
  • Compose API Design Guidelines and Best Practices
David Rawson
  • Dangerous Minds: How we're getting developer education wrong
Kevin Morales
  • Gemini with Android Studio
Balázs Gerlei
  • Overcoming Unsecurities in WebViews