• Aleksander Radovan


    Aleksander Radovan (HUJAK & BISS) – graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and is currently finishing the PhD program. He is in the Java more than 14 years. He teaches at several universities in and around Zagreb courses related to programming in Java and information systems in general. He is also interested in areas such as artificial intelligence, genetic algorithms, robotics and teaching the younger generation programming.

  • Ana Baotić

    Asseco SEE, PM

    Ana is a software engineer with over 8 years experience in Android.
    During college she focused on various e-learning projects and plagiarism detection. After getting her Masters degree in CS, she started developing for Android at an Zagreb-based agency, working on various projects in the telecommunication, medical and travel industry. After switching to mobile banking and security, in 2016 she took the role of Technical Manager of Mobile banking. She is currently working as a Project Manager at Asseco SEE. In addition to coding, she loves organising workshops and working directly with clients, helping to close the gap between the technical and practical in the mobile industry.
    Apart from coding and public speaking, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.

  • Anamarija Talijanac

    IBM, Application Consultant and Software Engineer

    Anamarija Talijanac is a consultant and application architect at IBM working on design, implementation, system integration and solution modelling of enterprise systems. For the passed 11 years she has been working on a series of projects in Government, Smart Card, Telecommunications and Banking industries. Anamarija is passionate about technology, learning new things and helping others. Programmer, mentor and speaker.

  • Ante Gulin

    R&D Engineer

    Software developer interested in IoT and all things cloud-native.

  • Boris Spasojevic

    Senior Researcher at Oracle Labs

    Boris Spasojevic is a senior researcher at Oracle Labs, working on GraalVM. His research is focused on language agnostic runtime optimizations for dynamic languages, language agnostic developer tools and implications of polyglot development. Boris received his PhD from the University of Bern on the topic of software ecosystem aware developer tools.

  • Branko Mihaljević

    HUJAK / RIT Croatia

    Branko Mihaljević is an educator, consultant, manager, and entrepreneur, dealing with Java since 1996 and with the Java EE (Jakarta EE) platform since 2000. After 12 years of teaching at UNIZG's FER, where he received dipl. ing. (MSc), DSM, mr. sc. and dr. sc. (Ph.D.) titles, and a few years teaching at Algebra and VERN', he is for the last 6 years working at RIT Croatia as Senior Lecturer & Research Assistant. He was also acting as a co-owner and CTO of a development company for 7 years, and he is currently leading his software consulting company. He gained experience as a consultant, software architect, project manager, development lead, and researcher on various projects in the financial, telecom, traffic, public health, satellite systems, and academic sectors. He is also the author of numerous scientific and professional papers, conference presentations, and popular Java-related articles. He worked on many research and professional projects, as well as delivered various university courses and professional workshops, and authored many educational materials. He is the president of the Croatian Java User Association (HUJAK).

  • Daniel Strmečki

    Head of Platform Tehnology at ecx.io, an IBM company

    Daniel Strmečki is a Senior Java Developer and Head of Platform Technology Adobe at ecx.io an IBM company in Varaždin, Croatia. In early 2019, he earned a PhD degree in Information and Communication Sciences on University of Zagreb, Faculty of organization and informatics. Experienced in design and development of Java Web Business Applications and Content Management Systems with focus on modular and reusable services and components. Daniel likes sports, modern technologies, technical challenges, equal opportunity, motivated colleagues and well defined processes. One of his best qualities (confirmed by several managers) is constantly complaining and trying to improve ways of working. His open, ambitious, stubborn and perfectionist personality often annoys people, but eventually they learn to live with it. He is very focused on quality and passionate about topics like software craftsmanship, architecture, coaching, mentoring and knowledge management.

  • Darko Jurekovic

    Oracle Academy Program Manager

    Oracle Academy Program Manager for 10 CEE countries since 2016. PM & IT Evangelist passionate about Education.

  • Dino Muharemagić

    RIT Croatia

    Dino Muharemagić is a student of the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia (RIT Croatia), majoring in Information Technology with concentrations in Web and Mobile Application Development. His professional interests are closely related to full-stack development and cloud technologies. His current project is a scientific research paper concerning the enhancement of performance of cloud-based software utilizing state of the art technologies such as GraalVM, GraalVM Native Images and Quarkus.

  • Dora Beronic

    RIT Croatia - student

    Dora Beronić is a student at Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia (RIT Croatia), majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in software development as well as software architecture. Her current project is a scientific research paper concerning the enhancement of performance in java by achieving structured concurrency through lightweight threads in Java Virtual Machine.

  • Dusko Vukmanovic

    Oracle, Product Manager

    Dusko Vukmanovic has a rich background in WebLogic and Java Cloud Service products and is working in the Functions area. He joined Oracle in 2005 as a Middleware Technology Specialist. He is a certified Oracle Enterprise Architect and holds a PhD. In a previous role as Product Manager in the JCS / JCS-SX team, he was actively involved in publishing WebLogic for OCI VM solutions and designing WebLogic for OCI OKE solutions.

  • Frank Lyaruu

    Frontline Architect

    Developer and architect with 20+ years in Java. Stream processing and reactive enthousiast.

  • Goran Jelen

    Infoart, Development Team Lead

    Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry and also with some experience and great interest in business management too. Skilled in Micro services, Mobile Applications (especially in Android), Data Science, Java (SA, EE), and Project management. Strong engineering professional with a PhD focused in Computer Science from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

  • Goran Kolevski

    Engineering Information Systems

    Software Engineer with professional experience across various technologies and verticals, designing software architecture and developing large scale enterprise systems. Specializing and holding masters degree for search systems and machine learning.

  • Ivan Lozic

    CEO, Deegloo

    Ivan Lozić is CEO at Deegloo - a Web and Data Science Company. Being a Software Developer for 10 years and working on complex platforms taught him valuable lessons in Software Design and effects on long-term quality. With the CEO position, he is seeing the other side of the coin as well - one about the organization, planning, and leadership. Altogether, these experiences give him enough confidence to try to convey his learnings to others.

  • Jamie Coleman


    Jamie is a software developer and Advocate for Open Liberty, MicroProfile and Kabanero based at IBM’s R&D Laboratory in Hursley, UK. He is a subject matter expert in containerised solutions and takes a keen interest in emerging technologies with experience in Maven, git, Jenkins and microservice architecture. He fell in love with Java at University and has gone on to talk at many conferences about using Java with microservices. He has worked on a wide variety of projects such as modernising CICS mainframe testing infrastructure, creating and automating the creation of Docker images for IBM’s products, contributing to a DevOps pipeline offering and creating web applications for events at the Lab. His recent passion is around raising awareness about energy consumption of technology and discovering ways to help reduce technologies carbon footprint.

  • Jan Lahoda

    A software developer with a passion for Java.

    Jan has been improving Java language and its tooling for more than twenty years. Currently he is a member of OpenJDK team implementing new language features in Javac. His recent work - realization of JEP 325 - is about to bring switch expressions to the language we all love. Jan is passionate about Java and likes to talk about it at various conferences.

  • Josip Maslać

    Aplos d.o.o. (Nabava.net) - CTO

    Josip is a quasi developer/devops/entrepreneur not being able to make his mind where to direct his focus. Interested in most things that have to do with building software. Mostly it's java web development, software design paradigms, team organization and management, docker, linux etc. Working at small development company whose main project is comparison shopping engine Nabava.net.

  • Josip Pojatina

    Performatune d.o.o., Oracle & Open Source Performance Tuning Expert and Technical Solution Architect

    After finishing Mathematical secondary school (MIOC) and ETF (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing) in Zagreb, my first significant project was implementation of Mathematical programming model (Revised Simplex method) in order to solve optimal production scheduling problem.
    Later I've been applying similar methods from Operations Research and Management Science, Statistics and Neural networks to optimize critical business processes (supply chain optimization, forecasting, financial and inventory tuning...).
    More than 2 decades has passed from time when I started to use Oracle, and little bit later Linux and others Open Source technologies.
    That experience allowed me to become technical solution architect most demanding European databases, helping some of the Global Fortune 100 companies to improve their operations.
    I'm also regular speaker at OUG (Oracle User Group) and member of Europen High Performance Computing society.
    My two websites (www.josip-pojatina.com & www.performatune.com) are among Top 100 Oracle Blogs and Websites for Oracle DBAs to follow in 2019 (https://blog.feedspot.com/oracle_blogs).
    Although optimization of critical business processes (Operational Research & Mathematical programming) along with performance tuning and design/architecture of large IT systems based on Oracle (Oracle Retail), Java and Open Source technologies still remain infocus, today most of my time I'm spending to solve challenges from Machine Learning, AI, Big Data and High Performance Computing fields.

  • Jozo Petrovic

    Senior design and development specialist at A1 Hrvatska

    Software Developer with a proactive business mindset established during working in the telecommunications industry.
    Skilled in Java, Spring Boot, Microservices, Databases, node.js, vue.js, css,...
    Very ambitious and always ready for that extra mile.

  • Karlo Levak

    Delivery Unit Manager

    Karlo has been working as an iOS developer for over 7 years and is passionate about mobile application development. He loves all fields of development but his primary focus are security aspects of iOS and mobile applications in general, passionately following mobile development in general to be up to date with new technologies and advancements.
    During the last two years, his focus has been on team management and mentorship, along with architecture design, code reviews and development process optimisation. In 2019 he has taken the role of Delivery Unit Manager at Asseco SEE and is responsible for high level management and organisation for over 100 projects.
    In his past time, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends, travelling and playing with his mini maltese Ares.

  • Maciej Walkowiak

    Independent Software Consultant

    Maciej is an independent software consultant with over 12 years of professional experience. His primary focus is designing and developing systems based on Spring stack and AWS. Open Source enthusiast, active Spring community member, contributor to several Spring projects. In meantime he runs a YouTube channel - Spring Academy - where he teaches Spring and shares news from Java & Spring ecosystem.
    Since 2018 he helps refugees to get their foot into the German job market by teaching them Java at Redi School as a volunteer.

  • Marco Hrlić

    R&D Engineer

    MSc Math, DSP, Embedded

  • Marko Talijanac

    Software Engineer, CROZ

    As young student Marko made an IDE controller for Dreamcast and customized a JVM. Then he was employed at CROZ. CROZ was never particularly interested at his controller. Instead Marko was promptly promoted to a lead of many projects. At all of those Marko compared some string values to other string values. He has seen all: empty strings, EBCIDIC strings, null terminated C strings embedded in larger UTF-8 strings (tough one that was), string parameters and templates, string formatters and types around strings, CLOBed strings and stacktraced strings.
    Sometimes he wonders why he read Knuth at all. "Languages, algorithms those are all talk and no value. It's string comparison and transformation where the true money lies."
    Marko likes Java and Python; "Solid string transformation tools", he often says. He is an expert at messaging "Rabbit, 0, IBM MQ - that's just networking - for strings."

  • Martin Grmek

    Asseco SEE, Software Architect

    During college, Martin's main interests were security and root-kits. After getting his Masters degree in Computer science, he has accrued over 10 years in Java development, with greatest focus on mobile in the fintech sector.
    Software architect on key ASSECO SEE products used by over million end users in the region. Currently leading team on the newest cutting-edge solutions for fast growing financial business.
    In his free time, he enjoys traveling and spending time with wife and two sons.

  • Martin Žagar

    RIT Croatia

    Martin Žagar received EMBA (Cotrugli Business School, 2016), PhD in Computer Science (UNIZG, FER, 2009), University Postgraduate Specialist of Eco-engineering in Forestry (UNIZG, FKIT, 2006), and Diploma in Study of Management (UNIZG, FER, 2005). He is Senior Research Associate in Computing, currently working at RIT Croatia. His research interests include multimedia computer architectures and telemedicine. He has participated in several international scientific projects, and he is/was Program and/or Technical Chair or Committee Member of several conferences related to e-Health, m-Health, IT Systems, Security, Smart Cards, and Java technologies. He received many awards, including Vera Johanides award, Roberto Giannini award, silver plaque Josip Lončar for outstanding PhD dissertation, and Josip Lončar award for extraordinary student success. He is a member of IEEE, AASCIT, HiPEAC, Croatian Academy of Engineering, and, of course, HUJAK.

  • Matej Vidaković

    Android developer at Microblink

    Android developer and Kotlin fan, currently working at Microblink.

  • Matija Šipek


    Matija Šipek is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia (RIT Croatia), majoring in Information Technology with a concentration in Web and Mobile Computing and application development. His interests are in the core of programming languages, software architecture, and compiler optimizations. He is currently working on GraalVM research, and his professional interests also include blockchain and cybersecurity. Also, he is working as a Junior Developer in CS Computer Systems.

  • Paula Pufek

    RIT Croatia Student

    Paula Pufek is a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology Croatia (RIT Croatia), where she studies Information Technology with a concentration in Web and Mobile Computing. She is interested in software development as well as software architecture, and currently, she is working on a research about Automatic Memory Management and Garbage Collection algorithms in Java, including new Parallel Full G1 GC, the Z GC, and Shenandoah GC. Her other interests are web application development and user interface design, and she attends software development conference as much as she can.

  • Roko Roic


    Speaker, Writer, Manager, Software engineer

  • Saša Ivičević

    Serengeti d.o.o., Senior developer

    Sasa is a Software Engineer who has been working at Serengeti for the past two years. Currently, his main focus, apart from developing backend systems for clients, is to introduce agile principles and manage a team of developers in an agile way. With over a decade in IT, Sasa has worked on solutions for biggest European names in Automotive, Airline, and Retail industries.

  • Valentina Vidaković

    UX / UI designer at Coreline

    I am a 23 year old UX/UI designer at Coreline and a graduate student at the Faculty of Graphic Arts

  • Vid Romac

    CROZ, software developer, filozof?

    Software developer s 5 godina iskustva u integracijama i dizajnu procesa i sustava.

  • Yasmin Aumeeruddy


    A software developer advocate for Open Liberty with experience in Docker, Kubernetes, Maven and cloud-native applications. Enthusiastic about the development of Microservices and open source projects.

  • Zeljko Zorko

    Serengeti d.o.o., Senior developer

    Zeljko is a Software Engineer at Serengeti, an international software development nearshoring and consulting company. With more than 6+ years of experience working for the biggest names in Automotive, Tourism and Banking industries, Zeljko has experienced work in different types of agile teams. Now he uses his experiences to introduce agile principles and to help clients to build effective and productive teams.

  • Željko Trogrlić

    Software Architect

    Software architect with 20+ years of experience in the Java ecosystem and international projects in distributed teams. Main business domains: telecommunications and transport.
    Focused on software production improvements: as a member of the Agile Board in Fortune Global 500 company division, participated in the definition and implementation of the agile process.
    In spare time, give and organize talks as a part of Osijek Software City Code Camp initiative.
    Currently working as freelance consultant.

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