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BSides Kraków 2023

event date

2 Sep 2023


ABB Corporate Technology Center Kraków, Poland


BSides events combine security expertise from a variety of platforms in search of the “next big thing” in information security. BSides is an open platform that gives security experts and industry professionals the opportunity so share ideas, insights, and develop longstanding relationships with others in the community. It is a rare opportunity to directly connect and create trusted relationships with key members of the community.

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Call for Papers
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01 Jan 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

30 Jun 2023

Call closes in Central European Daylight Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
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You are required to submit the:

Title/abstract for your talk/workshop

I. Talk/Workshop Submission Guidelines

> Talks will need to be up to 60' minutes long.

Provide the Title and a descriptive Abstract of what you are presenting. Keep it short and to the point (up to 150 words). Please respect the limits!

> Workshops can last all day.

Provide the Title and a descriptive Abstract of what you are presenting. Keep it short and to the point (up to 200 words). Please respect the limits!


The conference will be held in English ONLY.

All submissions - abstracts and workshops MUST be in English.

If more than one speaker will be presenting, then please include the details (name, twitter, photos, etc) for each one in your submission.

If you want to give a rookie or lightning talk, then contact our CFP email ( for more info.


We do not accept product or vendor related pitches. We are a vendor-neutral conference and any sponsorships received are under the agreement of supporting the Security BSides Kraków initiative, by making it available to the security community. If your presentation involves an advertisement for a new product or service your company is offering, please do not submit. In addition, we do not accept presentations submitted by third-parties including (but not limited to) company representatives, management bureau’s, etc. Security BSides Kraków presentations should be focused on topics that are of interest to (cyber)security / technology professionals, researchers, enthusiasts, who are paying attention to the current trends and emerging issues. We are committed in keeping Security BSides Kraków informative, educational and entertaining to the attendees and the community.


  1. If you want to submit more that one talk/workshop, use the form to submit each one separately. You may submit as many as you like.
  2. Given the fact you have a lot of time to submit your talk, take your time and prepare the best talk you can :)
  3. Don't be afraid to submit your talk, this is a community event made by and for the community, join and enjoy!
  4. We plan to announce the acceptance of your submission by the middle of July.

Topics we would like to hear about

Preference is given to talks that are up-to-date, innovative, provide solutions as well as insight to problems.

  • (anti)Forensics and Incident Response
  • Application Security / DevSecOps
  • Biometrics / Identity and Access Management
  • Bio Hacking
  • Cloud Security
  • Compliance / Regulations / Standards / Risk Man
  • Critical Infrastructure Security / Mission Critical Systems
  • CyberSecurity
  • Data Breaches for Stock Market Manipulation
  • Database Security
  • DDoS Extortion / Botnets / CEO Fraud / Compliance Extortion
  • Ethical Hacking / Security Projects & Tools
  • Firewalls / VPN / UTM
  • Hardware Security
  • Healthcare Security
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Malware Analysis & Techniques
  • Mobile Security
  • National Security / CyberDefense
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Network Security / Monitoring
  • Offense and Exploitation
  • Open-source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Penetration Testing
  • Physical Security
  • Privacy & Issues
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
  • Security Management
  • Transportation Hacking (Car, Bus, Airplanes, Ships, etc.)
  • Threat Intelligence
  • VoIP Security
  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • Web Application Security
  • Wireless Security

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49 submissions
Submitted sessions
Marcin Ochab
  • Famous ERP XL Database - Authentication vulnerabilities
Anna Mazurkiewicz
  • Leveraging OSINT Techniques to help locate Missing Persons - Insights from TraceLabs CTF
  • The internet is broken, The modern supply chain made us vulnerable
  • Catching attackers using honey tokens, a light weight honeypot
  • The adversaries handbook, discover and exploit secrets
Lucas Roitman
  • Artificial Intelligence running on the Blockchain
Miguel Angel Hernandez Ruiz, Marios Kourtesis
  • Security in Cloud Kubernetes Services
  • Shifting Threat Hunting Paradigms: Unleashing Innovative IOCs
Sayaan Alam
  • Unveiling the Risks of Mail Server Misconfigurations
Bojan Magusic
  • Why Should Security Hygiene Be Your Number One Priority?
Malav Modi
  • From Amateur Hour to Alerting Power: Overcoming Challenges in Constructing an Observability Pipeline
Vladislav Bilay
  • Strategies and Best Practices for Cloud Security
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Rupal h
  • Unleash security architecture within microservices and integrations
  • Security made easy for developers
Pawel Piwosz
  • SBOM and IaC. Is it possible? Is it worth?
Yossi Sassi
  • "Hacktive Directory" Forensics - a toolkit for understanding who|what|when in your domain
  • Bluetooth Wardriving - The Art of Attacking Smart Moving Object
Hanna Engel
  • Demystifying Network Security Groups - do I really need them?
  • Creating a Seamless Access Experience with the Digital Double
  • 3D Printers are not protected - How to Hack to get Data
  • Dental CyberTooth Security - use case from digital dental office
Paweł Kusiński
  • Easy authentication, easy hacks - AWS Cognito security misconfigurations
  • PostgreSQL Security: Defending Againstst External Attacks
  • Power BI Data Detectives: Auditing User Actions & Access
Avishay Zawoznik
  • Say What?! You Should Know About Living off the Cloud Attacks
  • Log4Shell: Obfuscation Techniques that are Still Here
Marco Ippolito
  • The Unsung Heroes of Open Source Security
  • OWASP Top Ten Security Vulnerabilities in Node.js
Aviram Shmueli
  • Harnessing Automation in Security Research
  • 5 Open Source Security Tools All Developers Should Know About
  • Securing Payment Systems of the future
Tomasz Nowak, kepten
  • Implementing SAST for Secure Code Development: Strategies and Lessons Learned
Filipi Pires
  • AWS Attack based on Misconfiguration
Alessandro Vozza
  • Trust no one: implementing zero trust security with Ambient Service Mesh
  • Security for ASP.NET developers
Linda Ikechukwu
  • Road to Unphishable authentication: The best secrets are the ones we keep to ourselves.
Cristian Cornea
  • Bypassing Anti-Virus using BadUSB
Mohamed Wali
  • Continuously improve your application availability with Amazon DevOps Guru
  • Continuously improve your code quality with Amazon CodeGuru
  • AWS Well-Architected best practices for DevOps on AWS
Andrew Staton
  • Roll for Incident Response
Joseph Katsioloudes
  • Human vs AI: How to ship secure code
Adrian Filipescu
  • Cybersecurity for dummies
  • Surfacing Tacit Knowledge Within Organisations
  • From data to actual (threat) intelligence
  • Enrich your Crypto Event with Insights from a Blockchain Industry Expert
  • How to detect and stop Open-source attackers : Security researcher tales
  • Five easy ways to spoof Contributor/Package reputation
Brian Contos
  • xIoT Hacking Demonstrations & Strategies to Disappoint Bad Actors