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Carolina Code Conference 2023

event date

19 Aug 2023


Greenville ONE Building Greenville, South Carolina, United States


Carolina Code Conference is a welcoming community driven, "polyglot" conference in Greenville, South Carolina. We would like to invite coders of all experience levels and life experiences to attend. If you've never been to a conference. It's time.

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Call for Speakers
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11 Apr 2023

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25 May 2023

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As a polyglot conference, we accept a very wide array of topics. In most cases, if you think it's interesting and relates to technology we probably will too! Make it weird if you want to as we're open to a wide variety of ideas.

If you have a talk related to a programming language that fewer people use, even better as we will try to avoid letting the conference agenda slant too far towards any one particular bit of technology.

If you have a talk about something that would apply to many different languages, frameworks, tools or technologies then that's game as well!

We will thoughtfully consider every submission. Keep in mind, in a mixed programming audience you may need to add some context about the language itself to any talk just to make it more relatable.

Divisive topics related to technology, like Vim vs Emacs will gladly be entertained. Topics that are political in nature or otherwise divisive will not be considered.


These talks will be recorded and prepared for public viewing at some point following the conference. By submitting this talk, you grant us full authority to use and distribute this particular recording of this particular talk, in whole or in part, as we see fit. We hope to allow these recording to promote your work here and generate interest in future conferences. We do not own any portion of your work as a result of this presentation, only this recording. If potentially sensitive information is disclosed during your talk, either intentionally or accidentally, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make appropriate edits.

Accommodation and Travel Expenses:

As this is the first year that this conference has operated since 2019 and is free to attend, our goal is to have all expenses covered by sponsors. At the moment, we have no idea what sponsor support will look like and can't make any guarantees about accommodations because of it. If you need support, please let us know in the Note to Organizer on your submission and we will reach out as our sponsors develop.

event fee

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