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CDK Day 2022

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26 May 2022




A Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is a developer tool built on the open source Constructs model. We now have multiple CDKs in AWS CDK, CDK for Terraform, cdk8s and Projen.

A small group of community members from across the globe thought this was something worth celebrating so we are going to take one day and showcase the brightest and best of CDK from across the whole product family. Let's talk serverless, Kubernetes and multi cloud all in the same day!

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Call for Speakers
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09 Mar 2022

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20 Apr 2022

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This is a community organised event about AWS CDK, cdktf, projen and cdk8s.

We want speakers from diverse backgrounds representing the whole spectrum of experience, so if your session is "my first experience using cdk" please submit it just as much as "my experience as a top 10 core AWS CDK contributor" - everyone is welcome

We are focusing on shorter sessions this year which is why the options are 20 minutes or a panel discussion. The panel discussion option would be if you and some people you know have a discussion you think attendees would be interested in hearing. If you have ideas for a panel but not necessarily the full list of panel members please submit too.

For the 20 minute sessions some themes to guide you could be:

  • examples of how you solved a problem using a CDK
  • areas where you feel the CDK could be improved
  • Diving into a construct you maintain and the benefits of using it
  • Your first impressions trying CDK
  • Demos! More code and less slides
  • blockers you faced and how you solved them, or troubleshooting tips that can be helpful to other people
  • Merging a PR into AWS CDK
  • Production uses cases with real world examples
  • V1 vs V2 experiences
  • When to use AWS CDK vs CDK TF vs TF and if the skillsets are transferrable

We plan to broadcast all sessions live but if your timezone doesn't make that possible we are happy to accept a pre-recorded submission