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Chain React 2024

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17 Jul 2024

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19 Jul 2024


Gerding Theatre at The Armory Portland, Oregon, United States

Chain React 2024 is coming in hot! The acclaimed US React Native conference returns this July ☀️

Pack your sunglasses: the 5th annual US React Native conference returns to Portland, OR in the traditional time you know and love: July 17-19, 2024!

Over 400 developers, entrepreneurs, and React Native enthusiasts will come together in the heart of downtown Portland to discover the latest trends, developments, and to build connections with some of the companies and icons in React Native. Each year, companies announce breakthroughs, and individuals meet from around the world.

In 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2023 hundreds of attendees from around the world converged each year to learn new React Native skills, network, and share knowledge. React Native core announcements are often made from the stage at Chain React. It's a conference for developers, designers, managers, leaders, and anyone in tech looking to have fun and explore the future of React Native.

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29 Feb 2024

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We're excited that you're interested in submitting a talk for Chain React!

Chain React is a 3 day conference for developers who share one goal: to level up their React Native skills. 

Our attendees invest their time and energy in Chain React—aiming for an experience that's both informative and engaging.

Engaging talks from a diverse set of speakers are a huge part of what makes Chain React special. Talks from people like you matter a lot to our attendees—that's why it's important to us that you're well taken care of. Our team will make sure that you have an epic time will you're in Portland!

Over the years, our attendees have helped us hone in on what makes a great talk for Chain React.

Here's what we ARE looking for:

  • React Native specific (not just JS, React web, or general software development)
  • Diverse lineup of speakers from differing backgrounds, skill sets, engineering positions/roles, and early vs late start to their careers
  • Informative and interesting talks
  • Topics: new architecture, RN core tech, services, UI, state management, performance, testing, best practices, sharing code with web, and more useful & React Native specific content
  • More thoughts: focusing on solving problems in new and interesting ways, deep dives into internals, case studies from real-world apps -- what worked and what didn't, overview of new tech from domain experts (like library authors), successes and failures, out-of-the-box topics like CarPlay, games, TV

Things to avoid:

  • Introducing brand-new libraries to solve specific problems
  • Talks that have been given at other conferences already (especially if there are recordings of them out there already)
  • Talks that don't pertain directly to React Native
  • Pre-canned live coding that are less informative talks and more "watch me code". Live coding is fine -- but as a visual aid to inform, with well-practiced illustrative examples and exposition, rather than just a Twitch live-coding session on stage

Lightning Talks

If you'd like to start at a smaller scale, we also have lightning talk spots available. Feel free to tag your talk submission as a lightning talk. 

Note: we only cover hotel and admission for lightning talk speakers. Travel reimbursement is covered for full-length talk speakers only.

Need help with your talk?

If this sounds a little overwhelming, we understand! We're happy to help you refine your talk submission to get the best possible chance of being selected. 

If you want help with your talk, join our Infinite Red Community Slack and ask in the #chain-react channel.

Code of Conduct

Important: we adhere to this Code of Conduct. Please read it and keep it in mind when submitting your talk, attending the conference, and interactions in any way associated with the conference.


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

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All speakers will receive hotel accommodations and event access. Only full-length speakers will receive reimbursement for travel.