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Current 2024: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit

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17 Sep 2024

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Austin Convention Center Austin, Texas, United States

Discover the World of Data Streaming  

We invite you to speak at the 3rd annual data streaming industry event, Current 2024: The Next Generation of Kafka Summit. Current captures the fast-moving data streaming movement, bringing this broad community together for learning, sharing, and networking to help data professionals unlock the value from their data.

Current 2024 is a technical conference for Event-Driven Design, Streaming Technology and Real-Time systems. Expanding upon Kafka Summit to include the broader ecosystem of streaming platforms, real-time analytics, and more, this is your opportunity to share your experiences and stories with your peers. 

Current 2024 is the definitive source to learn about data streaming and the only place where the full community of real-time technology leaders and developers will come together to share best practices and use cases as well as explore the vision and future of data streaming. Data streaming is foundational to a next-gen architecture. How are you charting your path forward? 

Welcome to Current 2024! 

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Call for Speakers
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12 Dec 2023

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26 Feb 2024

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Do you have a great data streaming story to share?

Speaking at Current 2024 is a great way to connect with hundreds of your peers, become more involved in the data streaming community, and have a public platform for you to share your story of the future of streaming and real-time data.

Talks should be informative, interesting, educational, and thought-provoking. If you’re talking about a product then don’t just pitch it. Come along with a talk that explains the problem that it solves, and the benefit that it will bring. Leave the sales folk at home and bring your engineers instead ;-) 

Abstract submissions

We’re looking for talks about all aspects of Event-Driven Design, Streaming Technology and Real-Time systems. Think about Apache Kafka® and similar technologies, and work outwards from there. Whether it’s a data engineering talk with real-time data, software engineering with message brokers, or event-driven architectures - if there’s data in motion, then it’s going to be relevant.

Topics for consideration:

  • Developing Real-Time Applications
    All things related to building applications with streaming technologies. Development practices, scaling, testing, CI/CD, microservices, etc.
  • Streaming Technologies
    Technology talks about Kafka et al. Introductory talks through to deep dives. KRaft, Tiered Storage, consensus protocols, and more. What's happening under the covers, and upcoming features. 
  • Fun and Geeky
    Random stuff that will be interesting but probably has nothing to do with event streaming 8-) What interesting thing have you done with a Raspberry Pi and some houseplants? Or a brainwave monitor and ksqlDB? Or just an entertaining talk about the nuances of git…if it’s fun and geeky, it belongs here! 

  • Architectures You've Always Wondered About
    A show-and-tell of the software stacks and architectures being used to run data in motion at scale.
  • People & Culture
    Whether insights about being glue, how to build one’s career, or how to structure an organization to enable streaming adoption, this track will be host to a variety of fascinating ideas.

  • Data Development Life Cycle (including SDLC for data, Data Mesh, Governance, Schemas)
    Building company-scale platforms with data in motion comes with a host of interesting challenges, both around system architecture, data, and more.

  • Case Studies
    How has streaming been used in your business? Why did they adopt it? What lessons have you got to share that would help others on a similar journey? 

  • Operations and Observability
    Stories from the world of the SRE. Operating a streaming pipeline or other streaming technologies, both in the cloud and on-premises. Tracing applications and testing in production. 

  • Pipelines Done Right
    Streaming ETL, Batch Pipelines, and beyond!

  • Real-time Analytics
    What uses does a real-time dashboard serve, and how are you building them? Do you even need data in really real-time for analytics? 

  • Event Streaming in Academia and Beyond
    Interesting papers and studies about the theory of event streaming, applications of real-time data in academic studies, and more.

Submit fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and thought-provoking discussions that will give our attendees a good time and send them home better-informed and more capable than they came. So do your best to stand out by submitting relevant, engaging, creative, and entertaining proposals.  You must submit a separate entry for each topic.

Please note: product pitches, whether explicit or thinly disguised, are unlikely to get selected.

Example talks

Here are some sample talk titles to illustrate the kind of thing we’re looking for: 

  • Our move at Gotham Bank from batch to real-time - what worked and what didn’t
  • This one library (or tool) will revolutionize your job as a developer with $STREAMING_TECHNOLOGY! 
  • An overview of real-time machine learning techniques
  • Data Mesh vs. ETL vs. ELT - an unbiased comparison
  • Tiered storage deep dive
  • Streaming ETL at ACME_CORP - here’s what we built
  • We adopted a streaming architecture in our business, and here’s our story
  • Rewiring your ‘relational brain’ for Event Sourcing
  • How Nidavellir Enterprises manages schema change in a multi-team streaming environment
  • Getting started with $STREAMING_TECHNOLOGY
  • Event sourcing and event streaming - conceptually similar but a world apart in practice
  • We blinked and it was gone: Ops stories from running streaming systems in production at Vormir Corp.
  • Who needs event streaming when you’ve got Postgres?

Talk Types

There are two different types of sessions, each serving a particular purpose. Think about which would best suit for communicating your story and message and submit accordingly. 

  • Lightning Talk: 10 minute presentation (1 speaker only)
  • Breakout Session: 45 minute presentation (including 5-10 mins Q&A, up to 2 speakers)
  • Panel: 45 minute panel discussion (up to 5 speakers, including the panel host. Please include the participants you plan to invite as part of your abstract. Note that proposed panelists must be representative of the diverse makeup of the data streaming community.)

What’s in it for you? 

  • Admiration and adulation of your peers
  • Free admission to the conference
  • Invitation to the Speaker Welcome Event
  • Recognition on the Current 2024 website with your headshot and bio
  • The talk will be recorded for posterity and made freely available afterwards

Key submission fields to prepare:

  • Session title (100 chars max)
  • Session description (2,000 chars max)
  • Speaker bio (1,000 chars max)

Important dates:

            February 7th at 8am PST

            February 21st at 8am PST and 4pm PST

  • Call for Papers closes: February 26, 2024
  • Speaker Notifications sent: March 21, 2024

Dates are subject to change.


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