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Data Community Weekender Europe

event date

2 May 2020



Data Community Weekender Europe is a new free online conference running on Saturday 2nd May 2020 for the Microsoft Data Platform Community.

With many events cancelled or postponed across Europe (and the world) in March, April and May, we wanted to put on a Data Platform event for the community to fill that void left by the cancelling of the in-person events on a day that hopefully most people can attend. 

Our main organization team consists of the six organizers below, with many volunteers involved. This is a non-profit event and we made a very clear decision to have no sponsors involved for this virtual event.

We want to make it clear that we have zero budget to pay for any speakers. All of us involved with the event are doing this in our own free time and we expect our speakers to speak for free just like at other community events

Our event organizers are below, and we can all be found on social media in various places. In addition, we have a meetup page where you can send any of us a message directly.

  • Kevin Chant
  • Gethyn Ellis
  • Ásgeir Gunnarsson
  • Mark Hayes
  • Damir Matešić
  • Magnus Ahlkvist
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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

08 Apr 2020

Call closes at 11:59 PM

17 Apr 2020

Call closes in W. Europe Daylight Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
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We are issuing a call for community speakers around the world who would like to present a session at our event.

We are interested in sessions across the spectrum of the Microsoft Data Platform whether its BI, Analytics, Database administration, Cloud or something else we want to hear from you.

We anticipate sessions being between forty-five minutes and no longer than one hour in length. Please consider this when submitting.

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Submitted sessions
Bent Nissen Froning
  • 12:45 CEST: Automating your documentation for AS & Power BI Models
  • The quick journey from Power BI to automated tests
Wolfgang Strasser
  • 12:45 CEST: PowerPlatform Dataflows –PowerQuery (and more) in the Cloud
Tom Martens
  • Power BI @ the enterprise
  • DAX - Fundamental Musings
Annette Allen
  • 11:30 CEST: Repeatable Database Deployment to Azure using Powershell
Michael Johnson
  • 10:15 CEST: What’s your bacon number, an introductions to graph databases
Amy Boyd
  • 16:45 CEST: The progression of Sentiment Analysis and applying new techniques to novel scenarios
Glenn Berry
  • High Availability/Disaster Recovery 101
  • Hardware 201: Selecting and Sizing Database Hardware for OLTP Performance
  • 16:45 CEST: Dr. DMV's Troubleshooting Toolkit
Kamil Nowinski
  • Maintain a Database Project, and Continuous Delivery using Microsoft Data Tools in practical terms
  • Azure Cosmos DB introduction
  • Azure Data Factory v2 with Data Flows capabilities
martin croft
  • Azure Data Studio – The 30-day challenge
Gianluca Sartori
  • Responding to Extended Events in near real-time
  • 10:15 CEST: Monitoring SQL Server without breaking the bank
  • Benchmarking in the cloud
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Nicky van Vroenhoven
  • 11:30 CEST: Power BI (Premium) Implementation at a Financial Institute
  • Query Folding in Power BI
Uwe Ricken
  • 8:45 CEST: User Definied Functions – From SQL 2000 – SQL 2019
  • Database Scoped Configuration - Server Settings
Anupama Natarajan
  • 8:45 CEST: Tips to monitor your Azure SQL Database
  • Where is my SQL Server Agent for Azure SQL?
Richard Douglas
  • 12:45 CEST: Investigate TempDB like Sherlock Holmes
  • Investigate Memory Like Sherlock Holmes
Alexander Slotte
  • Building a Real-Time Inference Pipeline with Azure Stream Analytics and ML.NET
Vedran Kesegić
  • Storage Spaces - How to get best possible disk speed in the cloud?
  • 14:15 CEST: Logging Actual execution plans in SQL 2017 and 2019
  • Deadlock with one table, one row, and no transactions - is that possible? Hell yeah!
  • Sql Management Studio - 5 tricks to boost your productivity
Angela Henry
  • What is Power BI?
  • Intro to Azure Data Catalog
  • Getting Started With Data Modeling
  • Profiling Your Data
  • 15:30 CEST: Data Types Do Matter
Erland Sommarskog
  • 11:30 CEST: SQL Titbits for the Inexperienced
John Kerski
  • Leverage XMLA and Azure Functions to scale Power BI Data Alerts
  • Secure Embed Link with Power BI
  • Row Level Security with SharePoint Data
Bill Anton
  • Power BI Time Intelligence – Beyond the Basics
Marc Lelijveld
  • Power BI Cheat Sheet explained!
  • End-to-end monitoring for a successful Power BI implementation
  • Use parameters to add extra flexibility to your Power BI content
  • End-to-end monitoring for a successful Power BI implementation
  • Storytelling & interactive reports with Power BI Bookmarks & Drillthrough
  • Enable the business and make Artificial Intelligence accessible for everyone!
Marco Russo
  • Different types of many-to-many relationships in Power BI
  • 16:45 CEST: My Power BI report is slow: what should I do?
Reza Rad
  • Aggregation and Composite Model; Power BI Fast and Furious
  • 8:45AM CEST: Dataflow vs. Dataset: the Building Blocks of a Power BI Development Architecture
Niels Berglund
  • The Swiss Army Knife for Data Geeks: Azure Data Studio
  • Improve Customer Lifetime Value using Azure Databricks
  • Simplify and Scale Your Data Pipelines with Azure Databricks & Delta Lake
  • Analytics in SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster using Spark
  • Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster
  • What is the PiRate, Snake, and Cup of Coffee Doing in My Database?
  • A Lap Around SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster
Bob Pusateri
  • Select Stars: A SQL DBA's Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  • 16:45 CEST: Dipping Your Toes Into Azure Data Lake
  • Locks, Blocks & Snapshots: Maximizing Database Concurrency
Shabnam Watson
  • 15:30 CEST: Using Power Apps in Power BI reports: Enabling writeback
Dennes Torres
  • SQL Graph Databases: Beyond Relational
  • Self-Service ETL: The PowerBI Data Flows
  • PowerBI: From Zero to Hero
Luis Beltran
  • A video object detection solution with AzureSQL, Custom Vision and Azure Media Services
  • Cosmos DB + Azure Functions: A serverless database processing
  • Serverless mobile database access with Azure Functions, Xamarin and SQLAzure
Rahat Yasir
  • Data Classification and Prediction using Azure Machine Learning
  • Automated machine learning with Azure AutoML
Andy Yun
  • Uncovering Duplicate, Redundant, & Missing Indexes
  • Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance
  • How Intelligent Query Processing improves T-SQL performance
  • Everybody Has a Story to Tell: Developing Your First Presentation
Chandan Kumar
  • SQL Performance Health Check and management method
William Assaf, Christine Assaf
  • 16:45 CEST: Ethics in Modern Data
William Assaf
  • How to Think Like a Certification Exam
  • SQL Security Principals and Permissions 101
  • What's New in SQL 2019
Thomas Grohser
  • Scaling Clustered Column Store Indexes
  • Datacenter and/or Cloud - When to Use One, the Other, or Both
  • Persistent Memory and Hybrid Buffer Pool - The good, bad and ugly
  • 42 TSQL Functions
Milos Radivojevic
  • 12:45 CEST: Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2019
  • Demystifying Query Store Plan Forcing
Lex Smeets
  • Power BI data modeling for DBA 's
  • Row Level Security in Power BI
Jess Pomfret
  • 15:30 CEST: Life Hacks: dbatools edition
  • Install & Configure SQL Server with PowerShell DSC
  • Data Compression: Squeeze Out Some Free Gains
Taiob Ali
  • Need to Monitor Any Azure Resource? Must Learn Kusto Query Language
  • Think like the Cardinality Estimator
  • New features in Management Studio — Performance Troubleshooting made easier!
  • Azure SQL Database - Where is my SQL Agent?
Mihail Mateev
  • Creating Custom Visuals in Power BI with TypeScript and D3.js
  • Anomaly Detection, Powered by Azure AI and Digital Twins
  • Creating Custom BI Solutions with Power BI Embedded
  • 14:15 CEST: Dealing with CosmosDB
Koen Verbeeck
  • Supercharge your data warehouse with Columnstore Indexes
  • Data Warehouse Automation with metadata driven development. For free!
  • Self-service BI - Why Data Modelling Is Still Important
  • The modern Cloud Data Warehouse - Snowflake on Azure
  • Moving Data around in Azure
  • Migrating SSIS to the Cloud
Laura Graham-Brown
  • Power Query is taking over
  • Power BI and SVG
  • 12:45 CEST: Intro to writing Power Query functions in M
Tracy Boggiano
  • 15:30 CEST: Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Safeguarding our most precious resource
Kasper de Jonge
  • Understanding the Power BI data model
  • 10:15 CEST: Power BI security deep dive
Mary Fealty
  • 14:15 CEST: Power BI Tips & Trick
Marcin Gminski
  • Let's build a database the correct way in Visual Studio.
  • Protect your data from ransomware with appropriate disaster recovery strategies
  • How to monitor entire SQL Server Estate for free with SQLWATCH.
Alexander Klein
  • Bringing AI to the edge-Azure Cognitive Services in Docker
  • Build your next BI solution in Azure
  • Monitoring service quality with Artificial Intelligence
  • Modern BI in Azure two years live
Chris Adkin
  • 10:15 CEST: Deploying Production Grade SQL Server 2019 Big Data Clusters
Neil Hambly
  • Azure Notebooks - Data Science fundamentals
  • 11:30 CEST: Performance Troubleshooting Using DMVS
  • PowerBI your SQL Server Estate
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
  • Self-Service AI in Power BI – Enrich your Business Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence
  • Working with (Data) Models in Power BI
  • My Favorite Pie (Chart): Simple Rules for Clear Visualizations
  • Introduction to Numeric Calculations in DAX
  • 12:45 CEST: From SQL to R – Leverage Your T-SQL Knowledge to Learn R
  • Create Stunning Visualizations with The Help of R
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Introduction to Graph Processing with SQL Server 2019
Thomas Hütter
  • Poor man's SQL Server job monitoring with R
  • A refresher on geospatial data in SQL Server
  • 14:15 CEST: 50 ways to show your data
Rob Sewell
  • Jupyter Launch - .NET Interactive Notebooks
  • 16:45 CEST: Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Data Studio for the DBA
Andrew Pruski
  • SQL Server & Containers 101
  • SQL Server and Kubernetes
  • Chaos Engineering for SQL Server
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Building an Empire - Implementing Power BI Step by Step
  • The Cloud Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA
  • 10:15 CEST: SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers
  • Boring is stable, stable is good – best practices in practice
  • Azure machine learning for the absolute beginner
Sanil Mhatre
  • Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis made easy
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Juan Moreno Romo
  • Monitoring SQL Server: from on-premises to Azure
  • Back to the future - Migrating our SQL Server OnPremise Database to Azure
  • Attention Contention!!!
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz
  • Hand-On-Labs: How crazy are these from Azure Database PaaS!
  • How to get the most from Azure SQL Database
Mark Pryce-Maher
  • 15:30 CEST: Azure Synapse Analytics : Evolving Azure SQL Data Warehouse
  • Azure Synapse SQL Pools : Everything you need to know / Tips and Tricks
Amit Bansal
  • 8:45 CEST: How To Troubleshoot A Slow Running Query
  • SQL Server Statistics – Things That You Didn’t Know
  • SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting
  • Developer Best Practices in SQL Server
  • How To Troubleshoot a Slow Running Query
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Azure Key Vault, Azure Dev Ops and Data Factory how do these Azure Services work perfectly together!
Craig Porteous
  • DIY ETL with Power Automate, Azure Functions and more
  • 14:15 CEST: 3 ways to bring Power BI under Source Control
Eitan Blumin
  • Dynamic Search Queries in T-SQL - The Ninja way
  • SSDT Methodology & Features for SQL Server DevOps
  • 8:45 CEST: Development Lifecycle Basics for DBAs
Ferenc Csonka
  • XMLA Read-Write Endpoint: The Cornerstone for Power BI as an Enterprise BI solution
  • Power BI AutoML – AI for Citizen Data Scientists
  • Power BI Paginated Reports: A New Comet in the Power BI Ecosystem
Björn Peters
  • Mashup Azure SQL - What do you need and what you'll get
Will Velida
  • Developing Cosmos DB for the Enterprise
  • Machine Learning in C#?! Building Machine Learning pipelines and models using ML.NET
  • Taking your first steps into Azure Cosmos DB
Satya Jayanty
  • Stretch your HA/DR capabilities with Azure and SQL Server
  • Azure Security - develop actionable guidance and best practices
  • Modernise your data migration with Azure Data Migration Service
Ben Weissman (he/him)
  • Let’s build SSIS packages with Biml – live!
  • 8:45 CEST: SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster: Make SQL Server your Data Hub for everything
Radu Vunvulea
  • Top 13 best security practices for Azure
  • Data Tools for Microsoft Azure
  • Airplane buddy matching using Azure Form Recognizer
Josef Richberg
  • Building a complete API in Azure
John Younie
  • Microsoft's Data Platform Certification
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • T-SQL advanced: Grouping and Windowing
  • Register your location and activity codeless with the Power Platform
  • Advanced analitycs with Power BI
Ami Levin
  • One key to rule them all - how to effectively destroy data consistency, and ruin query performance.
  • Big Data, Big Dupe: A little session about a big bunch of nonsense.
Alex Whittles
  • 11:30 CEST: What's this Machine Learning all about?
Matt Gordon
  • Azure-d Availability: SQL Server HA In and To the Cloud
  • Turn Runbooks into Notebooks: Handling Maintenance and Emergencies with Azure Data Studio
  • 15:30 CEST: Dialogue with your Data: Interactive AI with Azure Cognitive Services
Sander Stad
  • 10:15 CEST: Azure DevOps with databases in 15 minutes
  • Cloning SQL Server databases with PowerShell
  • Azure DevOps duet
Tomaž Kaštrun
  • SQL Server In-database machine learning with R and Python
  • Power Bi Tips and Tricks
  • Azure Machine Learning Service with Python
  • 11:30 CEST: Applied data analytics with Azure Databricks
Jasmin Azemović
  • Data breaches and are we aware of consequences?
  • 14:15 CEST: Database forensics investigation (SQL Server as Digital Evidence Repository)