Call for Speakers

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Data Makers Fest

event starts

23 Oct 2023

event ends

24 Oct 2023


Alfandega do Porto Porto, Portugal

Data Makers Fest is a unique event for getting industry data practitioners together to discuss the current hot topics in the field. It will gather more than 850 practitioners for two days of talks and networking in Portugal. We are currently scooting for the best speakers to bring exciting content to the event!

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Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

15 Jan 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

31 May 2023

CFP closes in UTC (UTC+00:00) timezone.
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We are looking for talks on any subjects that are related to data, for example: 

  • Domain-specific applications of AI
  • Advanced analytics and robust statistics
  • Deep Learning (RNN, CNN, GNN, ... - All the NN's!)
  • Forecasting
  • Recommendation and personalization
  • Information retrieval
  • NLP applications
  • Reinforcement learning and simulation
  • Data engineering
  • Data visualisation
  • Fairness, accountability, transparency, ethics, and explainability
  • Data science people and project management
  • Product management
  • The future of AI
  • Special Track: Null Point Exception - Failures in AI (see below)
  • Any other topic in the interest of data practitioners

Our main criteria are that all the talks must have an impact and teach the data science practitioners something new and relevant to their job. No sales or recruitment pitches are allowed. If you would like to do so, please e-mail

What kind of session can I submit?

We will be hosting short (13 minutes) and medium (22 minutes) length talks with 2 min short Q/A). This can either be an overview or a specific talk. We are especially interested in hot topics that already have practical applications in the industry.

Are there any rules?

1. No shameless promo: How many boring slides did you have to sit through that talks about the accomplishments of a company? That's not what people came to see.

2. No sales/promo: Please get in touch with us if you want to sponsor the event and promote your product.

3. No recruitment messages: Everyone is hiring. Make your talk interesting, which makes people think, "Dang! I want to work with this person and tackle that problem". 

Null Point Exception - Failures in AI

We are interested in talks that discuss specifically the failures in AI and machine learning and where the lessons that can be drawn from there. Sometimes we can learn more from failures than successes. Let's share the failures!

What you get

  • Recognition for the great job you have been doing
  • Feedback from the organizers on the talk and speaker coaching
  • A professional recording of your talk to share to the world
  • A free ticket to Data Makers Fest with lunch included
  • Access to an exclusive speaker networking dinner
  • A 10% discount code for additional tickets
  • Free accommodation for three nights if you come from outside of the Porto Metropolitan area
  • Help with the cost of transportation (up to 300 euros for travel outside of Portugal)


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

Up to two hotel nights covered.