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Data Moshpit 2023

event date

16 Sep 2023


Maschinenhaus Kulturbrauerei Berlin, Germany

Data Moshpit is the Metal themed Data Saturday taking place in September 2023. In a Metal Club (yes, you read right Metal Club) in Berlin! There will be international speakers. There will be Data. There will be beer and good food. There will be a concert in the evening and of course there will me METAL!!! 

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Call for Speakers
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07 Apr 2023

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07 Jul 2023

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If you submit a session this session should be, according to the theme of Data Moshpit, a metal themed session on a data topic. All topics, on-prem, cloud or hybrid are welcome. The metalnesss of your submission will also be considered during session evaluation. 

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Lewis Prince
  • Master of ML Puppets: Model Creation in Azure AutoML
Linda Torrång
  • Blood bound - next-level access control
Sander Stad
  • Hell Bent for Hackin': Unmasking Hacking Techniques
  • Keeping Your Sanity in a Fast-Paced World
René Goris
  • SQL Bloody SQL
Pragati Jain
  • BI Harmonics: Fusion of Power BI and Fabric
  • Piping the Metal: Data Power in Fabric
Riccardo Perico
  • TDML: True Metal Definition Language
Odeta Jankaitienė
  • Don't be PASSIVE with Power BI: A Hands-On Introduction
  • No More Tears - Enhancing User Experience with Embedded Power BI Content
  • Down With the Power BI Rest API Sickness
  • Is Power BI Falling Away From You?
  • Open Your Eyes to Power BI Design
Roman Singele, Gabi Münster
  • Microsoft Fabric : Top tips for Metalheads
Jens Vestergaard
  • Unleashing Power BI Dominion: Conquering with the REST API
  • Dark Azure Chronicles: Unleashing the KQL Inferno
William Durkin
  • How things go wrong and inspire Battle Hymns
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Rob Sewell
Gabi Münster
  • 5 minutes to Fabric
Gabi Münster, Oliver Engels
  • Caught in a Mesh
  • Ruling in the name of!
Olivier Van Steenlandt
  • Slaying the data development demon using Database Projects & Azure DevOps
Strahinja Rodic
  • No way, punk: Walk across lesser-known features in Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Paranoid about Data Loss? BCDR 101 in Azure SQL Managed Instance
Nina Weisheidinger, Claudia Huber
  • Smoke on the Water
  • Fear of the dark CSV
  • Best Metal Experience in 3 Easy Steps with Fabric
Enrico van de Laar
  • SlayR - An introduction to R
Štěpán Rešl
  • Heartless (M)adness
  • Faster DAX then you are
  • You need a proper plan
  • Custom Query doesn't have to End of time for Query Folding!
  • Release Hyde from Power BI API
Marko Coha
  • Unleashing the Metal Fury: Automated Database Deployments
Matthew Roche
  • Chainmail, Fabric of Metal
  • The Power BI Of Thy Sword BI
  • Guardians of SaaSgaard
  • Dirty Reads Done Dirt Cheap
  • Warriors of the World United
  • Find A Way Or Make One
  • Fighting the World
  • M, M hast, M hast query
Aledander Berezovsky
  • Help Your Organizations Make Great Decisions Quickly by Providing High-Fidelity Data
Brandon Leach
  • Surviving The Hordes Of Chaos: Introduction to SQL Server HA/DR Architecture
  • Chopping your tables to pieces: Partitioning Basics
  • Data File Autopsy
Valerie Junk
  • Paint it Black: Rocking Dark Mode Dashboards
Iona Varga
  • Dataverse - this one goes to 11.
Karim Ourtani
  • Mastering the Strings of Branching: Data Professionals' Guide to Strategic Domination
  • Lateralus of Database Versioning: Effective Source Control for Your System
Grace O'Halloran
  • Another Brick in the Firewall: How to Secure your Azure Data Platform
Christian Glessner
  • Ride the Lightning: Electrify Your Data with ChatGPT & Azure
Magnus Ahlkvist
  • Painkiller - scripts to build a complete availability group in five minutes
  • Breaking the Law - Best Practices are for dummies
  • 2 minutes to midnight - automation for the on-call DBA
Kevin Chant
  • Rock star consultant ate my SQL Server
  • Microsoft Fabric – The service that provides Justice for All
Reitse Eskens
  • Wollt ihr das DB in Flammen sehen? Monitor your SQL DB with Zabbix
  • Choosing the Azure SQL DB tier, Ghosts from the trenches
Kathrin Borchert
  • Clash between the World of Business and IT - When Two worlds collide
Gianluca Sartori
  • Sea of Madness – SQL Server Worst Practices
  • Somewhere in time: Time Series with SQL Server 2022
Grant Fritchey
  • The Winged Hussars; Breaking the Siege in Your Execution Plans
Margarita Neumueller
  • How to hard rock self-service (BI) in my band
Alexander Billington
  • Crazy Train your first model!
Daniel Hutmacher
  • SQL Server Partitioning from Suffering to Mastery
Mathias Halkjaer
  • High Voltage Supercharge Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Raining Data: Exporting Live from the Business Central Abyss
  • Speed of light refreshing in Power BI with ADF/Synapse
  • Master of puppets: access mastery with Row-Level Security
Kay Sauter
  • From Code to Bare Metal🤘with Bicep
Alexander Korn
  • IBCS - Black my Favorite Color
  • Report Server Troubleshooting - The Dark Side of Power BI
Els van Vessem
  • Raw deal: LGBTQIA* explained
Enrico van de Laar, Tomaž Kaštrun
  • Crazy Data Science - Metallytica
Agita Jaunzeme, Antoni Ivanov
  • Best Practices for DataOps Mosh
Klaus Aschenbrenner
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Locking & Blocking
  • Headache guaranteed: Deadlocking in SQL Server!
  • Docker for the SQL Server Developer
Brian Bønk
  • Kusto - an introduction to Revelation
  • Painkiller Load patterns for Azure Data Explorer
  • The immortality between Kusto and Power BI
Björn Sundling
  • De Mysteriis Dom Datanas
  • DCLXVI: To Code Shoot Straight and Deploy the Truth
Johan Ludvig Brattås
  • Streaming for Vengeance
  • Follow the trail of the cloven hoof from the edge into ADX
  • Quaff mead and headbang with your data in the lakehouse
James Reeves, Chris Edwards
  • Rockstar to Rookie