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Data Saturday Parma 2023

event date

18 Nov 2023


Viale G.P. Usberti - Parco Area delle Scienze, 181/a Parma, Italy

Data Saturday #37 Parma è un evento gratuito di una giornata per professionisti che usano le tecnologie data platform di Microsoft. Questo evento della community offre contenuti su gestione dei dati, architettura cloud e ibrida, analisi, business intelligence, intelligenza artificiale e molto altro.

L’evento è organizzato da Engage Labs S.r.l. e

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Data Saturday #37 Parma is a free one-day event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform technologies. This community event offers content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and much more.

The event is organized by Engage Labs S.r.l. and

Don't forget the hashtag #datasat37 #datasatParma

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Data Saturdays Parma e' un evento per professionisti del mondo delle piattaforme di gestione dati, con particolare attenzione alle tecnologie Microsoft.


attendiamo le vostre proposte per parlare di data management, architettura cloud e ibrida, analitics, BI, AI, database in tutte le salse e tutto ciò' che riguarda i dati.

L’evento è organizzato da Engage Labs S.r.l. e

Durata Talk: 60 minuti

Non dimenticate lo hashtag #datasat37 #datasatParma

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Data Saturdays Parma is an event for professionals in the world of data management platforms, with particular attention to Microsoft technologies.

we look forward for receiving your proposes for talks about Data Management, Cloud and Hybrid Architecture, Analitics, BI, AI, everything databases and all which regards Data.

The event is organized by Engage Labs S.r.l. and

Talk length: 60 minutes

Don't forget the hashtags #datasat37 #datasatParma

Travel expenses, food and accommodation are not covered

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Francesco Milano
  • Azure, Lakehouse ed efficienza dei costi: un connubio possibile?
Gianluca Hotz
  • SQL Server PaaS
Emanuele Meazzo
  • Generative AI: What's the status of the art and how can I use it with my data?
  • What to look out for when migrating your data to the cloud; is it REALLY the right choice?
Andrea Bergonzi
  • Databricks LakeHouse: strategie vincenti dalla teoria alla pratica
Catalin Gheorghiu
  • Practical KAN
  • Azure Deployment Environments
Saverio Lorenzini
  • SQL Server migration: da On-Premise al Cloud: Metodologie, problemi, best practices per Iaas/PaaS
Greg Strzyminski
  • Introducing Direct Lake - a brand new connectivity method and when to use it in Power BI
  • DAX window functions in practice in Power BI
  • Level up UX by leveraging advanced DAX
Franco Perduca
  • Azure Synapse vs Data Lakehouse lesson from the field
  • Come l'AI può aiutare nella data governance
  • Microsoft Fabric in pratica
Riccardo Perico
  • Edizione straordinaria, in diretta dal PASS 2023
Giuseppe Piluso
  • Power BI - Dax Trick for Real Data Analysis
  • From Tableau to Power BI - Real Project Challenges
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Andrea Ceroni
  • Embeddings ovunque...anche in SQL Azure e Azure Search!
Riccardo Solazzi
  • QuestDB: una rivoluzione nella gestione dei Time Series Data
Nicola Paro
  • Database a grafo con Neo4j
Odeta Jankaitienė
  • Unlock the Power of Power BI with the Design
  • From Chaos to Control: How to Govern Your Power BI Environment
  • Making Your Life Easier with Power BI Rest API
Gianluca Sartori
  • High Availability is not what you think it is
  • Prepararsi a una migrazione di SQL Server con WorkloadTools
  • 3 cose che non dovrebbero essere in un database
Gabriele Franco
  • Very fast database with SQL Server 2022
Gregor Brunner
  • Introducing the "Measure Killer"
  • Optimize and clean golden datasets in Power BI
Dan Mallott
  • Testing! We're Talking About (Unit) Testing...Your Database!
  • Let's Get Scary and Continuously Deploy Database Changes!
  • High Concurrency Table Hijinks
Brian Bønk
  • Streamevent service 101
  • Azure Synapse serverless vs Fabric warehouse
  • The Kusto experience in Fabric
Alessandro Mortola
  • How to save the Plan Cache [ITA]
Joy Chatterjee
  • Data Radar Maps : A Snapshot of Your Organizational Data Framework
Daniele Fontani
  • CrudIt: an opensource framework that makes developers autonomous
Rudi Bruchez
  • Save The Date
  • SQL Server: Hidden Tips, Features, and Oddities
  • ChatGPT is the best DBA sidekick
Jens Vestergaard
  • Introducing KQL
  • Notebooks in Microsoft Fabric
Luca Zavarella
  • Empowering Knowledge Exploration with ChatGPT and Azure OpenAI
Roni Vered
  • Implementing SQL Server workloads on AWS cloud
Bobur Umurzokov
  • Convert batch code into streaming with Python
Sergio Govoni
  • T-SQL performance tips & tricks
  • SQL Server unit testing con tSQLt, Docker e GitHub Actions
Alessandro Alpi
  • Automazione di pre e post deployment t-sql script
  • Difendere la qualità del codice in ogni momento, il prima possibile
Leonel Abreu
  • A time travel with temporal tables
  • Effective data visualization
  • Python and Power BI, better together.
Francesco Nardini
  • Librerie Python per l'interazione con le API del servizio Power BI: esempi e casi d'uso
Gethyn Ellis
  • Moneyball – Build a killer Fantasy Football Team with Power BI
  • From Zero to Hero: Accidental SQL Server DBAs Survival Guide
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Data-Driven Culture in Your Business Using Power BI
Danilo Dominici
  • Metti al sicuro il tuo SQL Server!
  • Data API Builder: scenari di utilizzo
  • Ottimizzare le performance in Azure SQL database
Štěpán Rešl
  • Fabric Domains
  • API as a Source for Power Query
  • Data-driven alerts in Power BI
Strahinja Rodic
  • SQL MI “Secrets”: Top Features you (probably) never heard of
  • Uncovering Azure SQL MI’s latest Backup and Recovery features
  • BCDR 101 in Azure SQL Managed Instance
Bartosz Mikulski
  • Replace your data analyst with an AI-powered Slack bot (so they can focus on difficult problems)
Puneet Vijwani
  • An Incremental Approach to Load Data from Google Analytics in MS Fabric
  • Why There's Never Been a Better Time to Dive into Data with Microsoft Fabric
  • Simplifying Data Ingestion with Azure Synapse Or Fabric : Real-World Strategies
Leon Gordon
  • Unlocking the Power of AI-Driven Analytics: Mastering Generative AI in Power BI
Michele Aponte
  • Dashboarding e Data Visualization con il linguaggio naturale
Massimo Bonanni
  • Attribute-Based Access Control...controllo completo per l'accesso ai dati su Azure!!
  • Durable Functions storage providers: come ti cambio la persistenza dello stato in poche mosse!!
  • Gestire dati non strutturati in maniera efficace ed efficiente su Azure: lo Storage Account!!
Ivanna Jurkiv Ditlevsen
  • How to optimize Azure Synapse pipelines using SQL database meta data tables
  • Naming guidelines for medallion architecture
Vladislav Bilay
  • DevOps Tools and Technologies for Cloud Engineering
Dennes Torres
  • Azure SQL Networking Secrets
  • Data Mesh with Microsoft Fabric
  • Microsoft Fabric: Data Intelligence in a light speed
Dmitry Romanoff
  • Managed Databases in Clouds [ AWS, GCP, Azure ] at a high scale.
  • DevOps. Monitoring Databases. On-Premise and Cloud environments.
  • Troubleshooting High CPU Utilization in PostgreSQL Databases
Marco Minerva
  • Le novità di Entity Framework Core 8.0
Luca Ferrari, Matteo Teruzzi, Liliam Cristiman Leme
  • Fabric: From zero to hero
Scott Morgan
  • The Effect of GitHub Copilot on Developer Job Satisfaction
Mathias Halkjaer
  • Complex access control with Row-Level Security
David Bianconi
  • Le riclassificazioni: tecniche statiche e dinamiche
  • ALLSELECTED: Cos'è e come funziona
  • L'evaluation context in DAX
Francesco Bergamaschi
  • Understanding CALCULATE, the queen of all DAX functions
  • Power BI connection types and composite models: options, opportunities & limitations
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • Monitor your tenant’s access with Graph and APIs
  • Implementing a Role Based Access Control model in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • T-SQL and window functions in SQL Server 2022
Ben Ferry
  • Deneb, the star of data visualisation.
Nikola Ilic
  • Fold on tight - what is a Query folding and why should I care?
  • Power BI "X Files" - 5 things they "forgot" to tell you!
  • Chef's big book of Power BI recipes
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Blackmirror - Creating your digital twin
Giulio Melloni, Marco Loffi
  • From Great Expectations comes great Data Quality
Damir Matešić
  • MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks
  • Advanced data types – JSON