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Data Saturday #5 Redmond 2021

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17 Apr 2021




Data Saturday #5 Redmond is a free training event for professionals who use the Microsoft data platform. These community events offer content across data management, cloud and hybrid architecture, analytics, business intelligence, AI, and more.  This event is organized by volunteers from the Redmond SQL User Group. Check out our website at

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11 Jan 2021

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31 Mar 2021

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  • Length: 60 minutes 
  • Topic: Any Data-related topic, Professional Development, Mental Health
  • Write a full description of what this session will be, what the audience will learn etc. 
  • Maximum 3 submissions per speaker. 
  • If you are submitting more than 1 session, please have a session for different levels. Do not submit all 500 level sessions unless you are Bob Ward!  

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70 submissions
Submitted sessions
Glenn Daniels II
  • Why SMART Goal Setting is Dumb, The Science of Setting Goals
  • Essential Communication Skills for Leaders: Creating Constant and Never-Ending Improvement
David Suson
  • Fail Forward Faster Fearlessly - The 4 F's to Accelerate Achievement
  • Communicating with Clarity
  • 180 Degree Leadership featuring the MVP Leadership Model
  • All About Temporary Objects
  • Improving Analytics Performance With Columnstore Indexes
  • Building a Data Dictionary
Luis Beltran
  • Serverless mobile database access with Azure Functions, Xamarin and SQLAzure
  • Using your database for Machine Learning with ML.NET
  • Dockerize your Machine Learning models
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Talking to myself(?) - Lessons Learned From Presenting Online
  • Not My Problem(?) - Azure Networking 101 for Azure SQL Server DBAs
  • The Untruthful Art - Five Ways of Misrepresenting Data
Frank Geisler
  • Living on the Edge: SQL Server Edge
  • Code Your Report Environment
  • Beginners Guide to Azure Data Studio
Ryan Booz
  • PostgreSQL for the SQL Server DBA: What to Know When You're Called In To Help!
Damir Matešić
  • MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks
  • Advanced data types – JSON
Kevin Feasel
  • A Slice of Time: Window Functions in SQL Server
  • Optimizing Backup Performance using Data Science Techniques
  • Approaching Zero: Minimizing Downtime During Deployments
Shane Welgama
  • The reason why DBAs just can't get OVER Window Functions
  • Lock Picking your SQL Server
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  • The Function of Windowing Functions
  • Finding the Right Data Types
Erin Dempster
  • Introduction to Row Level Security
  • Data Shredding Framework with Azure Automation (PowerShell)
Eve Pardi
  • Predicting earthquake damages with Azure ML Workspace
  • Interpret-Text: Building trust and power with explainability
  • Azure DEVOPs CI/CD Pipeline & ADF
Gethyn Ellis
  • Pay less, get more, a guide to SQL Server Licensing
  • Top 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2021
Kevin Chant, Sander Stad
  • GitHub DevOps Duet - Redmond edition
  • Azure DevOps duet - Redmond edition
Amit Bansal
  • Developer Best Practices in SQL Server
  • SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting
  • 6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75% Of Your Performance Problems
Terry McCann
  • Getting started with Machine learning in Python
  • DevOps for Data Science
  • Using AI to write conference session submissions
Dennes Torres
  • Advanced ETL with Power Query
  • Why Synapse Analytics is beyond Azure SQL Datawarehouse
  • Cloud Security: Secure Access from your Applications to Azure SQL
Magnus Ahlkvist
  • RBAR Bad. Sets good.
  • My romantic relation with Powershell generally and DBATools especially
  • Eight hours of work in 20 minutes.
  • Azure SQL DB Serverless, a new autonomous database?
Javier Villegas
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server environments using Free community tools
  • Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL
  • Introduction to Azure SQL
Benni De Jagere
  • Power BI Dataflows? Why you need to implement it!
  • Keeping up with your Power BI Tenant Administration
  • Designing impactful visualisations for your data
Sagar Lad
  • Smart Security Scanner for Azure Data Platform
Clay Jackson
  • Unlock your Oracle data - Replication to Azure
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Creating a photorealistic talking avatar using generative adversarial networks
  • Data virtualization with SQL Server 2019 PolyBase and integration with Power BI
  • SQL Server 2019 on containers and Kubernetes(k8s) from zero to an hero !
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019
Armando Lacerda
  • Azure SQL DB Hyperscale, the game has changed.
  • Synapse workspace connectivity
  • Azure Synapse Analytics - When a table is not just a table
Tracy Boggiano
  • SQL Server Configuration with dbatools and dbachecks
  • Mental Health and Wellness in IT: Safeguarding our most precious resource
Dèjì Akọ́mọláfẹ́
  • On-Premises or Hybrid Cloud? Questions That Matter When Virtualizing SQL Server on VMware vSphere
Mark Runyon
  • Elevating Your Career into IT Leadership
  • Getting Started as a Conference Speaker
  • The Countless Benefits of Mentoring