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Data Saturday Southwest US

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Data Saturday Southwest US

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15 May 2021



This Data Saturday Event is being jointly developed by the Albuquerque SQL Server User Group, Arizona Data Platform Users Group, and the Santa Fe Data Platform Users Group.  This event will include sessions on many Microsoft Data Platform related topics.

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Call for Speakers
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19 Feb 2021

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20 Mar 2021

This event is in UTC-07:00 - Mountain Time US & Canada - time zone.
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Topics: Any Microsoft Data Platform-related technical subject or non-technical

Session Length: 60 minutes

Session Abstract: Please include a full description of what topics this session will cover, what the audience will learn, and which, if any, pre-requisites should be expected of attendees

Number of sessions per speaker: 3 submissions maximum

Tracks: Please choose the track most appropriate to your session from among: Database Engine, BI & Analytics, Azure, Professional Development

Difficulty level: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

In particular we would like to encourage speakers local to the southwest region of the United States to submit sessions.

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44 submissions
Submitted sessions
Felipe Schneider
  • From simple notebook to a MLOps
Damir Matešić
  • MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks
  • Advanced data types – JSON
Yitzhak David
  • SQL Server 2019 on containers and Kubernetes(k8s) from zero to an hero !
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 ML Service & Polybase
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2019
Jeff Iannucci
  • Mastering Digital Communication: Better Practices for Successful Interactions
  • Faster Transactions: Query Tuning for Data Manipulation
  • Breaking Bad Habits: Solutions for Common Query Antipatterns
Hasan Savran
  • Starting with Azure SQL Edge on Raspberry Pi
  • What do Graph Tables bring to the table
  • How does Azure Cosmos DB work under the hood?
Angela Henry
  • Getting Started With Data Modeling
  • Intro to Azure Data Catalog
  • Profiling Your Data
Ramesh Satya
  • SQL Server Indexes - Back To The Basics
William Assaf
  • How to Think Like a Certification Exam
  • Become a Contributor to Microsoft Docs
William Assaf, Christine Assaf
  • Ethics in Modern Data
Javier Villegas
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server environments using Free community tools
  • Performance Features in SQL Server and Azure SQL
  • Introduction to Azure SQL
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Brandon Leach
  • SQL Server Configuration And Deployment With Powershell DSC
  • A DBA's Guide to the Proper Handling of Corruption
Amit Bansal
  • SQL Server Memory Internals & Troubleshooting
  • Developer Best Practices in SQL Server
  • 6 Query Tuning Techniques That Will Solve 75% Of Your Performance Problems
Aaron Cutshall
  • How to Give a Technical Presentation
  • Defining What’s Normal — The Basics of Database Normalization
  • Tally Ho! — Explore the Varied Uses of Tally Tables
Luis Beltran
  • Using your database for Machine Learning with ML.NET
  • Cosmos DB + Azure Functions: A serverless database processing
Deepthi Goguri
  • Method behind the magic of Indexes in SQL Server
Gonzalo Bissio
  • Azure Sql DB Managed instance, a different sql server?
Bob Pusateri
  • Locks, Blocks & Snapshots: Maximizing Database Concurrency
  • The ABCs of BDCs: Big Data Clusters for Beginners
Denny Cherry
  • Table Indexing
  • Selecting the correct Azure Data Solution for your application
  • Azure 101
Taiob Ali
  • Azure SQL Database - Where is my SQL Agent?
  • The magnificent seven - Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server
  • Performance Optimization with Azure SQL Database
John Deardurff
  • New Features of SQL Server 2019
  • Introduction to Query Store