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dataMinds Connect 2020 (Virtual Edition)

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13 Oct 2020



dataMinds Connect is the new and improved version of the (former SQL Server Days. New and improved, keeping in mind the same core values. 1 day filled with learning, networking and a whole lot of laughs while doing so! 

This year will be the 13th edition of the conference, and running for the fourth time as dataMinds Connect. Aiming to bring together all people with a passion for the Microsoft Data Platform, in all flavours possible, we're hoping to receive even more people than last year!

Go ahead and clearly mark Tuesday 13th in your schedule, as these will be 2 days you don't want to miss!

This year will be held as a virtual only event.

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Call for Speakers
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29 May 2020

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30 Jun 2020

This event is in UTC+01:00 - Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris time zone.
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Open for all sessions related to the Microsoft Data & AI Stack, in all possible flavours. Going from your more traditional DBA and BI topics, to more (advanced) AI tailored topics.

All conference sessions will be 60 minutes, and allocated to a track.
Bear in mind to keep 5 minutes reserved as a Q&A slot for attendees.

We wholeheartedly encourage all new speakers to submit a proposal to our Newcomer Track.
To be clear, new speakers are considered to be people who have not yet spoken at a (technical) conference.
User Group sessions, webinars and client/team presentations are not taken into account. Each new speaker will be paired up with a buddy/mentor, who will provide them with highly valuable tips & tricks. Even more so, we'll provide new speakers with all assistance they need and want whilst preparing for their debut.

This year, we're trying out a new track, called the Experts Track. This track will be tailored towards deep dive sessions on advanced, complex topics. When submitting to this track, please make sure you clearly outline any prerequisites the attendees should have. We're aiming at level 400-500 (or higher) sessions only for this track.

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Submitted sessions
Rohan Kumar
  • Unlocking the power of data
Dave Ruijter
  • The Battle Of Modern Data Architectures: Databricks vs Synapse vs ADF
  • How to become a Power BI Premium 'capacity whisperer'
  • From rookie to rockstar in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Enterprise and multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps.
  • Bring your Azure Data Lake to the business with Power BI dataflows!
  • End-to-end monitoring for a successful Power BI implementation
Heini Ilmarinen
  • Five steps to solving any architecture problem on Azure
  • Adapting big data architecture patterns for real-world scenarios
  • Machine Learning 102 - Beyond the Visual Tools
  • The Ultimate Jigsaw - Architecting Azure Synapse Analytics
Wolfgang Strasser
  • Continuous Integration for the BI Developer
  • Azure Synapse Analytics: (Not only) for the Power BI Developer
  • PowerPlatform Dataflows –PowerQuery (and more) in the Cloud
  • The well-known Dancer on the Floor: Paginated Reports are Back - And How they Are!
Arnaud Gastelblum
  • How LazyDAX can be your Power BI companion
Gianluca Sartori
  • Monitoring SQL Server without breaking the bank
  • Baking Extended Events recipes without breaking a sweat
Ginger Grant
  • Algorithm selection in Azure ML with AutoML
  • Implementing Spark Machine Learning Solutions in Azure Synapse Workspace
Thomas Martens
  • DAX - Time Series Analysis, Sequences, and some other fancy stuff
  • DAX - Fundamental Musings
  • Power BI Adoption Framework - Reality Check
Mark Pryce-Maher
  • Azure Synapse Serverless (SQL-on-Demand)
  • Azure Synapse SQL Pools : Everything you need to know / Tips and Tricks
Julie Koesmarno, Aaron Malveaux, Kevin Kline
  • WFH Culture of Inclusion
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André kamman
  • The Enterprise Cloud Journey Learning Curve
  • A Python primer for DBAs
Anupama Natarajan
  • MLOps using Azure Machine Learning
  • Learn 5 quick ways to embed Artificial Intelligence in Applications
Hugo Kornelis
  • Debugging without debugger: investigating SQL Server's internal structures
  • Deep dive into Adaptive Query Processing
  • Now Where Did THAT Estimate Come From?
  • Execution plans ... where do I start?
  • From adaptive to intelligent: query processing in SQL 2019
Jan Pieter Posthuma
  • Manage your Power BI resources with the Power BI CLI
Dustin Dorsey
  • Determining the Cost to Move to Azure
  • Azure Cost Management
Drew Skwiers-Koballa, Julie Koesmarno
  • Modern Database Development 101
Ferenc Csonka
  • Power BI Paginated Reports: MORE than just SSRS vNext
  • Power BI AutoML – AI for Citizen Data Scientists
  • XMLA Read-Write Endpoint: The Cornerstone for Power BI as an Enterprise BI solution
Henk Boelman
  • Taking Models to the Next Level with Azure Machine Learning
  • Build and deploy PyTorch models with Azure Machine Learning
Leila Etaati
  • Create Business Card Reader with Power Apps and Power Automate
  • Azure AutoML the Next Generation of Machine Learning
  • Overview on AI Visuals in Power BI
  • Anomaly Detection and Entity Extraction from Text in Power BI Desktop
joris poelmans
  • The hitchhikers/data consultants guide to the Business Application Platform universe.
Ida Bergum
  • Design Thinking and Innovation Accounting in Power BI
  • Power Automate your BI
  • Connecting the dots: CDM and Power BI architectures
Falk Van der Meirsch
  • 5 differences between Azure Databricks and Azure Synapse Analytics
yannick liekens
  • From dev to DBA lessons learned
sjoerd borneman
  • Infrastructure-as-Code for your Data Solution in Azure: Terraform & ARM
Terry McCann
  • An introduction to Deep Learning in Azure
Hasan Savran
  • New SQL Server Features for Developers
  • How does Azure Cosmos DB work under the hood?
Julie Koesmarno, Drew Skwiers-Koballa
  • Notebooks for Triage and Incident Response: A Tale of DBA Heroism
Julie Koesmarno
  • Notebooks 101 for Data Analysts
Carlos Robles
  • SQL Server on Kubernetes
  • SQL Containers in Microsoft Azure
Korede Bashir
  • Developing an emotion capturing app with Python on Azure
  • Securing your VMs with Azure Automation SC
Cédric Charlier
  • Your data are in the cloud? Move to the Cosmos
  • Explore a world of data and give some kudos to Kusto
  • Data scientists have left ... How will I deploy their work?
Isabella Zaczek
  • Tales of a German Building Diverse Teams Across All Time Zones
Kurt Buhler
  • Find and Seek: Leveraging visual & functional best practices for actionable Power BI reports
Rob Sewell
  • Play with dbatools in containers with .NET interactive notebooks
  • Jupyter Launch - .NET Interactive Notebooks
Rishi Sapra
  • Aggregations in Power BI
  • Scenario Modelling in Power BI
  • Storytelling With Data
  • Three modes of dataflows
  • Internal & External Sharing in Power BI
  • Tips and Tricks for working with Finance Data
John Martin
  • Getting Started with SQL Server 2019 and Polybase
  • SQL Server and Network Security
  • Infrastructure as Code: An Introduction to Terraform.
Maarten Verschuere
  • Busted! Introducing AI for shoplifting detection.
Alexander Klein
  • Modern BI in Azure two years live
  • Bringing AI to the edge-Azure Cognitive Services in Docker
  • Monitoring service quality with Artificial Intelligence
Pieter-Jan Serlet
  • Keep track of your data pipelines in Azure Data Factory with CI/CD
Praveen Raghuvanshi
  • Improving image classification accuracy
  • Demystifying U-Net Segmentation Architecture
  • Object Detection using YOLO Architecture with ML.Net
  • Machine Learning using C# on Jupyter notebook
  • COVID-19 Exploratory Data Analysis using .Net DataFrame API (C#)
Davy Van Goethem
  • Azure Modern datawarehouse with Synaps & polybase
Lou Segers
  • 10 performance tips to speed up your Power BI reports
Charles Cuigniez
  • Versioning machine learning projects. The gamechanger in bringing machine learning into production.
Johan Ludvig Brattås
  • Introduction to Synapse SQL Pools
  • Get the most bang for your bucks from your Azure SQL
Michiel Van Brusselen
  • ARM all the way
  • Blessed with REST!
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Juan Moreno Romo
  • Attention Contention!!!
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz
  • Help! I cannot find out where is the bug
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Vitor Pombeiro
  • How to get the most from Azure SQL Database
Oskari Heikkinen
  • Best Practices for building a Data Lake with Azure Databricks
Erik Darling
  • Defeating Parameter Sniffing With Dynamic SQL
Ashley Bryant-Baker
  • First Impressions: Unsupervised Learning for Customer Segmentation
Kevin Chant
  • Become a database devops ninja with Azure DevOps
  • Battle tested project planning with Azure Devops boards
Deborah Melkin
  • Single Statement, Many Changes: How One Statement Can Modify Multiple Tables
  • Looking "Normal" and Seeing "Stars": Table Designs Working Together
Indira Bandari
  • Python in Power BI 101
Jayakumar Balasubramaniam
  • Track and Sync Microsoft Graph data changes in real time using delta query
  • Reduce workloads by managing application data in existing Microsoft graph resources using extensions
  • Build Chat bots with Zero Code using Microsoft Power Virtual Agent
  • Increase productivity with the handshake between PowerBI - Azure DevOps - Microsoft Teams
Ben Weissman
  • Big Data Clusters: Optimizing Query Performance
  • SQL Server 2019 Big Data Cluster: Make SQL Server your Data Hub for everything
Gary Goldman
  • Power Bi Mixed Mode - Best of both worlds?
Simon Whiteley
  • Spark Showdown - Databricks VS Synapse Analytics
  • Next Generation Databricks - Spark 3.0 & Beyond
  • Building an Azure Lakehouse in 60 minutes
  • Databricks, DeltaLake and You
  • A Whirlwind Tour of Synapse Analytics
Sander van der Hoeff
  • Testing Data Warehouse and BI solutions
Stijn Wynants, Rita Dias
  • Azure Synapse and Power BI, reporting at the speed of light!
Stijn Wynants
  • Log Analytics: Creating your own custom monitoring dashboard for your Azure Data Environment
  • Migrating to Azure: Lessons learned from the field!
Amit Khandelwal
  • SQL 2019 on Containers for Developers and DBA
Björn Peters
  • Simplify SQL Server Setup by Automation
  • Mashup Azure SQL - What do you need and what you'll get
Benni De Jagere
  • Troubleshooting Power BI Report Performance
  • The Developer's Guide to Data Visualisation
  • Power BI Dataflows? Why you need to implement it!
  • An hour in the life of Power BI Reports
Just Blindbæk
  • Power BI: From Self-Service to Enterprise
  • Paginated Reports in Power BI
  • XMLA endpoints, Power BI open-platform connectivity
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to navigating Power BI
  • The traditional modern Data Warehouse
Liana Napalkova
  • High-level framework for analyzing model explainability and algorithmic fairness
Andy Yun
  • How Intelligent Query Processing improves T-SQL performance
  • Lets Dive Into SQL Server I/O To Improve T-SQL Performance
  • Advanced Plan Explorer Usage for Tuning Execution Plans
David Patrick
  • Intro to Azure
  • Intro to Power BI
  • Microsoft and Big Data - An Overview of the Power Tools and more!
  • 3 Ways for Getting Data from SharePoint : SSIS, Excel and Access
Melissa Coates
  • Top 10 Essential Actions for Governing Power BI
Nico Jacobs
  • Is Azure Synapse Analytics more than just branding?
  • Machine Learning on auto-pilot: Automated Machine Learning
  • Deceptive DAX
Kevin Kline
  • Winning Influence in IT Teams
  • Query Tuning Internals for the Advanced SQL Developer
  • SQL Server Internals and Architecture for Developers
Louis Dubaere
  • Real-time data insights with Power BI & Azure Databricks
Ivana Pejeva
  • How Databricks Delta overcomes your Data Lake challenges
Kris van der Mast
  • Power to the Virtual Agents
Rui Romano
  • Feel at Home in Power BI Online
  • "Start Small and Grow Big" with Power BI
  • Power BI Tips, Tricks & Hacks
Gilbert Quevauvilliers
  • Back to the Future with Power BI
Gethyn Ellis
  • Driven by the 9s - I need a highly available Microsoft Data Platform – what features should I use?
  • Pay less, get more, a guide to SQL Server Licensing
  • Top 5 Skills a DBA will need in 2020
Kamil Nowinski
  • Maintain a Database Project, and Continuous Delivery using Microsoft Data Tools in practical terms
  • Azure Data Factory - A deployment challenges
Prathy Kamasani
  • An Introduction to Data Visualizations and Design Best Practices
Ásgeir Gunnarsson
  • Introduction to Analysis Services
  • Reel in the Power BI Wild West
  • Checking in with Power Apps, Flow and Power BI
Denny Cherry
  • Database Administration for the Non Database Administrator
  • Azure 101
  • Azure 101
Victor Rodrigues
  • Monitoring Refrigerated Trucks using IoT Central and Power BI
  • Processing real-time video stream using Nvidia Jetson Nano and AI model on the Edge
Craig Porteous
  • Supercharge your Reporting Services: An essential toolkit
  • DIY ETL with Power Automate, Azure Functions and more
Ynte Jan Kuindersma
  • Extend your alerts and refresh your Power BI datasets with Power Automate
Kris Peeters
  • Data on Azure - how does it stack up against the other big clouds?
Nikola Ilic
  • 5 Power Query tricks I wish I knew earlier
  • Magnificient 7 - Simple Tricks to boost your Power BI Development
Stany Boes
  • SAS & Azure
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Introduction to Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Is there a way that we can build our Azure Data Factory all with parameters based on MetaData?
Will Velida
  • Developing Cosmos DB for the Enterprise
  • Introducing Graph Databases with Azure Cosmos DB
  • Building Serverless Machine Learning API's with Azure Functions, ML.NET and Cosmos DB
  • Machine Learning in C#?! Building Machine Learning pipelines and models using ML.NET
  • Developing HTAP Analytical Solutions with Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse Analytics
Mark Hayes
  • Rebooting your Data Analysis Strategy with the Power Platform and Microsoft365
  • Rebooting your Data Analysis Strategy with the Power Platform and Microsoft365
Eva Pardi
  • Predicting earthquake damages with Azure ML Workspace
  • Interpret-Text: Building trust and power with explainability
Hans Geurtsen
  • Build a modern Azure data platform for citizen development and IT
Brecht Vuylsteke
  • Distributed Availability Groups in SQL 2019
Anthony Nocentino
  • Azure Arc Data Services Fundamentals
  • Containers - You Better Get on Board!
  • Deploying SQL Server in Kubernetes
  • Containers - Continued!
Sander Allert
  • Power BI & SAP
Cláudio Silva
  • dbatools' recipes for Data Professionals
Benjamin Kettner
  • Using Azure Functions and durable Entities for data processing
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Boring is stable, stable is good – best practices in practice
  • The Cloud Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA
  • Staring Into the Abyss - Azure Networking 101 for Azure SQL Server DBAs
  • The Untruthful Art - Five Ways of Misrepresenting Data
  • Building an Empire - Implementing Power BI Step by Step
Cvetanka Eftimoska
  • Build a machine learning model in Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio
Breght Van Baelen
  • Using Azure ML to disrupt quality inspection with deep neural networks
Klaus Aschenbrenner
  • Docker for the SQL Server Developer
  • Performance Enhancements in SQL Server 2019
  • Kubernetes for the SQL Server DBA
  • Latches, Spinlocks, and Lock Free Data Structures
Dejan Sarka
  • Data Science: Unsupervised Learning
  • Text Mining with T-SQL
  • Business Analysis with T-SQL
Marco Obinu
  • What's new on Azure IaaS for SQL Server
  • SQL Server Lift & Shift on Azure!
Kris Wijnants
  • A dive into Azure Synapse Analytics
Sander Stad
  • Azure DevOps with databases in 15 minutes
Sander Stad, Kevin Chant
  • Azure DevOps duet
Ben Watt
  • Power Automate your way to Cognitive Services and Power BI
  • Evolving your Power BI Architecture using Dataflows and Shared Datasets
Reza Rad
  • Learn how to write DAX; Beginners Guide, Everyone Can do this
  • Access Any Data, in Any Shape: Power Query Beyond the Limits for Power BI
  • Row Level Security Patterns in Power BI
  • Aggregation and Composite Model; Power BI Fast and Furious
  • 8:45AM CEST: Dataflow vs. Dataset: the Building Blocks of a Power BI Development Architecture
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • Power BI scenarios for automated monitoring
  • Integrate Teams, Power Automate and Power BI for project management and monitoring
  • Register your location and activity codeless with the Power Platform
  • Advanced analytics with Power BI
  • Navigate Bill of Materials with SQL Server 2019 Graph shortest path
Kasper de Jonge
  • Analyzing large datasets with Power BI and Azure Synapse
  • Power BI security deep dive
Lex Smeets
  • Power BI data modeling for DBA 's
  • Row Level Security in Power BI
  • Row Level Security in Power BI
Koen Verbeeck
  • Self-service BI - Why Data Modelling Is Still Important
  • Supercharge your data warehouse with Columnstore Indexes
  • Things I wish I knew at the start of my BI career
  • Migrating SSIS to the Cloud
  • Building a modern data pipeline in Azure
Philipp Lenz
  • Power BI and Paginated Reports
  • Microsoft Power BI Deployment Types
Sam Vanhoutte
  • Real Time analytics with Azure IoT and Databricks
  • Time traveling in the cloud. Time series analytics with Microsoft Azure.
Paul Andrew
  • Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework in Azure
  • Azure Orchestration - Applying Data Factory in Production
  • An Introduction to Azure Synapse - What is it? Why use it? And how?
  • An Architects Guide to Delivering Data Insights on the Microsoft Azure Data Platform
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Creating a photorealistic avatar using generative adversarial networks
Riccardo Perico
  • PBIRS for dummies
Markus Ehrenmüller-Jensen
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Advanced Graph Algorithms in T-SQL
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Power BI Edition
  • Introduction to Power Query and M
  • Do You Speak English? Localized Reports with Power BI
  • Working with (Data) Models in Power BI
  • Introduction to Numeric Calculations in DAX
  • From SQL to R – Leverage Your T-SQL Knowledge to Learn R
  • Self-Service AI with Power BI
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Introduction to Graph Processing with SQL Server 2019
Andrew Pruski
  • SQL Server and Kubernetes
  • Chaos Engineering for SQL Server
Leonard Lobel
  • Building Event-driven Microservices with the Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed
  • Data Modeling and Partitioning in Azure Cosmos DB
Luis Beltran
  • Serverless machine learning with ML.NET and Azure Functions
  • Transfer Learning for Deep Learning: From Custom Vision to TensorFlow & ML.NET
Matt Gordon
  • Turn Runbooks into Notebooks: Handling Maintenance and Emergencies with Azure Data Studio
  • Dialogue with your Data: Interactive AI with Azure Cognitive Services
  • Azure SQL Database A to Z: More Than Meets The Eye
Mauro Bennici
  • ML.NET and NLP - from text to actions
Jan Van Meirvenne
  • Moving your ETL from Dev to Prod with DataOps
  • Modern Data Warehousing in Azure
  • Create your own connectors with the PowerBI SDK
Hristo Hristov
  • Categorical Data Encoding for Regression Models
  • Categorizing Customers with SQL Server Machine Learning Services
Nicky van Vroenhoven
  • Tips & Tricks of a Large Scale Power BI (Premium) Implementation
  • Power Platform Better Together: Create a Scoring App with a Live Dashboard
  • A Form, a Flow and a Power BI Streaming Dataset Walk Into a Bar
Marc Lelijveld
  • Drive a data culture in your organization
  • Own the linguistic schema to make natural language query valuable
Mohammad Darab
  • Big Data Clusters for the Absolute Beginner